BOCC Monthly Meeting Part 2
Full Agenda: [none]
Item M-3 Continued
Time: 00:00:11 - 00:53:35
Item M-2 Continued
Time: 00:53:35 - 00:57:18
Item M-4
Red Cross Presentation
Time: 00:57:18 - 01:10:55
Item M-1
Constituent request to waive conditional use fees for a one story motel at the Sugarloaf Lodge.
Time: 01:10:55 - 01:15:04
Items L-1, L-2
Closed Session
Time: 01:15:04 - 01:16:23
Item Q-1
Resolution for Budget Admendment for Fiscal year 2008.
Time: 01:22:43 - 01:23:31
Item Q-2
Resolution renounng and disclaiming any right of the County and public in and to a portion of Pompano Drive, Anglers Park, Key Largo.
Time: 01:23:31 - 01:29:25
Item Q-3
Ordinance amending Sec. 6-4 of Monroe County Code.
Time: 01:29:25 - 01:29:41
Item Q-4
Consideration of Administative relief for Christina Keegan, Anglers Park, Key Largo.
Time: 01:29:41 - 01:30:04
Itemss Q-5, Q-6, Q-7
Request for administrative relief for Marlin Holding Inc.
Time: 01:30:04 - 01:30:33
Items Q-8 - Q13
Time: 01:30:33 - 01:31:59
Item Q-14
Resolution request of Key Haven Estates, LLC.
Time: 01:31:59 - 01:33:48
Item Q-15
Request by Planning and Environmental Resources Staff to amend the Monroe County Code.
Time: 01:33:48 - 01:35:32
Item J-1
Sounding Board
Time: 01:35:32 - 01:36:39
Item I-2
Wastewater Report
Time: 01:36:39 - 01:38:18
Item I-2
Wastewater discussion with FKAA, SFWMD, Growth Management, & Planning and as a FYI to the public.
Time: 01:38:18 - 01:42:29
Item I-3
Item Pulled from agenda
Time: 01:42:29 - 01:42:54
Item E-7
Staff Report, Growth Management
Time: 01:42:54 - 01:47:18
Item G-1
Discussion and approval of the selection committee to review response to the RFQ for the Americans with Disabilities Compliance Assessment for County Facilities and Roads.
Time: 01:47:18 - 01:48:21
Item H-2
Approval of Second Amendment to contract with Greenberg Traurig P.A. for the consulting services of Kenneth Metcalf.
Time: 01:48:21 - 01:56:38
Item O-1
County Administrator Report
Time: 01:56:38 - 02:03:47
Item P-1
County Attorney Report
Time: 02:03:47 - 02:04:09
Item P-10
Approval of Settlement Agreement between Monroe County Code Enforcement and John A. Tuckus, Ann C. Tuckus, and John A. Tuckus III.
Time: 02:04:09 - 02:06:41
Item R-1
A public hearing to consider a resolution to extend an Interim Development Ordinance (IDO) deferring the acceptance of applications for redevelopment and/or conversion of marine facilities including commercial marinas and working waterfronts for one year after the effective date or when applicable comprehensive plan and/or land development regulations become effective.
Time: 02:11:56 - 02:54:01