BOCC Monthly Meeting 10/16/13, Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 10/16/13, Part #2
Announcement of Closed Session
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:01:48
Item L-1
Approval Of Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Â?" Outer Island Collection & Transmission System Project Changes Included In FKAA Project # 4053-12 Change Order #3. The Result Is A Net Change To The Project Of $924,843.77 Plus Added Paving Costs Of $6,011,140.28 = $6,935,954.05.
Time: 00:01:48 - 00:14:51
Item L-2
Approval Of Cudjoe Regional Advanced Wastewater Reclamation Facility (Treatment Plant) Project Changes Included In FKAA Project # 4051-12 Change Order #3. The Result Is A Net Change To The Project Of $186,580.36.
Time: 00:14:51 - 00:15:25
Item T-4
Approval Of A Resolution Approving The Top 15 Canals In Rank Order By Technology Group, As Approved By The WQPP Canal Restoration Advisory Subcommittee, And Authorizing Negotiations In Rank Order With The Canal Homeowners For A Period Not To Exceed Ninety (90) Days, Until Five (5) Demonstration Sites Are Finalized, Written Homeowner Approval Has Been Received, And The Projects Are Ready For Final Approval By The Canal Restoration Advisory Subcommittee To Ensure Full Restoration, And To Allow Restoration Of Two (2) Canals Using The Organic Removal Technique, One Of Which Will Be Combined With Another Restoration Technique Due To Project Ranking Scores.
Time: 00:15:25 - 00:55:07
Item T-5
Approval To Negotiate A Contract With Erin Deady, LLC As The Highest Ranked Respondent To The Request For Proposals (RFP) For Development Of A Sustainability Action Plan With Climate Change And Energy Savings Initiatives, Including Proposed Optional Services. If Satisfactory Negotiations Cannot Be Reached, Approval Requested To Negotiate With The Next Highest Ranked Respondent Until A Successful Negotiation Can Be Reached.
Time: 00:55:07 - 01:26:54
Item T-6
Discussion And Direction On The Waste Management Program And Related Contracts.
Time: 01:26:54 - 02:56:40
Item T-3
Approval To Amend The Contract With The Redman Consulting Group, Inc. For Consulting Services Related To The Solid Waste Contracts, By Executing Amendment No.2 For A Retroactive 90 Day Extension From September 19, 2013 At No Cost To The County.
Time: 02:56:40 - 02:59:10
Item J-3
Discussion Regarding Coordination With Coastal Resources Group (CRG) To Assist In The Development Of A Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) For The Keys Restoration Fund In-Lieu Fee Program To Meet State Mitigation Requirements For The Operation Of A Regional Offsite Mitigation Area.
Time: 02:59:32 - 03:01:44
Item J-1
Update On The United States Navy's Atlantic Fleet Training And Testing Final Environmental Impact Statement (AFTT FEIS) And The Navy's Selection Of Alternative 2 As The Preferred Alternative.
Time: 03:01:44 - 03:05:41
Item C-24 & C-25
C-24, Approval Of A Lease Agreement With The State Of Florida Department Of Health, Monroe County Health Department, To Provide Continued Office Space At The Gato Building, 1100 Simonton Street, Key West, FL.

C-25, Approval Of A Lease Agreement With The State Of Florida Department Of Health, Monroe County Health Department, To Provide Continued 1325 Sq. Ft. Of Office Space At The Murray E. Nelson Government And Cultural, 102050 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL.
Time: 03:05:41 - 03:08:40
Item V-1
A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance By The Monroe County Board Of County Commissioners Amending Monroe County Code §101-1, Definitions, To Revise The Definition Of Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) To Be Consistent With The Federal Coastal Barrier Resources Act; Amending §130-122, Coastal Barrier Resources System Overlay District To Distinguish Between Federal And County Purposes; Revising The Application Of The CBRS Overlay District To Be Consistent With CBRS Objectives And Policies Of The Monroe County Year 2010 Comprehensive Plan. (Legislative Proceeding)
Time: 03:08:40 - 03:30:01
Item V-2
A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance By The Monroe County Board Of County Commissioners Amending Monroe County Code Chapter 122 Floodplain Regulations, Amending Section 122-2(B)3 Providing A New Date For Revised Species Assessment Guides For Floodplain Development Permit Determinations In The Permit Referral Process. (Legislative Proceeding)
Time: 03:30:01 - 03:30:51
Item V-3
A Public Hearing To Consider Approval Of An Ordinance Amending Section 4-76 Of The Monroe County Code Providing Regulations Relating To The Keeping Of Horses And Other Livestock In Monroe County.
