BOCC 1/28/09 #2
Full Agenda: [none]
Item I-1
Report to update the status of Wastewater projects through December 2008.
Time: 00:05:15 - 00:23:59
Item I-2
Approval to execute Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Grant Agreement for $100,000.
Time: 00:23:59 - 00:24:19
Item I-3
Discussion and approval of 2009 update to Monroe County Sanitary Wastewater Master Plan that delineates boundaries of the Cudjoe Regional centralized wastewater treatment system.
Time: 00:24:19 - 01:01:32
Time: 01:01:32 - 01:01:52
Item P-1
A public hearing to consider adoption of an Ordinance adopting a new Code of Ordinances (re-codification of existing Monroe County Code) for Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 01:25:59 - 01:26:55
Item O-2
Direction re RFP for air ambulance services.
Time: 01:26:55 - 02:08:16
Item L-2
Discussion by the Board of County Commissioners regarding future policy on the naming of public buildings.
Time: 02:18:30 - 02:35:47
Item L-16
Discussion and direction regarding current status of County insurance issues.
Time: 02:35:47 - 02:54:46
Item H-4
Direction is requested from the Board of County Commissioners concerning Ordinance 023-2008 pertaining to gross acreage density calculations for affordable, employee and workforce housing; which amends the text of the Year 2010 Comprehensive Plan to allow maximum net density calculations for affordable, employee, and workforce housing to be calculated on a gross acreage basis while retaining open space, setback and buffering requirements.
Time: 02:54:46 - 03:05:32
Item K-1
Approval of a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Florida approving a revision to the Local Housing Assistance Plan, Homebuyer Assistance Strategy and providing for an effective date.
Time: 03:05:32 - 03:14:52
Item L-1
Discussion of Florida Keys Commercial Fisherman request of support from the Board of County Commissioners on their request of waiving of Spiny Lobster Tag Fee for 2009 from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission.
Time: 03:14:52 - 03:19:49
Item L-9
Discussion regarding alternating the order of roll call voting at BOCC meetings.
Time: 03:19:49 - 03:26:28
Item L-11
iscussion concerning staff review of FDOT plans for Big Coppitt to ensure that traffic patterns are safe and adequate to accommodate current traffic levels and potential additional trips resulting from the two new Habitat for Humanity affordable housing developments, a potential Coconut Cove development in Big Coppitt and the additional Habitat development planned for Cudjoe. Designate staff responsible for review and establish timetable to update the Board as to staff findings and action taken.
Time: 03:26:28 - 03:31:43
Item L-13
Discussion and direction regarding recycling in County-owned buildings and possible recycling initiatives in conjunction with waste removal contracts Countywide.
Time: 03:31:43 - 03:36:16
Item L-14
Discussion and direction regarding County highway sign policy and coordination with FDOT requirements.
Time: 03:36:16 - 04:15:29
Item L-17
Discussion and Board authorization of a written request to FEMA introducing Resolution #513-2008 and requesting a meeting following the next BOCC Regular meeting on February 18, 2009. Letter from BOCC will be accompanied by letters of support from Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and State Representative Ron Saunders. County staff is asked to compile revised implementation options and work with interested parties, as per the aforementioned resolution, for BOCC approval to propose to FEMA by the next BOCC meeting. A formal meeting with FEMA will not occur until that time.
Time: 04:15:29 - 04:21:27
Item M-6
Consideration by the Board to rescind the approval of an Interlocal Agreement between Monroe County, and the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, and the municipalities of Key West, Islamorada, Layton, Key Colony Beach and Marathon for multi-jurisdictional coordination and cooperation regarding water supply, use and reuse and alternative water supplies.
Time: 04:21:27 - 04:22:37
Item N-1
County Administrator Report
Time: 04:22:37 - 04:24:01
Item N-4
Discussion and approval of one appointment to the Historic Preservation Commission.
Time: 04:24:01 - 04:24:53
Item N-7
Approval to move forward on the County Administrator's Strategic Planning Initiative.
Time: 04:24:53 - 04:28:33
Item N-9
Discussion and direction to staff regarding Federal & State lobbying efforts.
Time: 04:28:33 - 04:31:38
Item N-10
Approval/confirmation of Administrator's appointment of James Callahan as Monroe County Fire Chief/Division Director.
Time: 04:31:38 - 04:44:41
Item N-11
Discussion and direction of potential regionalization of Fire Rescue services.
Time: 04:44:41 - 04:47:02
Item O-1
County Attorney Report
Time: 04:47:02 - 04:53:07
Item O-3
Approval to advertise a public hearing for an Ordinance to impose a five-cent local option motor fuel ("gas") tax; to clarify the statutory authority for the existing six-cent "gas" tax, and to revise the distribution language for the existing "gas" tax since municipalities have incorporated since the prior ordinance was enacted.
Time: 04:53:07 - 04:56:00
Item O-6
Request by property owner Michael Cristler for further mitigation of fines in Code Enforcement Case CE05050056.
Time: 04:56:00 - 05:10:18
Item O-11
Request by property owner HSBC Bank USA for mitigation of fines in Code Enforcement Cases CE07060155 and CE07070042 to $5,300.00.
Time: 05:10:18 - 05:11:48
Item O-13
Direction as to the number of EDU's or units to be exempted from system development charges of Key Largo Wastewater District (KLWTD) for Burton Drive Affordable Housing Project.
Time: 05:11:48 - 05:16:16
Item O-5
Approval of Seventh Amended Settlement Agreement in Richard M. Osborne & Conch Contrada LC v. Monroe County & Joe Paskalik, CA K 01-108.
Time: 05:16:16 - 05:18:25
Item O-16
Approval to advertise a public hearing for the purpose of adopting and implementing a Monroe County False Claims Ordinance to deter persons from causing Monroe County to pay claims that are false, fraudulent or inflated and providing enforcement and providing penalties including damages for the submission of false claims to the county.
Time: 05:18:25 - 05:20:45
Time: 05:20:45 - 05:22:21