Monroe County Commission Meeting, 1/19/11, Part 2
Full Agenda: [none]
Monroe County Commission Meeting, 1/19/11, Part 2
Anouncement of Closed Session
1. An Attorney-Client Closed Session of the Board of County Commissioners in the matter of Monroe County and Roman Gastesi, Jr. v. Stand Up For Animals, Inc., Case No. CA K 10-1050. (1:30 Time approximate)

2. An Attorney-Client Closed Session in the matter of Key West HMA, LLC v. Monroe County, CA K 09-2158. (2:00 PM Time approximate)
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:01:06
Item Q-10, County Attorney
Approval of Agreement for Expert Witness Services with Terramar Environmental Services, Inc. in connection with regulatory takings cases filed against Monroe County, including: Collins, et. al. v. Monroe County v. State of Florida (Circuit Court Case No. CA-M-04-379); Lightner, et. al. v. Monroe County (Circuit Court Case No. 2007-CA-280-k); and Lloyd A. Good v. Monroe County Circuit Court Case No. CA-K-01-977("Litigation").
Time: 00:01:26 - 00:02:20
Item R-1, Public Hearings
A public hearing for an ordinance amending Section 18-27 of the County Code adding Watson Field on Big Pine Key to the list of County parks.
Time: 00:02:20 - 00:03:27
Item R-2, Public Hearings
A public hearing to consider an ordinance by the Board of County Commissioners amending Chapter 26 of the Monroe County Code (Waterways) to provide for renaming "Combustion Vessel Exclusion Zones" to "No Motor Zones" established by the Florida Keys National marine Sanctuary.
Time: 00:03:27 - 00:04:05
Item R-3, Public Hearings (Including discussion for K2 & K3)
Public hearing to approve a Development Agreement and related resolution between Banyan Grove Development Corporation (Spottswood Partners, Inc.) and Monroe County pursuant to Monroe County Code Section 130-161.1 to build 48 units of deed-restricted affordable units and allow the transfer of 48 market rate units and 14,219 Sq. Ft. of NROGO within the Lower Keys Sub-area at approximately Mile Marker 4.75 in Stock Island, which is legally described as Square 29 and Block 26, Lots 5-16, Part of Lot 4, Part of Lot 17, Maloney Subdivision (PB1-55), also known as parcels A and B; a vacated portion of East Laurel Avenue; and a vacated portion of Fourth Street RE#00124140.000000.
Time: 00:04:05 - 00:38:26
Item R-4 (Continued)
A public hearing to consider an Ordinance by the BOCC amending Monroe County Code Section 101-1, Definitions, and Section 130-87, Maximum Height, to provide consistency between regulations regarding height in the land development code and policies regarding height in the comprehensive plan and to provide consistency between the definitions of height and grade in the land development code to clarify from where measurements are to be taken. Staff is asking for this item to be continued.
Time: 00:38:26 - 00:39:10
Item K-2, Division of Growth Management (Vote Only, Discussion during Item R-3)
Approval of a resolution reserving 48 affordable ROGO Allocations for Banyan Grove Development Corporation for property located at MM5, Stock Island RE#00124140.000000.
Time: 00:39:10 - 00:39:31
Item K-3, Division of Growth Management (Vote & additional discussion to item R-3)
Approval of a waiver of building permit fees for 48 affordable housing units to be built at 5455 Mac Donald Avenue on Stock Island (RE# 0012410-000000) by Banyan Grove Development Corporation, owned by Spottswood Partner Inc., conditioned on use of LIHTC funding or other state of federal funding.
Time: 00:39:31 - 00:49:05
Item K-4, Division of Growth Management
Presentation of the data and analysis contained within the updated DRAFT Technical Document and Map Atlas to the new planning period being analyzed (2010-2030) for inclusion into the Comprehensive Plan through the Evaluation and Appraisal report. (2:30 PM Time approximate)
Time: 00:55:21 - 01:54:15
Item M-1, Sounding Board
Request to speak to the Board of County Commissioners in regards to gift policy - David Horan.
Time: 01:54:15 - 01:59:39
Item K-1, Division of Growth Management
Discussion and direction regarding the County Vessel Pumpout Program, including a description of pumpout facilities currently available throughout the Keys and consideration of options for the future provision of mobile pumpout services to more effectively provide for the needs of the boating public.
Time: 01:59:39 - 02:36:03
Item S-1, Public Hearing
Second of two required public hearings to consider an Ordinance amending the Monroe County Code Section 130-92(a) to amend the permitted uses in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) land use district to allow vacation rental uses of nonconforming dwelling units and to clarify language regarding employee housing, commercial apartments and accessory uses. Staff is asking for this item to be continued.
Time: 02:36:03 - 02:36:39
Item N-5, Commissioners Items
COMMISSIONER RICE - Approval of PlayGround Entertainment, Inc. dba/ Bahamas Express, Charter Operator and ADF Charter Corp dba/ AirStar, AirStar Executive Airways, Direct Air Carrier to provide scheduled flight operations at the Florida Keys Marathon Airport between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Marathon, Florida; to use counter, office space, passenger departure and arrival areas in the terminal building, the commercial ramp for arriving and departing aircraft and overnight parking of company aircraft; and to have applicable standard rates and charges waived for the aforementioned facilities use for a period of one year from the date of commencement of service; contingent upon compliance with Monroe County Administrative Instruction 2301.5, Commercial Airline Application Procedure for Monroe County Airports, and review and approval by the County Attorney and appropriate County staff.
Time: 02:36:39 - 02:47:01
Item E-1, Staff Reports - Airports
Time: 02:47:01 - 02:48:45
Item Q-3, Moved to Key Largo, Item Q-4 Deleted
Time: 02:48:45 - 02:49:53
Item P-2, County Administrator
Discussion of the Commissioners appointment to the 2011 Value Adjustment Board.
Time: 02:49:53 - 02:51:31
Item Q-7, County Attorney
Approval of Agreement for Professional Services with CARR, RIGGS, & INGRAM, LLC in connection with Monroe County and Roman Gastesi vs. Stand Up for Animals, Inc., (Circuit Court Case No. CAK-10-1050).
Time: 02:51:31 - 02:58:29
Item Q-8, County Attorney
Approval to prepare and submit an Expression of Interest to the Federal Highway Administration to set forth the County's interest in pursuing an agreement whereby a toll could be placed on US 1 on Key Largo and a portion of the toll proceeds could be used for wastewater and storm water.
Time: 02:58:29 - 03:10:19
Item Q-11, County Attorney
Adoption of a resolution calling on the US Congress to amend the National Flood Insurance Act to direct FEMA to refrain from issuing flood insurance for new construction on vacant properties which contain suitable habitat for threatened and endangered species and authorizing staff and Cardenas Partners to initiate efforts to lobby congress to assist with this iniative.
Time: 03:10:19 - 03:16:11