BOCC Monthly Meeting 2/15/12, Part #1
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BOCC Monthly Meeting 2/15/12, Part #1
Call To Order
Time: 00:00:16 - 00:00:53
Time: 00:00:53 - 00:03:57
1.Mayor's Proclamation declaring the month of March 2012 as American Red Cross Month in Monroe County.

2.Mayor's Proclamation declaring the week of February 12-18, 2012 as Mariners Hospital Week in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the hospital.
Time: 00:03:57 - 00:10:10
Introduction of Jerry Smith as acting building official
Time: 00:10:41 - 00:14:54
Bulk Items - Commissioner Murphy
Time: 00:14:54 - 00:19:32
1.Approval of the minutes for the January 19, 2012 meeting

2.Approval of a subordination agreement to allow the Housing Authority of the City of Key West to refinance the existing mortgage for Roosevelt Gardens Apartments.

3.Approval to add Block 2, Lot 32, Harris Ocean Park Estates, Key Largo to the Acquisition List.

4.Approval of contracts to purchase property for conservation.

a.Block 2, Lots 32 and 33, Harris Ocean Park Estates, Key Largo
b.Block 9, Lot 11, Harris Ocean Park Estates First Addition, Key Largo
c.Block 14, Lots 1-3, Sunset Cove and Block 4, Lot 12, Bay Haven Section 1, Key Largo
d.Block 45, Lot 14 and Block 56, Lot 11, Sands, Big Pine Key
e.Block 28, Lots 12-14, Sands, Big Pine Key
Time: 00:19:40 - 00:28:42
Item C-2, Bulk Approvals
Approval to enter into a Schedule for the Purchase of Equipment and/or Service with AT & T for a Dedicated Maintenance Technician and maintenance charges for associated telephone networking equipment as shown in quote #321308439.
Time: 00:29:16 - 00:36:18
Item C-4, Bulk Approvals
Approval to advertise a Public Hearing for a Budget Amendment for One Cent Infrastructure Sales tax Fund 304, 2007 Revenue Bond Fund 308, and Duck Key Wastewater Project Fund 311.
Time: 00:36:18 - 00:38:30
Item C-6, Bulk Approvals
Approval of Assignment and Assumption Agreement of Contract and Consent of Monroe County Board of County Commissioners.
Time: 00:38:30 - 00:39:17
Item C-8, Bulk Approvals
Approval of an amendment between the Monroe County Community Transportation Coordinator/Guidance Care Center, Inc. and the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners for contract period of 1/01/2012 through 06/30/2012
Time: 00:39:17 - 00:39:46
Item C-12, Bulk Approvals
Approval of Modification #3 to extend expiration date from April 30, 2007 to December 31, 2012 of the agreement with American Coach Lines of Miami Inc. (ACL), to provide additional emergency transportation services to Monroe County residents, guests, workforce and their appropriately caged or crated pets during the evacuation, re-entry and recovery phase of an emergency as determined by Monroe County Emergency Management, and authorization for the County Administrator to execute any other required documentation.
Time: 00:39:46 - 00:41:08
Item C-15, Bulk Approvals
Approval to award bid and execute a contract with Master Mechanical Services, Inc. for Upper Keys facilities central air conditioning requested maintenance and repair.
Time: 00:41:08 - 00:42:08
Item C-19, Bulk Approvals
Approval of USA Parking System, Inc. budget for parking lot management for the Key West International Airport, for the period December 1, 2011 through November 30, 2012
Time: 00:42:08 - 00:45:45
Item C-28, Bulk Approvals
Approval of a contract with D.L. Porter Constructor's, Inc. for the purchase and installation of Higgs Beach Playground Equipment and Perimeter Fencing. This contract is fully funded by TDC as increased at their DAC meeting on January 25, 2012.
Time: 00:46:11 - 00:46:43
Item D-8 & D-9, Tourist Development Council
8. Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District I Advisory Committee for an "At Large" appointment.

9. Announcement of two vacant positions on the Tourist Development Council District IV Advisory Committee for two "At Large" appointments.
Time: 00:46:43 - 00:47:02
Item E-6, Staff Reports - Growth Management
Time: 00:47:02 - 00:49:25
Item G-1, Project Management
Discussion and approval to request the lowest cost responder to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Upper Keys and Middle Keys ADA Compliance to submit documents omitted from its proposal after the fact, or to reject their bid in accordance with the Instruction to Proposers Article 6.3 (attached) and consider the next lowest responder.
Time: 00:49:25 - 01:02:50
Item H-1, Engineering
Discussion and direction on proceeding with funding, design and construction of bike lanes on CR 905 from MM 106 in Key Largo to Ocean Reef.
Time: 01:02:54 - 01:07:08
Item K-1, Growth Management
Update on FEMA Pilot extension letter dated December 29, 2011 and Monroe County staff response letter dated January 25, 2012.
Time: 01:07:20 - 01:09:08
Item P-1, County Administrator Report
Time: 01:09:08 - 01:29:13
Item Q-1, County Attorney Report
Time: 01:29:17 - 01:40:31
Request to add BOCC minutes to county website
Time: 01:40:31 - 01:42:11
Item Q-4, County Attorney
Approval of Fourth Amendment to Agreement Dated March 15, 2006 between Monroe County and Ira Libanoff, Esq.
Time: 01:42:11 - 01:42:51