BOCC Monthly Meeting, 11/17/10, Part 1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting, 11/17/10, Part 1
Salute to The Flag
Time: 00:00:13 - 00:00:32
Presentation To Mayor Murphy and Commissioner DiGennaro
Time: 00:01:20 - 00:10:43
Swearing in of the Commissioners
Time: 00:10:43 - 00:12:04
Item C-3, Commission Organization
Selection of the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem of the Commission.
Time: 00:12:11 - 00:13:51
Item C-4, Commission Organization
Approval of a Resolution electing the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem for the Board of County Commissioners.
Time: 00:14:15 - 00:14:30
Item C-5, Commission Organization
Approval of a Resolution authorizing the Mayor and Clerk of the Board to sign all warrants, legal documents and any other necessary papers and documents; and stating that the presently authorized signatures validating County checks are hereby continued for sixty days from this date in order to meet payroll and other necessary obligations.
Time: 00:14:30 - 00:14:41
Additions Corrections & Deletions
Time: 00:14:41 - 00:17:31
Item E-1, Presentation of Awards
Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring October 29, 2010 as "First State Bank of the Florida Keys Day."

Time: 00:18:08 - 00:20:29
Item E-2, Presentation of Awards
Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring December 12, 2010 as "Children's Memorial Day in Monroe County, Florida."
Time: 00:20:29 - 00:22:54
Bulk Approvals
Time: 00:23:04 - 00:28:07
Land Authority Governing Board
Time: 00:28:07 - 00:30:37
Fire & Ambulance District 1 Board of Governors
Time: 00:30:37 - 00:32:41
Held Item F-8, Bulk Approvals
Approval of an agreement with the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management concerning a Subgrant Agreement under the Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) Grant program contract number: 11-SL-42-11-54-01; FEMA SRL-PJ-04-FL-2008-025 awarded to Antonio Castillo for mitigation reconstruction of residence after flood damage in the amount of $170,862.00 with no county match required, and approval of agreement between Monroe County and Antonio Castillo; and authorization for the County Administrator to execute any other required documentation in relation to the application process.
Time: 00:34:23 - 00:36:59
Held Item F-9, Bulk Approvals
Approval of a Road Adoption Agreement with No Name Key Property Owner's Association, Inc. regarding removal of litter/debris from roadway along Watson/Old4A, Spanish Channel Drive, Bahia Shores Rd., and No Name Drive.
Time: 00:36:59 - 00:41:34
Held Item F-17, Bulk Approvals
Approval for staff to continue purchasing air time on Radio Ritmo, the only bilingual station in the Florida Keys, in an effort to continue outreach and education efforts to our Spanish speaking residents regarding our Solid Waste and Recycling Goals, Programs and events.
Time: 00:41:34 - 00:42:48
Item H-1, Airports Staff Report
Time: 00:42:48 - 00:49:04
County Administrator Comment
Growth Management Division Director sung Happy Birthday by Commission & Staff
Time: 00:49:04 - 00:50:35
Item Q-4, County Administrator
Approval to give the Mayor authorization to sign the response letter to the Navy in regard to the Environmental Impact Statement that is presently being conducted by the Navy.
Time: 00:50:53 - 00:55:31
Item H-5, Project Management Staff Report
Time: 00:55:31 - 01:18:49
Item L-4, Division of Growth Management
Status report on Key Largo Ocean Resorts (KLOR) Circuit Court Settlement Agreement, Development Agreement, Major Conditional Use Approval and most recent request by KLOR Board of Directors to amend the site plan and product types approved in the prior Major Conditional Use Approval.
Time: 01:18:49 - 01:40:09
Item O-1, Commissioner Item
Presentation and approval of the recommendations of the Human Services Advisory Board Working Group regarding the application, process, policies, and funding categories used to determine funding recommendations for non-profit, human services organizations in Monroe County.
Time: 01:39:33 - 02:10:45
Special Anouncement - Sheriff Bob Peryam
Time: 02:10:45 - 02:15:13
Item L-1, Division of Growth Management
Discussion of Monroe County Hurricane Evacuation Clearance Time Final Report, prepared by Reid Ewing, Ph.D. dated November 8, 2010.
Time: 02:15:13 - 03:08:51
Black Caesar Dubbs Commissioner Murphy Captain
Time: 03:08:51 - 03:10:17