BOCC Monthly Meeting 1/20/10 Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 1/20/10 Part #2
Item J-1
Wastewater status report
Time: 00:00:09 - 00:12:03
Item J-2
Rescission of agreement between Monroe County and Outdoor
Resorts at Long Key, Inc. (OR) approved December 16, 2009
and re-approval of same agreement with plans attached as
Exhibit "A"
Time: 00:12:02 - 00:12:49
Item O-3
Discussion of 1951 Resolution and June 2007 legislation
allowing Keys Energy Services to utilize County rights of way
and bridges to provide electrical service to No Name Key, and
reaffirmation of resolution, provided that any obstruction,
whether permanent or temporary, to said bridges and right of
way, or any physical changes there are coordinated with the
Engineering Department in compliance with County
ordinances regarding its roads and bridges and that Keys
Energy will maintain lines and whatever structural supports
they install to support lines.
Time: 00:12:56 - 00:56:27
Item M-5
Discussion by the Board of County Commissioners regarding tolling of US1 as an
alternative funding source for wastewater mandates.
Time: 00:56:41 - 01:53:59
Item H-8
Downstairs enclosures/FEMA.
Time: 01:54:08 - 02:10:54
Item Q-1
A public hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance implementing a Monroe County Lobbyist Registry, utilizing lobbyist registration fees and financial reporting.
Time: 02:08:26 - 02:47:36
Item Q-2
A public hearing for an ordinance amending Sec. 18-27 of the Monroe County Code relating to Burr Beach/Park hours.
Time: 02:47:42 - 02:48:11
Item E-4
Employee Services report.
Time: 02:48:11 - 02:52:08
Item E-6
Growth Management report.
Time: 02:52:08 - 03:00:45
Item M-8
Impact fee road funds.
Time: 03:00:45 - 03:04:36
Item O-1
County administrator report.
Time: 03:04:38 - 03:06:12
Item O-2
Discussion and clarification on the Boards & Committees
appointments as on the Value Adjustment Board, an alternate was
not selected.
Time: 03:06:10 - 03:07:25
Item P-2
County Attorney report.
Time: 03:07:27 - 03:14:13