BOCC Monthly Meeting, 12/09/2015
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BOCC Monthly Meeting, 12/09/2015
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:29
Time: 00:00:29 - 00:05:05
Item B1
MAYOR CARRUTHERS: A resolution declaring December 20-26, 2015 as "Childhoold Cancer Awareness Week" in Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 00:05:05 - 00:06:15
Item B2
MAYOR CARRUTHERS: A Mayor's Proclamation declaring January 3-17, 2016 as "Weeks of Compassion" in Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 00:06:15 - 00:11:26
Time: 00:11:26 - 00:17:36

1. Selection of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Governing Board

2. Approval of a resolution electing the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Governing Board.

3. Approval of a resolution regarding the execution of all warrants, legal documents and papers, and other instruments on behalf of the Land Authority.

4. Approval of the minutes for the meetings held on September 3, 2015, September 11, 2015, and November 17, 2015

5. Approval of a contract to purchase Block 3, part of Lot 1 and all of Lot 2, Punta Brisa, Big Pine Key for conservation

6. Approval of a resolution concerning waiving the surcharge on admission to the State parks in unincorporated Monroe County on Veterans Day.
Time: 00:17:36 - 00:45:26
1. Report.

2. Approval to enter into a new 3-year Lease Agreement with Zane Grey Development Co. for Unit #10 at 68250 Overseas Highway, Layton, Florida, for the housing of firefighters assigned to Layton/Long Key Fire Station #18 as the current lease is due to expire December 28, 2015; and authorization for Fire Chief to execute all necessary documents.
Time: 00:46:00 - 00:46:44
Item C2
Approval to issue bid solicitation for Emergency Pavement Repair at Key West International Airport KWIA.
Time: 00:46:44 - 00:48:25
Item C4
Approval of Contract with Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc., for Construction Engineering and Inspection Services for the Pedestrian Bridge over Marvin Adams Waterway Project (Key Largo). The project is partially funded through a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Transportation Alternatives Grant.
Time: 00:48:25 - 00:57:26
Item C5
Approval to award bid and approve a contract with Douglas N. Higgins, Inc. for construction of the Pedestrian Bridge over Marvin Adams Waterway Project (Key Largo). The project is partially funded through a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant.
Time: 00:57:26 - 01:00:31
Request to speak to the County Commissioners to provide an update in the situation in the Florida Bay - Julie Dick, Esq.
Time: 01:00:31 - 01:31:18
Item K10
MAYOR PRO TEM NEUGENT: Approval of a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Florida regarding the ecological conditions and restoration needs of Everglades National Park and Florida Bay; urging the South Florida Ecosystems Restoration Task Force and the State and Federal Governments to expedite full implementation of planned restoration projects; requesting re-initiation of the bi-annual Florida Bay Sciences Conference; and inviting the South Florida Water Management District to brief the Commission on issues related to the impacts of the current crisis in Florida Bay and to outline a plan moving forward for the construction and operation of critical restoration projects that will help to prevent similar catastrophes from occurring in the future.
Time: 01:31:18 - 01:35:18
Item C14
Approval of agreement with Guidance Care Center for the Substance Abuse Mental Health local match funding for FY 2016.
Time: 01:35:18 - 01:36:12
Item D2
Announcement of one vacant position at the Tourist Development Council District V Advisory Committee for one "At Large" appointment.
Time: 01:36:12 - 01:36:29
Item D3
Approval of one "At Large" appointment to the Tourist Development Council District III Advisory Committee. Applicants are: Mr. William Ehrhorn, Ms. Trish Hintze, Dr. Daniel Zieg, and Ms. Joanne Zimmerman.
Time: 01:36:29 - 01:37:28
Time: 01:38:03 - 01:47:53
Item K5
COMMISSIONER KOLHAGE - Consideration of a request by the local chapter of the AARP #1351 for free public transportation provided by the Monroe County Social Services Department for seniors ages 60 and older.
Time: 01:47:53 - 02:12:46
Item M8
Authorize entering into Amendment No. 6 with Erin L. Deady, P.A. for a pilot project on integrating design of storm water, tidewater and road elements in two communities for sea level rise adaption and to extend the contract.
Time: 02:12:46 - 02:20:05
Item K8
COMMISSIONER MURPHY: Yet another discussion regarding the permit request for the Ragnar Relay event scheduled for February 2016 and direction.
Time: 02:20:05 - 02:41:07
Time: 02:41:07 - 02:47:30
Item N5
Approval of Settlement Agreement and Release in the matter of Monroe County v. Paul Mills, et al., Case No.: CA-K-10-1050 and authorization for the County Attorney to execute same on behalf of the County.
Time: 02:48:59 - 02:54:00
Item H4
A resolution by the Board of County Commissioners amending the Local Housing Assistance Plan as required by the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program Act, Subsections 420.907-420.9079, F.S., and Rule Chapter 67-37, F.A.C., as recommended by the Monroe County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.
Time: 02:54:00 - 02:56:38
Item H5
A resolution by the Board of County Commissioners approving an inventory of county-owned real property which may be appropriate for affordable housing, as required by Section 125.379 F.S., and as recommended by the Monroe County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.
Time: 02:56:38 - 02:56:56
Item K9
COMMISSIONER KOLHAGE: Discussion of County office closures, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
Time: 02:56:56 - 03:04:45
Item L1
County Clerk Report
Time: 03:04:45 - 03:20:53
Item M1
County Administrator Report
Time: 03:20:53 - 03:22:36
Item M3
Discussion and approval of the 2016 appointments of Commissioners to various duties.
Time: 03:22:36 - 03:29:27
Item M4
Approval of Third Amendment to and Extension of Employment Agreement of County Administrator Roman Gastesi.
Time: 03:29:27 - 03:46:20
Item P1
Approval of a resolution renewing the intent to use the uniform method to collect non-ad valorem special assessments toward the cost of providing wastewater utility services to properties on Stock Island, Key Haven, Big Coppitt, Lower Sugarloaf through Big Pine Key, No Name Key, Long Key, Duck Key excluding Indies Island, and three parcels on Boca Chica.
Time: 03:46:20 - 03:47:22
Item P2
A public hearing for a proposed abandonment of a portion of the right-of-way of Nautilus Street and Corsair Road of "Plantation Island", Duck Key, adjacent to Lot 14, Block 5 according to the plat thereof, recorded in Plat Book 5, Page 82 of the public records of Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 03:47:22 - 03:48:03
Item P3
A public hearing to consider a resolution transmitting to the State Land Planning Agency an ordinance by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners amending the Monroe County Future Land Use Map (FLUM) from Residential Conservation (RC) to Recreation (R) and Conservation (C) for property described as a parcel of land in Section 24, Township 59 South, Range 40 East, Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida, and also being a portion of Tract A, Harbor Course South, Section One, Ocean Reef Plat No. 14 (Plat Book 7, Page 9), Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida, having Real Estate Number 00573690.003900, as proposed by Ocean Reef Club Inc. (Legislative Proceeding)
Time: 03:48:03 - 03:51:11
Item M9
Approval to accept the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Counties 2016 State and Federal Energy and Climate Legislative Programs.
Time: 03:51:11 - 03:51:40
Item N1
County Attorney Report
Time: 03:51:40 - 03:51:52
Item N3
Approval to initiate litigation by filing a petition to intervene in the Public Service Commission application by Key West Resort Utilities (KWRU) for an increase in wastewater rates in Monroe County, Docket No. 150071-SU.
Time: 03:51:52 - 04:02:25