BOCC Monthly Meeting 1/19/12, Part #1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 1/19/12, Part #1
Call to Order & Pledge
Time: 00:00:07 - 00:00:52
Time: 00:00:52 - 00:07:19
1.Presentation Of Years Of Service Award For 20 Years Of Service To Monroe County To Gina Carmona, Coordinator, Correction Facilities, Public Works/Engineering Division.

2.Presentation Of Years Of Service Award For 15 Years Of Service To Monroe County To Ron Cherry, Jr., Senior Coordinator, Fleet Management, Public Works/Engineering Division.

3.Presentation Of Employee Service Award For The Month Of December, 2011, To Rhonda Haag, Sustainable Initiatives Coordinator.
Time: 00:07:19 - 00:16:58
Time: 00:19:18 - 00:27:18
Item C-18, Bulk Approvals
Approval Of Change Order #1 To Pedro Falcon Electrical Contractor's Inc. (PFEC) For Emergency Asbestos And Mold Removal At The Monroe County Courthouse In Marathon.
Time: 00:27:39 - 00:36:08
Time: 00:36:15 - 00:42:44
Item C-3, Bulk Approvals
Approval Of A Contract Between Monroe County And The Community Transportation Coordinator/Guidance/Care Center, Inc. For A Contract Period Of 01/01/2012 Through 06/30/2012.
Time: 00:43:00 - 00:43:42
Item J-2, Division of Growth Management - Discussion
Discussion And Further Direction To Staff Regarding Drafting An Ordinance Addressing Anchoring Impacts, In Association With The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Pilot Program On Anchoring And Mooring, 1) Designating Managed Anchoring Zones In Specific Geographic Locations In Keys' Waters (Sunset Cove, Boca Chica Basin, And Key West Harbor) Within Which Regulations Would Be Implemented, Including: 2) Eight Regulatory Elements Recommended By Staff.
Time: 00:43:52 - 01:38:32
Item J-2, Division of Growth Management - Discussion & Vote 1
Clarification of Managed Anchoring Zones
Time: 01:38:32 - 01:39:40
Item J-2, Division of Growth Management - Vote 2
Time: 01:39:40 - 02:00:50
Item J-2, Division of Growth Management - Vote 3
Floating Structures Issue
Time: 02:00:50 - 02:10:30
Item J-2, Division of Growth Management - Closing Discussion
Time: 02:10:31 - 02:10:55
Item C-16, Bulk Approvals
Approval To Provide $87,500 Per Year For A Two Year Period Beginning July 1, 2012 To Assist With Funding The Temporary Ferry Service Between Marathon And Pigeon Key. This Amount Represents 35% Of The Total Annual Cost Of The Ferry Service.
Time: 02:11:26 - 02:30:56
Item M-5, Commissioner Murphy
Approval For A Joint Participation With South Florida National Parks Trust, The Isaac Walton League, And The Florida Keys Environmental Fund To Provide Three Educational Trips Into The Everglades For Monroe County Students.
Time: 02:32:28 - 02:39:25
Item C-13, Bulk Approvals
Approval To Execute An Amendment And Consent To Assignment To The Existing On Call Professional Engineering Services Contract Between Monroe County And MACTEC Engineering Consulting, Inc. To Reflect A Name Change To AMEC E&I, Inc. Effective July 6, 2011 And To Assign The Contract To A Restructured Corporation Named AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.
Time: 02:39:39 - 02:41:35
Item C-24, Bulk Items
Approval To Declare The Repairs To The East End Of Runway 09-27 An Emergency; Approval To Waive The Purchasing Policies And Procedures And Accept The Proposal By ESCO Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation As A Sole Source Provider For Both The EMAS Block Materials And The Installation Required For The Repairs To The Runway Safety Area EMAS (Engineered Materials Arresting System) On The Eastern End Of Runway 09-27 At The Key West International Airport; And Approval To Authorize The Mayor To Execute Contract For Said Repairs Upon Legal Review And Approval By The County Attorney.
Time: 02:41:35 - 02:46:45
Item D-8, Tourist Development Council
Approval Of An Amendment To Agreement With Ragnar Events, LLC Covering Ragnar Relay Florida Keys In January 2012 To Clarify Allowable Expenditures.
Time: 02:46:59 - 02:51:56