BOCC Monthly Meeting, 3/18/15
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting, 3/18/15
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:32
Time: 00:00:32 - 00:04:27
Time: 00:04:27 - 00:10:04
Time: 00:10:04 - 00:17:50
Time: 00:17:50 - 00:20:36
Item A-2
Brief Update from the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary
Time: 00:20:36 - 00:27:29
Item C-26
Approval Of Amendment 1 To The Amended And Restated Haul-Out, Operations And Maintenance Agreement With Waste Management Of Florida, Inc. (WM) To Provide For Revisions To Implement The County's Yard Waste Processing Program.
Time: 00:27:29 - 00:36:45
Item D-2
Approval Of One "At Large" Appointment To The Tourist Development Council District I Advisory Council.
Time: 00:36:45 - 00:37:19
Item E-5
Time: 00:37:19 - 00:46:28
Item G-1
Approval Of Amendment No. 2 To The 100-Year Lease Agreement Between Monroe County And Habitat For Humanity Of Key West And Lower Keys, Inc. (Habitat), To Retroactively Extend A Lease For Property On Big Coppitt Key Until March 19, 2017, Subject To The Conditions That Habitat Commence Constructions Of Twelve (12) Affordable Housing Units By March 1, 2016, And Receive Certificates Of Occupancy For The Construction Of The Twelve (12) Affordable Housing Units By March 19, 2017.
Time: 00:46:28 - 00:51:04
Item G-2
Approval Of Addendum No. 3 To The Contract With M.T. Causley, Inc. Increasing And Clarifying The Amount In Section III. Compensation As "Shall Not Exceed $950,000.00 (Nine Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars) Per Fiscal Year" Utilizing Salary Funding To Coincide With The Annual County Budget Timeframe And Revising Exhibit B By Adding An Hourly Rate Of $137.50 For Biologists Subcontracted For Employment Through M.T. Causley, Inc.
Time: 00:51:04 - 01:02:58
Item M-1
Discussion And Direction For Costs Charged To Properties Not Providing Easements For Grinder Pumps Or Newly Developed After Completion Of The Wastewater Collection Systems.
Time: 01:02:58 - 02:01:43
Item H-1
Presentation And Discussion Of The Trust For Public Lands' Revised Conservation Finance Feasibility Study And Preliminary Review Of The Results Of The Land Acquisition Priorities Parcel Analysis.
Time: 02:01:43 - 03:00:54
Item H-2
Approval Of An Amendment To The Trust For Public Lands' Contract Based On Results Of The Finance Feasibility Report And The Summary Of Preliminary Parcel Analysis.
Time: 03:00:54 - 03:20:56
Item L-2
Presentation By The Florida Department Of Transportation (FDOT) On The Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) And Strategic Intermodal System Policy Plan (SIS).
Time: 03:20:56 - 03:32:15
Commissioner Rice Comments
Time: 03:32:15 - 03:33:45
Item E-7
Time: 03:33:45 - 03:45:52
Item H-3
Discussion And Approval Of Amendment No.5 To The Agreement Between Monroe County (County) And Pumpout USA, Inc. (Contractor) For Keys-Wide Mobile Vessel Pumpout Service, To: 1) Renew The Agreement For An Additional Two Year Term Commencing April 1, 2015, 2) Establish A Rate Of $21.10 Per Pumpout, 3) Provide For A Not-To-Exceed Annual Cost To The County Of $379,800 Based On A Quota Of 1500 Pumpouts Per Month, And 4) Require An Annual Audit Of The Statement Of Revenues And Expenses Associated With The Contract With Monroe County.
Time: 03:45:52 - 03:52:23
Item P-1
Time: 03:52:23 - 03:53:39
Item Q-1
Time: 03:53:39 - 03:55:05
Item Q-2
Request To Hold An Attorney-Client Closed Session In The Matter Of Tropical Bayside Leasing, LLC. V. Monroe County & State Of Florida Department Of Transportation, Case No. 15-CA-000115-P At The Regularly Scheduled BOCC Meeting On April 15, 2015 In Key West, FL At 1:30 P.M. Or As Soon Thereafter As May Be Heard.
