BOCC Monthly Meeting 7/21/10, Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 7/21/10, Part #2
Item M-1
Wastewater Status Report.
Time: 00:00:10 - 00:01:20
Item M-2, continued.
Approval of third Amendment to the 6/21/06 interlocal agreement (ILA) with FKAA revising the County Funding portion to $37,000,000 and immediately appropriating those funds which have been duly approved for the estimated costs of administration, planning and construction of the Big Coppitt Regional Wastewater Project.
Time: 00:01:20 - 00:34:06
Item E-6
Time: 00:34:06 - 00:49:30
Item N-1
Time: 00:49:30 - 00:59:35
Item O-6
Discussion of proposed amendment to Monroe County Land Development Code and/or Comprehensive Plan to add additional protection to established height limit by requiring a voter referendum prior to seeking an amendment to allow an increase in height, and direction to legal staff to research the constitutionality and enforceability of a referendum requirement.
Time: 00:59:35 - 01:20:05
Item Q-3
Approval of a resolution requesting that the Navy utilize the F-14 Aircraft Operation - in affect prior to the F-18 Super Hornet - as the baseline for the upcoming Environmental Impact Statement.
Time: 01:20:05 - 01:22:58
Item S-1
A Public Hearing to consider approval of a resolution for a Budget Amendment of Fiscal Year 2010 Affordable Housing Program Fund 100.
Time: 01:22:58 - 01:23:50
Item S-2
A public hearing to consider adoption of an Ordinance amending Sec. 23-76, MCC, adding specific language regarding "mobile business first time" for clarification.
Time: 01:23:50 - 01:24:11
Item S-3
A public hearing to consider adoption of a County Ordinance to amend sections of Chapters 19 and 25 of the Monroe County Code to clarify prohibited uses of County rights-of-way and provide limitations on appeals processes, additional enforcement measures, penalties and increased fees for permits.
Time: 01:24:11 - 01:24:52
Item S-4
A public hearing providing for the repeal of Ordinance No. 011-2010 regarding registration of lobbyists.
Time: 01:24:52 - 01:55:55
Item R-5
Request by Property Owner Rebecca Newman for further reduction of fines in Code Enforcement Case CE09080129. Fines Total $42,700.00. Costs Total $325.74.
Time: 01:55:55 - 02:23:41
Item R-1
Time: 02:23:41 - 02:30:16
Item T-1
Approval of a resolution to transmit to the Florida Department of Community Affairs an amendment to Policy 101.2.6 of the Monroe County 2010 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Element to extend the moratorium of new transient residential units until December 31, 2011.
Time: 02:31:07 - 02:32:20
Time: 02:32:20 - 02:32:34