BOCC Monthly Meeting 6/20/12, Part #1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 6/20/12, Part #1
Call To Order
Time: 00:00:20 - 00:01:02
Time: 00:01:02 - 00:04:06
1.Presentation Of Years Of Service Award For 10 Years Of Service To Monroe County To Paul Wunderlich, Lead Mechanic, Fleet Management, Public Works/Engineering Division.

2.Presentation Of Mayor's Proclamation Declaring The Month Of July, 2012 As "Great Seal Awareness Month" In Recognition Of The 225th Anniversary Of The Great Seal Of The United States Of America.

3.Mayor's Proclamation Recognizing The Month Of June 2012 As "Forty Years Of Title IX" Month.
Time: 00:04:06 - 00:16:15
Time: 00:16:39 - 00:22:54
1.Approval Of The Minutes For The May 16, 2012 Meeting.

2.Approval Of A Resolution Authorizing The Conveyance Of Tracts IS, IT, And JR In Pine Key Acres To The United States Of America For Conservation.

3.Approval Of Contracts To Purchase Property For Conservation.
a.Block 7, Lots 7-18, Palm Villa, Big Pine Key.

b.Block 13, Lot 13, Eden Pines Colony, Big Pine Key.

c.Block 21, Lot 6, Eden Pines Colony Third Addition, Big Pine Key.

d.Tract JU, Pine Key Acres, Big Pine Key.

e.Block 2, Lot 3, Ramrod Shores Marina Section And Block 9, Lot 8, Ramrod Shores First Addition, Ramrod Key.

f.Block 4, Lot 51, Cutthroat Harbor Estates, Cudjoe Key.

4.Approval Of A Resolution Concerning The Receipt Of Unanticipated Funds.
Time: 00:23:07 - 00:27:49
Item C-21, Bulk Approvals
Approval To Adopt Memorandum Of Agreement Between Florida International University And Monroe County Whereby FlU Will Provide Space For A Functional/Special Needs Shelter In Event Of An Evacuation; Authority For County Administrator To Execute Same.
Time: 00:28:47 - 00:30:02
Item C-28, Bulk Approvals
Approval For Solid Waste Management Staff To Reduce Tipping Fees For Disposal Of Illegal Fishing Gear That Remains In The Water Illegally During The Closed Season.
Time: 00:30:02 - 00:31:30
Item C-29, Bulk Approvals
Approval To Execute Amendment 3 To The Contract With Paradise Divers, Inc. For The Temporary Ferry Service To Pigeon Key To Extend The Term Of The Contract To Expire On June 30, 2013, To Revise The Scope Of Services And To Reduce The Daily Rate For Base Service.
Time: 00:31:30 - 00:35:05
Item C-30, Bulk Approvals
Approval Of Amendment One To The Contract With Metric Engineering, Inc. For Engineering Design And Permitting Services For The US 1 Bayside Shared Use Path Project To Add Engineering Design And Permitting For A Pedestrian Bridge Over The Marvin Adams Waterway (MM 103).
Time: 00:35:05 - 00:38:14
Item C-31, Bulk Approvals
Approval Of A Resolution Prohibiting The Parking, Standing Or Stopping Of Vehicles Along The South Side Of A Portion Of The County Right Of Way Of Second Avenue, Mandalay Subdivision, Plat Book 1 Page 194, Key Largo.
Time: 00:38:14 - 00:40:19
Item E-3, Staff Reports
Emergency Services
Time: 00:40:19 - 00:51:36
Item I-2, Growth Management
Update To The BOCC On The Progress Of The Wayfinding Sign Program For US1 And Request Mayor's Signature On A Letter To The Florida Department Of Transportation (FDOT) Asking For The Evaluation And Removal Of Excessive Regulatory Signs On US1 Including "Center Lane Control Signs", "No Parking, Standing And Stopping Signs", And "Intersection Warning Signs".
Time: 00:53:07 - 01:03:42
Introduction to Tallahassee Lobbyist Rober Graves
Time: 01:03:42 - 01:07:16
Item C-13, Bulk Approvals
Receipt Of Recommendation Of The Climate Change Advisory Committee To Evaluate And Implement An In-County Yard Waste Composting Program.
Time: 01:07:16 - 01:20:51
Item M-7, County Administrator
Update On The Upcoming Oil Spill Safety Training For Volunteers In The Florida Keys.
Time: 01:21:16 - 01:27:12
Item M-9, County Administrator
Approval Of Monroe County's Portion Of The Statutory Local Match Requirement For Substance Abuse Mental Health Services (FS 394.76) In The Amount Of $570,792, For FY 13, For The DCF-Contracted Provider Of These Services, Guidance Care Center, Revising The Previous Amount Of $312,527, Presented To BOCC At May Meeting.
Time: 01:27:12 - 02:47:35
Item G-1, Employee Services
Discussion Of Partnership With Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Florida Regarding A Worksite Wellness Program.
Time: 02:47:50 - 03:01:26