BOCC Budget Meeting 7/28/08 Part 2
Full Agenda: [none]
Return From Break
Return From Break
Time: 01:05:52 - 02:13:42
Item C-1
Approval of a Resolution authorizing a $10,000,000 Line of Credit from Bank of America, N.A.
Time: 02:13:42 - 02:14:30
Item D-1
Approval of Amendment 001 to the Nutrition Services Incentive Program (NSIP)
Time: 02:14:30 - 02:14:56
Item E-1
Approval of a Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Florida, directing the Supervisor of Elections to place on the November 4, 2008 General Election ballot a referendum question regarding Ad Valorem taxes to fund Trauma Star; providing a process for the County Commission to act upon a favorable majority vote; and providing an effective date
Time: 02:14:56 - 02:19:27
Item F-1
Resolution supporting efforts to protect Florida from Off Shore Drilling.
Time: 02:19:27 - 02:19:55
Time: 02:19:55 - 02:20:04