BOCC Monthly Meeting Part 2, 3/23/2016
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting Part 2, 3/23/2016
Item C4
Approval of Memorandum of Agreement with the Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) for instruction of Microsoft Office Suite software applications for Monroe County employees.
Time: 00:01:50 - 00:02:30
Item C10
Approval of Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) for the full roadway-width asphalt overlay of Ocean Bay Drive in Key Largo.
Time: 00:02:30 - 00:06:11
Item C22
Approval of a Resolution providing support for funding of the athletic field at Bernstein Park, requesting funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency Pre Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Program Grant and affirming the County's ability to provide local match funding.
Time: 00:06:11 - 00:08:31
Item D4
Approval of an Agreement with Historic Florida Keys Foundation, Inc. covering the Oldest House Roofing, Structural Repair and Plumbing Upgrade project, in an amount not to exceed $23,955, DAC I, FY 2016 Capital Resources.
Time: 00:08:31 - 00:09:51
Item N13
Presentation by Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority regarding Florida Power and Light/Salt Water Intrusion/Wellfield.
Time: 00:09:51 - 01:23:39
Item P1
A public hearing to consider a request for a Beneficial Use Determination, and the recommendations of the special magistrate, for property legally described as Block 9, Lot 1 Section 3, Bay Haven Subdivision (PB2-41), Key Largo, approximate Mile Marker 94.5, having Real Estate Number 00517650.000000, as requested by property owners, Scott and Toni Beauchamp.
Time: 01:23:39 - 01:46:03
Item N9
Approval of the Monroe County 2016 Federal Legislative Agenda.
Time: 01:46:03 - 02:02:35
Item I1
Discussion and direction to staff regarding open permits
Time: 02:02:35 - 02:57:11
Item I2
Approval to add three (3) full-time equivalents (FTEs) for Building Department 1 Building Inspector/Plans Examiner and 2 Customer Service Representatives to investigate, take action, and work on closing the 10,900+ open building permits.
Time: 02:57:11 - 03:07:01
Item D14
Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District III Advisory Committee for one "At Large" appointment.
Time: 03:07:01 - 03:07:43
Item H3
Transfer $571,364 to offset the cost of permitting waived by the BOCC into Fund 180 for development of new affordable housing.
Time: 03:07:43 - 03:08:52
Item H6
Reject the request by TD Group Holdings I, LLC, to remove a Lot Aggregation Restrictive Covenant recorded in the Monroe County Public Records File #1459136, Book #2028, Page #750 on July 23, 2004, by Rosie Perez for four (4) properties in Key Largo, having real estate number 00527340-000000.
Time: 03:08:52 - 03:23:31
Item L1
MAYOR CARRUTHERS: Preliminary discussion and recommendations for membership on Monroe County's Program for Public Information (PPI) Committee based on FEMA Committee requirements.
Time: 03:23:31 - 03:26:14
Item L2
MAYOR PRO TEM NEUGENT: Discussion and direction to consider approval of (meal) allowance rates to increase Breakfast from $6.50 to $10.00, Lunch from $13.50 to $15.00 and Dinner from $27.00 to $30.00 and to consider approval of an ordinance amending Sec.2-110(3) of the Monroe County Code to update the County's reimbursement rates for subsistence (meals).
Time: 03:26:14 - 03:28:36
Item M6
Approval of FKAA invoices $50,000 or over for the fiscal year (to include salaries), relating to the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System Project.
Time: 03:28:36 - 03:29:22
Time: 03:29:22 - 03:29:43
Items N2, N3, N6, N7
2. Approval to advertise a Request for Proposals for installing an In Situ Muck Aeration System in Canal #59 in Key Largo, plus installation in up to 3 additional optional canals (Canal #48 Key Largo, Canal #79 Key Largo, and Canal #80 Key Largo) and providing a 2-year period of operations and maintenance for each canal selected.

3. Approval to advertise a Request for Proposals for completing a combination Organic Removal and Backfilling Canal Restoration Demonstration Project in Canal #84 Rock Harbor, Monroe County, Florida.

6. Approval of Amendment No. 7 to the Contract for Engineering, Design and Permitting Services of the Demonstration Projects, with AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment and Infrastructure, Inc. provide for an extension of time and Additional Assessment, Design, Procurement, Access Coordination, and Permitting Services for a Combined Organic Removal and Backfilling restoration project at Canal #84 in Rock Harbor, Monroe County, Florida for an amount not to exceed $77,993.20.

7. Approval of Amendment No. 8 to the Contract for Engineering, Design and Permitting Services of the Demonstration Projects, with AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment and Infrastructure, Inc. to provide Additional Assessment, Procurement, Access Coordination and Permitting services for a demonstration project for In Situ Muck Aeration at Canals #59, #48, #79 and #80 in Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida in an amount not to exceed $99,596.10.
Time: 03:29:43 - 03:35:15
Time: 03:35:00 - 03:36:29
Item O10
Report on status of the rate application filed by K W Resort Utilities, Corp. (KWRU), pending in front of Florida Public Service Commission, Docket No. 150071-SU; discussion and direction to staff.
Time: 03:36:29 - 03:50:52
Item O2
Discussion and direction regarding adopting an ordinance that prohibits camping in county-owned parks and recreational facilities and that provides the County Administrator with authority to waive that prohibition.
Time: 03:50:52 - 03:52:42
Item O3
Discussion and direction regarding adopting an ordinance that prohibits use and operation of remote or radio-controlled model devices in Monroe County parks.
Time: 03:52:42 - 04:02:50
Items O5, O6
5. Approval to advertise for a public hearing to consider an ordinance amending Section 18-27(n)(1) and (n)(2) of the Monroe County Code (MCC), to authorize freestyle bicycling in the Skate and Bike Parks located at Key Largo Community Park ("Key Largo Park") and Big Pine Key Park ("Big Pine Park").

6. Approval of a resolution renaming the skate parks at Key Largo Community Park ("Key Largo Park") and Big Pine Key Park ("Big Pine Park") to "Skate and Bike Parks", ratifying new rules and regulations to allow freestyle bicycling in the Skate and Bike Parks, and posting of rules, permissible activities, and assumption of risk warning at the designated areas.
Time: 04:02:50 - 04:04:25
Item O9
Discussion and direction regarding preparation of ordinance adding cigarette butts to the definition of "litter" in Section 21-19 of the Monroe County Code and to define the penalty for violation of the Code.
Time: 04:04:25 - 04:06:27
Item O20
Request to hold an Attorney-Client Closed Session in the matters of Monroe County BOCC v. Construct Group Corp. and Berkley Regional Ins. Co., Case No. CA-K-15-844 and Construct Group Corp. v. Monroe County BOCC, Case No. CA-P-15-563 at the regularly scheduled BOCC meeting on April 20, 2016 in Marathon, FL at 1:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as may be heard.
Time: 04:06:27 - 04:06:44
Item O21
Authorization to initiate litigation against Mr. and Mrs. Lester Day and the property located at 234 Hispanola Road, Key Largo, Florida, to seek compliance with the County Codes and enforce a lien arising from Code Compliance Case Number CE08030073.
Time: 04:06:44 - 04:07:13