BOCC Monthly Meeting Day 1, 7/17/13, Part #1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting Day 1, 7/17/13, Part #1
Call to Order
Time: 00:00:05 - 00:00:34
Additions, Corrections, or Deletions
Time: 00:00:34 - 00:01:52
Janessa Cassonova
Governor Scott's Regional Representative
Time: 00:01:52 - 00:03:25
Presentation of Awards
1. Presentation Of Mayors Proclamation Declaring Monroe County As The Southernmost County In The United States Honoring Purple Heart Recipients On This Day Of July 17, 2013.

2.Honorary Conch Recognition
Time: 00:03:36 - 00:15:30
Bulk Items, Commissioner Carruthers
Time: 00:15:30 - 00:20:39
Item O-10, County Administrator
Presentation & Overview For The Proposed Fiscal Year 2014 Budget.
Time: 00:21:23 - 00:26:15

2.Request To Issue A Request For Proposal (RFP) For Purchasing Medical Supplies And Pharmaceuticals.
Time: 00:26:15 - 00:30:50
Item C-15, Bulk Approvals
Approval Of The Higgs Beach Development Agreement In The Same Form As Approved By The City Of Key West. This Item Is To Correct Scriveners Errors In The Agreement Passed By The County And To Conform The Documents To Each Other As Originally Intended.
Time: 00:30:50 - 00:32:23
Item C-19, Bulk Approvals
Approval For Expansion Of The Upper Sugarloaf Central Sewer Collection System To Include An Additional Six (6) Parcels At A Cost Of $122,010 ($20,335/EDU) Less The Assessment Revenue Of $27,000.
Time: 00:32:23 - 00:35:25
Item E-1, Staff Reports
Time: 00:35:25 - 00:44:32
Item E-6, Staff Reports
Growth Management
Time: 00:44:53 - 00:48:59
Item E-5, Staff Reports
Time: 00:48:59 - 00:59:48
Item O-7 & O-8, County Administrator
O-7: Approval Of Monroe County RESTORE Act Local Advisory Committee Project Funding Application Form And Timetable.

O-8: Approval To Submit County Projects For RESTORE Act Funding In Local And Consortium Pots.
Time: 00:59:48 - 01:11:38
Item H-10, Growth Management Bulk Approvals
Approval Of Amendment No.2 To The Agreement Between Monroe County (County) And Pumpout USA, Inc. (Contractor) For Keys-Wide Mobile Vessel Pumpout Service, Continuing To Provide Quarterly Payments, But Deleting The Required Monthly And Quarterly Pumpout Quota And Associated Per Unit Pumpout Price, Providing For A Slip For The Contractors Pumpout Boat At The Murray Nelson Government Center In Key Largo, And Providing For Evaluation Of The Contractors Performance In January, 2014.
Time: 01:11:38 - 01:14:47
Item I-1, Growth Management
Discussion And Direction On The Requirement Of Administration Commission Rule To Adopt The Tier Overlay Zoning Maps Into The Comprehensive Plan.
Time: 01:15:36 - 01:28:44
Item J-1, Wastewater, Read & Delayed
Approval For Amendment #7 For The Interlocal Agreement (ILA) With The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority To Establish A Revised Method For Determining The Cash Advance Scheduling For The Project.
Time: 01:29:27 - 01:34:41
Item I-2, Growth Management
A Discussion And Direction To Consider Adoption Of A Proposed County Ordinance Amending Section 17-2 And Section 17-6, Of The Monroe County Code To Clarify Prohibitions Regarding The Parking And Storage Of Vehicles; Watercraft; And/Or Wrecked, Inoperative Or Partially Dismantle Vehicles And Watercraft On County Roads, Rights-Of-Ways, On Private Property And In Residential Districts Throughout Monroe County.
Time: 01:36:02 - 01:43:05
Item O-3, County Administrator
Approve Of The Resolution Endorsing The Southeast Florida Mayors Climate Action Pledge, Urging Municipal Mayors In Monroe County To Join The Action Pledge, And Reaffirming Support For The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact And Collaborative Implementation Of The Regional Climate Action Plan.
Time: 01:43:05 - 01:46:35
Item O-6, County Administrator
Approval And Ratification Of A Settlement Agreement With The FL Department Of Environmental Protection (FDEP) For Work Performed Under Grant S0640 For Bathymetric Surveys And Collection And Analysis Of Soil Samples.
Time: 01:46:35 - 01:48:12
Item P-1, County Attorney
Time: 01:48:12 - 01:51:37
Item O-1, County Administrator
Time: 01:51:37 - 02:00:09
Item J-1, Wastewater Speakers & Discussion
Approval For Amendment #7 For The Interlocal Agreement (ILA) With The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority To Establish A Revised Method For Determining The Cash Advance Scheduling For The Project.
Time: 02:00:09 - 02:34:35
Item J-2, Wastewater, Speakers & Discussion
Update On Construction And Financial Status Of The Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Project
Time: 02:34:35 - 02:41:00