Time: 03:30:51 - 03:31:46
Item C-13
Approval To Confer With Roofing By Ruff, Inc., The Lowest Respondent To A RFP For Roof Repairs, On The East Martello Tower To Determine If They Qualify To Do The Work And Approval To Negotiate Contract With Either The Roofing By Ruff, Inc. Or The Next Lowest Respondent. The Contract Will Be Brought Back To The BOCC For Approval In November 2013.
Time: 03:31:46 - 03:32:26
Item C-43 & Item C-44
Item C-43, Approval Of Agreements With Monroe Council Of The Arts Corporation D/B/A Florida Keys Council Of The Arts And The Historic Florida Keys Foundation, Inc. For BOCC Direct Line-Item Funding.

Item C-44, Approval Of Agreements With Guidance Care Center For The Jail In-House Program, The Baker Act Transportation Services And Community Transportation For The Disadvantaged And The Substance Abuse Mental Health Local Match Funding For FY 2014.
Time: 03:32:26 - 03:33:42
Item E-5
Public works Staff Report
Time: 03:33:42 - 03:35:16
Item E-5
Staff Reports, Growth Management
Time: 03:35:16 - 03:37:42
Item E-5
Time: 03:37:42 - 03:50:14
Item I-2
Approval Of A Resolution Setting November 20, 2013, 3:00 P.M. At The Murray Nelson Government Center, Key Largo For A Public Hearing For A Proposed Abandonment Of A Portion Of The Right-Of-Way Of Pompano Drive That Is Adjacent To Lots 19 And 20, Block 11 Anglers Park, Key Largo And To A Previously Vacated Section Of Pompano Drive.
Time: 03:50:14 - 03:57:50
Item M-1
Approval To Purchase Additional X-Ray Inspection System For Freeman Justice Center As Part Of The Lobby Expansion Project.
Time: 03:57:50 - 03:58:15
Item R-2
With Construction Of The Cudjoe Regional There Will Be An Added Demand For Permits Within The Lower Keys, I Would Therefore Request The County Administrator And Staff Locate A Building, To Accommodate The Residents, West Of The 7 Mile Bridge. The Driving Distance, At A Minimum, To Marathon And Back Is Close To 40 Miles. I Would Also Suggest Public Works Be Located To Somewhere East Of Rockland Key. It Is Long Overdue To Provide Services Within The Unincorporated Areas Of Monroe County.
Time: 03:58:15 - 04:04:13
Item R-3
Consideration Of A Motion To Reconsider The Vote Approving Agenda Item Q2 On Sept. 17, 2013 BOCC Approving An Amendment To Sections 2-346 & 2-347 Of The Monroe County Code.
Time: 04:04:13 - 04:11:56
Item R-4
Authorize staff to work with Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) to obtain required/available data including building/structural information from County records and authorize county staff to request data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), within legal parameters related to privacy issues in support of the Wind Risk Analysis currently being undertaken by FIRM.
Time: 04:12:04 - 04:12:36
Item T-1
Time: 04:12:36 - 04:13:49
Item T-9
Approval To Enter Into An Agreement For Sale And Purchase Of The Property Known As Rowell's Marina. This Proposed Agreement For Sale And Purchase Is Provided To The County By The Sellers, And Provides For A Due Diligence Period For County To Assess For The Presence Of Hazardous Materials, Determine Business Plan For Property, And Examine Title. The Amount Of The Sale Is $5,000,000. The Closing Date, Barring Any Contingencies, Is January 31, 2014.
Time: 04:13:49 - 04:24:13
Item T-10
Approval Of A Method For Awarding Salary Increases Based Upon A Merit Pay Increase Program.
Time: 04:24:13 - 04:25:53
Item U-1
Time: 04:25:53 - 04:27:20
Time: 04:27:20 - 04:27:37