BOCC Monthly Meeting 9/17/14, Part #2
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BOCC Monthly Meeting 9/17/14, Part #2
Item P-5
Authorization to initiate litigation against Ray W. Thompson, Jr. and Robert C. Thompson and their property located at 118 Buttonwood Avenue, Key Largo, Florida to seek compliance with the County Code and enforce a lien arising from code compliance case number CE1211065.
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:13:04
Item M-3
COMMISSIONER CARRUTHERS - Approval of a resolution supporting legislation that would authorize members of local government advisory committees to use communications media technology to attend committee meetings.
Time: 00:13:38 - 00:18:24
Item O-1
Time: 00:18:24 - 00:27:00
Item P-1
Time: 00:27:00 - 00:30:24
Item Q-1
Public Hearing regarding the issuance of a Class B Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN) to Florida Keys Ambulance Service, Inc. (FKAS) for the operation of a non-emergency medical transportation service for the period September 17, 2014 to September 16, 2016.
Time: 00:30:24 - 00:31:32
Item Q-2
A public hearing to consider a final plat submittal by Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Keys, on behalf of Monroe County being a replat of a portion of Block 3, Mandalay Subdivision, Plat Book 1, Page 194 of the public records of Monroe County, Florida located within Section 6, Township 62 South, Range 39 East, Monroe County Florida.
Time: 00:31:32 - 00:32:13
Item Q-3
A public hearing to consider a resolution transmitting to the State Land Planning Agency an ordinance by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners amending the Monroe County 2010 Comprehensive Plan by creating Policy 202.8.6 to allow the implementation of canal restoration pilot projects by public entities (County, State or Federal) which include the removal of organic material by vacuum dredge from artificial canals characterized as having poor or fair water quality within the 2013 Monroe County Canal Management Master Plan to depths greater than minus six (-6) feet mean low water. (Legislative Proceeding)
Time: 00:32:13 - 00:53:40
Item Q-4
A public hearing to approve an ordinance of the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners amending Section 25-2 of the Monroe County Code; Providing for 10 MPH speed limit in designated areas on Duck Key.
Time: 00:53:40 - 00:54:05
Item Q-5
A public hearing to consider an ordinance of the Board of County Commissioners creating Section 22-127., Chapter 22. Special Districts in the Monroe County Code readopting Ordinance 005-1992 (creating the Duck Key Security District), as amended by Ordinance No. 012-1994 and Ordinance No. 041-1994; amending Section 5. of Ordinance 005-1992; providing for term limits of advisory board members and officers, providing for meeting frequency and attendance requirements and providing for codification in the Monroe County Code.
Time: 00:54:05 - 00:55:36
Time: 00:55:36 - 00:55:49