Monroe County Commission Meeting, 2/16/11, Part 1
Full Agenda: [none]
Monroe County Commission Meeting, 2/16/11, Part 1
Moment of Silence & Pledge
Time: 00:00:05 - 00:00:59
Additions Corrections & Deletions
Time: 00:00:59 - 00:05:50
Presentation of Awards
Time: 00:05:50 - 00:14:28
Bulk Approvals, Commissioner Rice
Time: 00:14:28 - 00:22:04
Item F, Land Authority Governing Board
Time: 00:22:12 - 00:24:37
Item C-13, Bulk Approval
Approval of a Task Order with Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. for engineering services to provide cost estimates and design of changes to Bernstein Park to raise the elevation to eliminate flooding and add a soccer field to the park (sharing space with softball).
Time: 00:24:37 - 00:34:13
Fire & Ambulance District 1 Board of Governors
Time: 00:34:13 - 00:47:38
Item M-2, County Administrator
Update on the 2nd Annual Florida Keys Day to be held March 29, 2011 in Tallahassee, FL by Holly Raschein, Senior Legislative Assistant to State Representative Ron Saunders. Time Approximate - 9:45 A.M
Time: 00:48:07 - 01:11:44
Item H-1, Employee Services
Approval to advertise a Request for Proposals for Medical Plan Administration on a Self Funded or Fully Insured Basis, including: Claims Administration, Utilization Review, Large Case Management, Disease Management, Network Management, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Wellness Programs and/or Stop Loss Insurance.
Time: 01:12:29 - 01:13:17
Item C-2, Bulk Approval
Approval to purchase a fully portable video laryngoscope which is battery operated and fully self contained for use on the Trauma Star helicopter and approval to issue a purchase order to sole source distributor Karl Storz Endoscopy - American, Inc. for same.
Time: 01:13:48 - 01:15:48
Item M-9, County Administrator
Update on Dengue Fever by Chris Tittle from the Monroe County Health Department and Coleen Fitzsimmons from Mosquito Control.
Time: 01:16:09 - 01:45:25
Item K-15, Commissioner Item
COMMISSIONER NEUGENT - Approval of a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Florida, in support of the recommendations drafted by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust as it relates to permit.
Time: 01:45:25 - 01:55:48
Item C-1, Bulk Approval
Approval to waive Purchasing Policies and Procedures (Chapter 4, Purchase of Professional Services), and accept the attached proposal from Sixel Consulting Group, Inc., to assist us with Southwest Airlines Air Service Development at the Key West International Airport.
Time: 01:55:48 - 02:02:48
Item C-9, Bulk Approval
Approval of two contracts to purchase four lots with a total of 25,000 square feet on Stock Island for the purpose of building a new fire station.
Time: 02:02:48 - 02:26:20
Item C-22, Bulk Approval
Approval of 3rd amendment to agreement with The Florida Keys Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc. (FKSPCA) to extend temporary operation of the Big Pine Key and Marathon Shelters and provide animal control services up to Mile Marker 70 for up two additional months through April 30, 2011.
Time: 02:26:20 - 02:36:26
Item D-8
Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District V Advisory Committee for an at large appointment.
Time: 02:36:26 - 02:37:13
Item I-1 & I-3, Division of Growth Management
Approval to negotiate a contract with URS Southern Corporation (URS) to develop a Wayfinding Signage Program along the US 1 Florida Keys Scenic Corridor.___________________________

Approval of a 4-year continuing services contract, with options for renewal on an annual basis for two additional years, with URS Corporation Southern (URS) for Transportation Planning Services.
Time: 02:37:13 - 02:42:58