Monroe County Commission Meeting, 2/16/11, Part 2
Full Agenda: [none]
Monroe County Commission Meeting, 2/16/11, Part 2
Item E-5, Staff Report
Project Management - Discussion about Stock Island waste water project.
Time: 00:00:04 - 00:39:16
Item K-9, Commissioner Item
COMMISSIONER WIGINGTON - Discussion and possible direction to staff regarding measures to provide additional protections for County-owned conservation lands.
Time: 00:39:16 - 01:08:22
Item M-1, County Administrator Report
Time: 01:08:22 - 01:37:49
Item O-1, Public Hearing
Public Hearing regarding the Issuance of Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN) to LifeStar Response of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Care Ambulance for the operation of an ALS transport ambulance service for the period February 16, 2011 through February 15, 2013.
Time: 01:37:49 - 01:38:29
Item O-2, Public Hearing
A public hearing to consider an Ordinance by the BOCC amending Monroe County Code Section 101-1, Definitions, and Section 130-87, Maximum Height, to provide consistency between regulations regarding height in the land development code and policies regarding height in the comprehensive plan and to provide consistency between the definitions of height and grade in the land development code.
Time: 01:38:29 - 01:39:30
Item M-4, County Administrator
Approval of corrected Public Official Bonds for James R. Bridges, and Richard F. Rudell, Mosquito Control due to date ending scriveners error.
Time: 01:39:30 - 01:40:31
Item N-7 & N-6, County Attorney
N-7: Request for approval to appeal the injunction order.
N-6: Notice of closed session
Time: 01:40:48 - 01:45:23
Item M-5, County Administrator
Discussion and direction to staff on how to proceed with implementation of the Fish and Wildlife Biological Opinion dated April 30, 2010 FWS Biological Opinion, as amended December 14, 2010.
Time: 01:45:23 - 01:46:53
Commissioner Neugent Discussion
Discussion concerning property tax & operational tax.
Time: 01:47:09 - 01:58:06
Item M-7, County Administrator
Approval to waive all fees currently charged to use the theater at the Murray E. Nelson Government and Cultural Center for up to one year.
Time: 01:58:06 - 02:21:23
Item N-1, County Attorney Report
Time: 02:21:23 - 02:25:20
Open Discussion
Time: 02:25:20 - 02:32:45