Fulton County Board of Education Board Meeting - June 19, 2014
Full Agenda: [none]
1. Call to Order
1.01 Welcome/Pledge of Allegiance

1.02 Recognitions

1.03 Welcome to Visitors/Public Comment

1.04 Break

1.05 Reconvened Meeting/Approval Agenda
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:02:12
2. Board Matters
2.01 Board Matters
Time: 00:02:13 - 00:06:47
3. Superintendent's Report
3.01 Superintendent's Report
Time: 00:06:47 - 00:27:40
4. Closed Session Action Items
4.01 Closed Session Items
Time: 00:28:00 - 00:29:03
5. Consent
5.01 Minutes of the May 2014 Board Meetings (action)

5.02 2014-2015 School Year Calendar (action)

5.03 FY2015 Annual Audit Plan (action)

5.04 New Course Proposals: High School Transition, Tools for College Success, Communications Skills

5.05 Lake Forest School Based Health Center (action)

5.06 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure IDE-Extracurricular Activities (policy revision/procedure rescission-action)

5.07 Administrative Procedure IDF-Interscholastic Athletics (procedure revision-action)

5.08 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure JS-Student Fines, Fees and Charges (policy/procedure revision-action)

5.09 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure LEC-Booster Organizations (policy revision-action)

5.10 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure AD-School Attendance Zones (policy/procedure revision-first read)

5.11 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure DIA-Accounting System (policy/procedure revision-first read)

5.12 Board Policy EBC-Data Access and Security for Sensitive Information (policy revision-first read)

5.13 Administrative Procedure EDCB-Bus Conduct (procedure revision-first read)

5.14 Board Policy EF-Business Continuity (policy adoption-first read)

5.15 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure GBRI-Professional/Classified-Leaves of Absence (policy/procedure revision-first read)

5.16 Administrative Procedure ICC-Educational Research (procedure revision-first read)

5.17 Board Policy ICD-Pilot Projects and Experimental Programs (policy rescission-first read)

5.18 Board Policy IJ-Program Evaluation (policy revision-first read)

5.19 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure KG-Use of School Facilities (policy/procedure revision-first read)

5.20 Request Fee Waiver by Future Foundation, Inc. (action)

5.21 Request Board Approval of Utility (Electrical) Easement w/City of East Point at the Mt. Olive ES (action)

5.22 Request Board Approval Utility of (Electrical) Easement w/the Georgia Power Company at McNair MS (action)

5.23 Request for Board to Approve Easement w/City of Atlanta at Cliftondale ES (action)

5.24 Phase 2 GMP Approval for the Mt. Olive ES Replacement Project (action)

5.25 Phase 3 GMP Approval for the Heards Ferry ES Replacement Project (action)

5.26 Phase 3 GMP Approval for the New Roswell, Highway 9 ES Project (action)

5.27 Architect Appointment for the New Derrick Road ES (action)

5.28 RFP 425-14, Playground Equipment and Installation Purchasing Agreement (action)

5.29 Contracting Report for June 2014 for Items Between $100,000 and $1,000,000 (action)

5.30 IFB No. 177-14, Paper and Plastic Products (action)

5.31 RFP No. 159-14, Temporary Personnel Services (action)

5.32 IFB No. 171-14, Meat and Grocery Items (action)

5.33 IFB 204-14 Supplemental Meat and Grocery Items (action)

5.34 IFB No. 139-13, Musical Instruments and Accessories (action)

5.35 RFP No. 100-12, Office Supplies (action)

5.36 Financial Update (action)

5.37 Monthly Capital Programs Reports (action)
Time: 00:29:03 - 00:29:27
6. Discussion of June Board Meeting Agenda Items
6.01 RFP No. 100-13, Information Technology Consulting Services (action)

6.02 Banking Resolutions (action)

6.03 Final Approval of FY2015 Millage (action)

6.04 June 2014 Proposed Budget Adjustments (action)
Time: 00:29:27 - 00:37:44
7. Information Reports to the Board
7.01 June 2014 Field Trip Reports

7.02 Employee Travel Report for June 2014

7.03 Contracting Report for June 2014 for Items Between $25,000 and $99,999

7.04 Change Order Report for Errors, Omissions and Unforeseen Conditions (information)

7.05 Board Policy and Procedure Review Schedule (information)

7.06 Board Policy ABBB-Exercise of the Fulton County Charter System (Appendices A and C revision-information)

7.07 Board Policy ECHA-Authorized Use-Official Vehicles (policy revision/operating guideline adoption-information)

7.08 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure II-Systemwide Standardized Testing (procedure revision-information)

7.09 Operating Guideline JD-Student Code of Conduct (operating guideline revision-information)
Time: 00:37:44 - 00:37:57
8. Announcements and Adjournment
8.01 Announcements and Adjournment
Time: 00:37:57 - 00:38:22