BOCC Monthly Meeting 3/20/13, Part #1
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BOCC Monthly Meeting 3/20/13, Part #1
Call To Order -
Moment of Silence for Senator Bullard, & Robert Walker
Time: 00:00:03 - 00:01:29
Time: 00:01:29 - 00:05:33
1.Presentation of Years of Service Awarded for 15 years of service to Joe Stickney, Supervisor Construction Inspector, Engineering Department.

2.Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring April 9, 2013 as Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service in Monroe County.

3.Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring the month of April, 2013 as Fair Housing Month in Monroe County.

4.Recognition of Donald Lanman for his outstanding efforts on the South Florida Workforce Investment Board, and award of an Honorary Conch certificate.
Time: 00:05:33 - 00:18:08
Time: 00:18:18 - 00:24:20
1.Approval of the minutes for the February 20, 2013 meeting.

2.Approval of a revised contract for the purchase of Sugarloaf Acreage RE #00118090-000100 for conservation to exclude RE #00117510-000500 from the transaction.

3.Approval of contracts to purchase property for conservation.

a.Key Largo Acreage RE #00089680-000000.

b.Key Largo Acreage RE #00089700-000000.

c.Tract AY, Pine Key Acres, Big Pine Key.

d.Block 11, Lot 1 and the west half of Lot 2, Ramrod Shores First Addition, Ramrod Key.

e.Block 1, Lots 18 and 19, Ramrod Shores Marina Section, Ramrod Key.

f.Block 2, Lot 21, Ramrod Shores Marina Section, Ramrod Key.

g.Block 4, Lot 6, Ramrod Shores Marina Section, Ramrod Key.
Time: 00:24:20 - 00:28:00
Items N5 & N7, County Administrator
Discussion and direction regarding the continuation of the canal restoration program to provide County funding for the selection, design and construction of up to five demonstration projects on County canals.

Ratification of submissions to DEP for RESTORE Act federal council funding for wastewater, canal restoration and storm water projects.
Time: 00:28:36 - 01:54:13
Motion for N7.
Ratification of submissions to DEP for RESTORE Act federal council funding for wastewater, canal restoration and storm water projects.
Time: 01:54:44 - 01:55:29
Item N2, County Administrator
Presentation by Derric Nimmo of Oxitec on behalf of Florida Keys Mosquito Control in regards to their interest in doing a genetically-modified mosquito release in Monroe County, outside Key West.
Time: 01:55:41 - 02:11:36
Item G1, Extension Services
Presentation and Approval of a Resolution accepting the Monroe County Community Climate Action Plan as developed by the Monroe County Climate Change Advisory Committee for staff evaluation and recommendation for final adoption by August 1, 2013 and subsequent implementation.
Time: 02:11:36 - 02:30:02
Item N6, County Administrator
Discussion and update on Pigeon Key - Kelly McKinnon.
Time: 02:30:56 - 02:36:38
Item N8, County Administrator - Item & Some Speakers, Vote Happens Later
Discussion, direction and authorization for County Administrator to investigate the feasibility and cost of quality of life projects benefitting the Upper, Middle and Lower Keys. Those projects are the Rowell's Marina property in Key Largo, rehabilitation of the Old Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon and the Higgs Beach Master Plan in Key West.
Time: 02:36:38 - 02:58:00
Anouncement of Lauren Book Visit
This interview also available on Monroe County Video On Demand in the March 2013 section.
Time: 02:58:00 - 02:59:18