BOCC Monthly Meeting 11/20/12, Part 2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 11/20/12, Part 1
Item K-1, Public Works
Introduction Of The New YMCA Manager For Key Largo Community Park Programs And Presentation Of YMCA Plans For Programs At The Park During FY2012-2013.
Time: 00:00:06 - 00:15:35
Item Q-3, County Attorney
Approval Of Request To Schedule A Closed Executive Session Of The Board Of County Commissioners In The Matter Of, Monroe County Board Of County Commissioners Vs. Gonzalez Architects, Et Al Case No. 07-CA-1428K At The December 12, 2012, Meeting In Marathon.
Time: 00:15:45 - 00:17:56
Item Q-4, County Attorney
Request To Hold An Attorney-Client Closed Session In The Matter Of The Morganti Group, Inc. V. Monroe County, Case No.: 2011-CA-892-K At The 12/12/2 BOCC Meeting In Marathon, FL.
Time: 00:17:56 - 00:19:29
Item Q-5, County Attorney
Approval To Advertise A Public Hearing To Consider Adoption Of An Ordinance Amending Monroe County Code Section 26-1, To Reinsert The Definition For "Commercial Lobster Season" That Was Inadvertently Omitted Upon Adoption Of Ordinance 002-2011 On 1/19/2011; Amending Section 26-96 Adding Language To Provide For Enforcement Of This Section In Incorporated And Unincorporated Monroe County To The Extent That No Conflict Exists With A Municipal Ordinance; And Deleting Section 26-98(C) To Remove The Sunset Date Of 8/31/2012 To Continue The Prohibition Against Diving Or Snorkeling In Any Manmade Water Body Or Marina, Or Within 300 Ft. Of An Improved Residential Or Commercial Shoreline, Beginning Three (3) Days Prior To The Opening Of And During The Entirety Of The Lobster Mini-Season And For the first five days of commercial lobster season.
Time: 00:19:29 - 00:25:59
Item Q-6, County Attorney
Approval Of Recommendation Of Selection Committee, Recommending Selection Of Group Of Firms Represented By Campbell & Malafy To Serve As Outside Counsel Representing Monroe County In Its Claim For Revenue Losses In The BP Oil Spill Claims Process; Authorization For The County Administrator To Sign Agreement For Legal Services And All Other Necessary Documentation In Order To Retain The Firm(S) On A Contingency Fee Basis As Outlined In Their Proposal; And Authorization To Proceed With Filing All Claims And Lawsuits Necessary To Protect The County's Interests.
Time: 00:25:59 - 00:33:15
Item P-1, County Administrator, Workshop Discussion
Time: 00:33:15 - 01:05:17
Item R-1, Public Hearings
A Public Hearing To Consider Adoption Of A County Ordinance Amending Sec. 17-2 And Sec. 25-35, And Creating Sec. 17-6, Of The Monroe County Code To Further Clarify Prohibitions And Enforcement Regarding The Parking And Storage Of Vehicles And Watercraft And/Or Wrecked, Inoperati
Time: 01:05:17 - 01:06:09
Item R-2, Public Hearings
A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 Buildings And Construction To Provide For A Period Of Two Years To Obtain Building Permits For Owners Of Parcels Previously On The FEMA Injunction List With Allocations Or Building Permits Which Were "Tolled" According To Resolutions 420-2005, 166-2006, 185-2007, 219-2008 And 282-2011, At The Time Of The Lifting Of The FEMA Injunction; Requiring Owners Of Parcels With Allocations To Obtain Their Building Permits Within 2 Years And Requiring Owners Of Parcels With Building Permits Which Were Tolled At The Time Of Lifting Of The FEMA Injunction To Commence Or Recommence Development Within Two Years From Written Notice By County, Consistent With HB503 Which Authorized Building Permit Extensions For Two Years.
Time: 01:06:09 - 01:08:57
General Discussion
Day Off With Pay
Time: 01:08:57 - 01:12:13