Time: 03:55:05 - 03:57:22
Item Q-3
Approval Of A Settlement Agreement In Code Case CE0320083 Between Monroe County And Magnolia TC 2 REO, LLC Regarding A Property Located At 28213 Helen Avenue, Little Torch Key.
Time: 03:57:22 - 04:05:45
Item Q-13
Discussion And Direction At The Request Of The Property Owner, George W. Erio, For A Reduction In The Outstanding Code Fines Imposed In Code Case Number CE12020027.
Time: 04:05:45 - 04:07:17
Item Q-14
Discussion And Direction At The Request Of The Property Owner, Alicia C. Geer, For A Reduction In The Outstanding Code Fines Imposed In Code Case Number CE07090260.
Time: 04:07:17 - 04:08:17
Item Q-15
Discussion And Direction At The Request Of The Property Owners, Michael-John And Cindy Ed, For A Reduction In The Outstanding Code Fines Imposed In Code Case Number CE13100040.
Time: 04:08:17 - 04:16:43
Item R-1
A Public Hearing To Adopt A Resolution Approving A Development Agreement, Pursuant To Chapter 163.3220 F.S., Between Monroe County, Florida; Roger Bernstein, As Trustee Of The Benjamin Bernstein Trust B; And Safe Harbor Seafood (As Successor In Interest To Joseph R. Rackman And Jeffrey W. Bolotin, As Trustees Of The Island Trust Agreement Dated March 10, 1989) Agreeing To A Conceptual Plan To Redevelop Property Located At 5700 Fourth Avenue, 5550 Fifth Avenue And 6500 Front Street On Stock Island. (Statutorily Required Public Hearing) Requesting To Continue To April 15, 2015 BOCC Meeting.
Time: 04:16:43 - 04:17:45
Item R-2
A Public Hearing To Consider A Request For The Abandonment Of A Portion Of The Right-Of-Way Of Peninsular Avenue On Stock Island That Is Located Between Blocks 46 And 60 (East Of The Center Of Lot 32 In Block 46) In Maloney Subdivision, As Recorded In Plat Book 1, Page 55 Of The Public Records Of Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 04:17:45 - 04:18:51
Item R-3
A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance By The Monroe County Board Of County Commissioners Amending The Monroe County Land Use District (Zoning) Map From Urban Residential-Mobile Home (URM) To Urban Residential (UR), For Property Located At 97801 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, Approximate Mile Marker 98, Described As Parcels Of Land Located In Sections 5 And 6, Township 62 South, Range 39 East, Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida, Having Real Estate Numbers 00090810.000000, 00090820.000000, 00090840.000000, 00090840.000100, And 00090860.000000, As Proposed By PL Ocean Residence Holdings, LLC. (Quasi-Judicial Proceeding)
Time: 04:18:51 - 04:20:19
Item R-4
A Public Hearing To Consider Approval Of A Resolution For A Budget Amendment Of Fiscal Year 2015 One Cent Infrastructure Surtax Fund 304.
Time: 04:20:19 - 04:20:41
Item R-5
A Public Hearing To Consider Approval Of An Ordinance Amending Sec. 2-110(3) And Sec. 2-111(C) Of The Monroe County Code To Update The County's Reimbursement Rates For Subsistence (Meals) And Mileage.
Time: 04:20:41 - 04:21:00
Item R-6
A Public Hearing For An Ordinance Chapter 25 Of The Monroe County Code Relating To Non-Consensual Towing Services.
Time: 04:21:00 - 04:21:39
Item Q-13 (Continued)
Discussion And Direction At The Request Of The Property Owner, George W. Erio, For A Reduction In The Outstanding Code Fines Imposed In Code Case Number CE12020027.
Time: 04:21:39 - 04:45:01
Item P-2
Discussion And Direction Regarding The Potential Acquisition Of The "Gulf Seafood" Property On Stock Island In Order To Preserve Commercial Fishing.
Time: 04:45:43 - 05:39:37
Time: 05:39:37 - 05:39:43