BOCC Monthly Meeting 2/20/13, Part #1
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BOCC Monthly Meeting 2/20/13, Part #1
Time: 00:00:10 - 00:00:30
Time: 00:00:30 - 00:01:34
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Time: 00:14:59 - 00:17:45
Item C-13
Approval of Change Order #2 to the contract with American Bridge Company for the
Tom 's Harbor Channel Bridge Repair project to increase the contract amount by
$409,528.21 to pay for direct costs associated with the increased maintenance of
traffic system that was required by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and
extend the construction contract period by 208 days.
Time: 00:17:45 - 00:20:40
Item C-23
Approval to request an extension of a State-Funded Subgrant Agreement, with BOCC
confirmation, with the State of Florida Division of Emergency Management for the
purpose of constructing a new County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Total funding from the grant is $2,845,883 of which $849,317 has been spent towards the
design phase. The construction phase is estimated at approximately $11.6 million.
Time: 00:20:40 - 00:30:03
Time: 00:30:04 - 00:42:35
Item C-11
Approval to award the consultant contract reviewing the billing and collection on
medicare, medicaid, and workers' compensation, automobile, commercial and private
pay for both air ambulance and ground ambulance transportations to EMS Billing and Consulting, sole proprietorship, Jan Purdin, owner; approval of Business Associate
Agreement with EMS Billing and Consulting.
Time: 00:42:35 - 00:45:28
Item N-2
Presentation update on the Oil Spill Commission/RESTORE Act by Peggy Mathews of
MW Consulting.
Time: 00:45:28 - 01:07:08
Item H-1
Presentation by the South Dade Soil Conservation District (SDSCD) regarding a
public/private pilot program that would explore the feasibility and logistics of Monroe
County reinstating a mulch program for residential and commercial green waste. This
would include an in-depth review of program cost, benefits, savings and marketability
of the end product.
Time: 01:07:08 - 01:38:00
Mayor Neugent's Public Acknowledgements
Time: 01:38:00 - 01:42:51
Item O-5
Request to hold an Attorney-Client Closed Session in the matters of Monroe County v.
Utility Board of the City of Key West, dba Keys Energy Services, Case No. CA-K-12-
549; Roemmele-Putney, et al. v. Monroe County, et al., Case No. 3D12-333, Lower
Tribunal Case No. CA-K-11-342; Reynolds v. Utility Bd. of the City of KW, dba Keys
Energy Services, PSC Docket No. 120054-EM; James B. Newton, Ruth L. Newton,
Robert D. Reynolds and Julianne C. Reynolds v. Monroe County, Case No. 2013-CA-86-
K at the 3/20/13 BOCC meeting in Marathon, FL at 1:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as
may be heard.
Time: 01:42:51 - 01:51:27
Item O-2
Approval of resolution establishing additional rules for the use of Bay Drive, Sunset
Point and Bay Harbor Subdivision, Key Largo, FL.
Time: 01:51:27 - 02:42:52