BOCC Monthly Meeting 4/21/10, Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 4/21/10, Part #2
Item M-2
Approval of a request for expenditure from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund.
Time: 00:00:14 - 00:08:44
Item I-10
Approval to advertise an ordinance amending Section 19-1 of the Monroe County Code concerning road abandonments.
Time: 00:08:44 - 00:14:16
Item O-3, Item O-7
Discussion to adopt policy to support the Shannon Melendi Act in Monroe County; and direction to staff to bring this issue before the Parks And Recreation Advisory Board for their recommendation.
Discussion and direction to staff regarding the possible adoption of the Shannon Melendi Act requiring all persons working or volunteering on county park property to have national criminal background checks as a requirement of employment or service (and rechecking every three years); confirmation that an employee/volunteer is not listed on the national sex offender public website; that employers must maintain records; employees & volunteers must wear ID; and prohibiting sexual offenders, sexual predators, certain violent felons, certain narcotics traffickers and non-legal immigrants from working or volunteering on Monroe County park properties and the civil penalties for violations. All Monroe County programming partners and community-based organizations will need to comply.
Time: 00:14:20 - 00:22:05
Item O-5
Approval of a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Florida bestowing the Name "Cabanas Way" on a portion of right-of-way located in the Key West International Airport property, Monroe County, Florida, as specifically defined in Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof.
Time: 00:22:09 - 00:26:38
Item C-15
Approval of the Microsoft Enterprise Enrollment State and Local - Amendment #CTX-000-cgodfrey-S-026.
Time: 00:26:43 - 00:28:33
Item P-6
Consideration to rescind the approval of the contract with Exotic & Wildbird Rescue in the amount of $5,000.
Time: 00:28:37 - 00:30:42
Item L
Time: 00:30:47 - 00:35:24
Item Q-1
County Administrator report.
Time: 00:35:24 - 00:36:20
Item Q-3
Discussion of Monroe County's 2010 State and Federal Legislative agenda.
Time: 00:36:24 - 00:46:22
Item R-5
Approval of a Resolution in support of the Boy Scouts amended application to rename all of the Spanish Harbor Keys, including West Summerland Key, to "Scout Key".
Time: 00:46:15 - 00:52:22
Item Q-4
Discussion and direction of options for the development of a new Stock Island Fire Station. Discussion includes a brief presentation.
Time: 00:53:15 - 01:15:53
Item Item S-1
A Public Hearing regarding the Issuance of Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN) to American Ambulance Service, Inc. for the operation of an ALS transport ambulance service for the period April 21, 2010 through April 20, 2012.
Time: 01:16:01 - 01:21:21
Item S-2
A Public Hearing to consider approval of a resolution for a Budget Amendment of Fiscal year 2010 One Cent Infrastructure Sales Tax Fund 304, 2003 Revenue Bonds Fund 307, 2007 Revenue Bonds Fund 308, Big Coppitt Wastewater Fund 310 and Debt Service Fund 207.
Time: 01:21:23 - 01:21:55
Item S-3
A public hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance implementing a Monroe County Lobbyist Registry.
Time: 01:21:54 - 01:44:16
Item S-4
A public hearing to consider approval of a County Ordinance to add a section back into the Monroe County Code to provide penalties and enforcement measures for violation of the "Monroe County Human Rights Ordinance" (Sec. 14-40 through 14-45, MCC).
Time: 01:44:23 - 01:45:14
Item S-5
A public hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance amending the Monroe County Code Section 6-198 to update the construction industry definitions of various trades by adding new trades and eliminating some trades, to update testing requirements for licensure as recommended by the Construction Examining Board and to make the section easier to read by alphabetizing the trades and specialties.
Time: 01:45:20 - 01:45:55
Item S-6
A public hearing to consider adoption of an Ordinance amending the Monroe County Code to require businesses to obtain a commercial collection service agreement and provide proof of a current commercial collection service agreement upon issue or renewal of the business tax.
Time: 01:45:55 - 01:53:33
Item S-7
A public hearing to consider a resolution revising the fee schedule for the Growth Management Division to add an appeal fee for ROGO and NROGO.
Time: 01:53:34 - 01:54:02
Item J-2
Discussion of options for Board of County Commissioner and ultimate FEMA consideration regarding proposed modifications to the County's floodplain management ordinances and related matters.
Time: 01:54:02 - 02:09:44
Item J-1
Discussion and direction to establish a Process and Procedure for the removal of unsafe, unoccupied, non-homestead structures.
Time: 02:09:44 - 02:22:11
Item R-1
County Attorney report.
Time: 02:22:11 - 02:24:09