BOCC Monthly 7/18/07 Part 2
Full Agenda: [none]
Item K-11
Indentification and initiation of adoption of the proposed 2007 U.S. Navy Boca Chica Air Station AICUZ analysis and maps
Time: 00:14:24 - 01:24:22
Item O-1
Public Hearing 3:00 pm
Time: 01:51:28 - 01:52:11
Item I-1
Approval to adopt the Big Coppitt Key and Duck Key initial assessment resolution
Time: 01:52:11 - 02:28:28
Item I-2
Approval to advertise public hearing at the August 2007 BOCC meeting regarding the Big Coppitt Regianl Wastewater Treatment System facilities plan
Time: 02:28:28 - 02:29:07
Item I-3
Approval to advertise public hearing at the August 2007 BOCC meeting regarding the Duck Key Regional Wastewater Treatment System Fac
Time: 02:29:07 - 02:33:10
Item I-7
Approval of 20' sewer easement on Big Coppitt Key
Time: 02:33:10 - 02:33:41
Item I-8
Discussion of KW Resort Utilities Corp., Big Coppitt Sewer
Time: 02:33:41 - 02:43:30
Item E-6
Growth Management Report
Time: 02:43:30 - 03:15:39
Item P-1
Resolution to extend Interim Development Ordinance (IDO)
Time: 03:15:39 - 03:20:37
Item P-2
Adopting new regulations concerning beneficial use determinations
Time: 03:20:37 - 03:22:51
Item P-3
Considering the request of Pine & Palms Trailer Park Assoc. for land use amendments, Stock Island
Time: 03:22:51 - 03:23:27
Item P-4
Request filed by Lee Robert Rohe for land use amendments, Big Coppitt Key
Time: 03:23:27 - 03:24:53
Item P-5
Moratorium to prohibit the redevelopment of mobile home parks
Time: 03:24:53 - 03:28:57
Item E-7
Engineering Report
Time: 03:28:57 - 03:33:04
Item N-10
Approval of new contract with Jerry Coleman, Esq
Time: 03:50:46 - 04:08:34
Item K-6
Approval of U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement
Time: 04:08:34 - 04:17:40
Item K-2
Approval of a resolution urging the Nation Park Service to consider an Alternative E GMP for the Everglades National Park
Time: 04:17:40 - 04:18:21
Item M-2
Resolution directing staff to organize efforts to seek out and apply grants to offset the cost of County projects and expenditures
Time: 04:18:21 - 04:35:27
Item N-3
Approval of First Amendment to agreement with Greenberg Trauig, P.A. the for consulting services of Kenneth Metcalf
Time: 04:35:27 - 04:46:36
Item N-8 (1)
Utility Easement, City of Marathon Sewer
Time: 04:46:36 - 04:54:25
Time: 04:54:25 - 04:54:30