BOCC Monthly Meeting 8/20/08 Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
Item O-8
Update from Susan Hammaker, Chairman of the Florida Keys Wastewater Assistance Foundation, Inc.
Time: 00:00:30 - 00:18:45
Item S-1
A Public Hearing to consider approval of an ordinance amending Section 2-332(A), Monroe County Code restricting the Art in Public Places funding element of public construction and renovation projects to buildings open to the public for daily conduct of business with the County effective August 20, 2008.
Time: 00:18:45 - 00:38:09
Item S-2
A public hearing to consider a resolution, at the request of Key Haven Estates, LLC granting approval of a final plat for the subdivision of land into 43 residential lots and two commercial tracts to be known as Key Haven Estates, which is a replat of Key Haven 4th Addition Lots 19-23, 9th Addition Lots 3-8 and 11-24, and Enchanted Island Lots 39-44, 63-72 and 77-83, located within Sections 25 and 26, Township 67, Range 25 East, Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 00:38:09 - 00:56:17
Item S-3
A public hearing to consider a request for Administrative Relief for Bernard P. Dreas on Lot 19, Block 9, Bahia Mar Estates, Key Largo, Real Estate Number 00545030.000000.
Time: 00:56:17 - 00:57:09
Item S-4
A public hearing to consider a request for Administrative Relief for James & Karen Hoefert on Lot 26, Block 3, Ocean Park Village, Key Largo, Real Estate Number 00446040.000000.
Time: 00:57:09 - 01:05:22
Item S-5
A public hearing to consider a request for Administrative Relief for Andrew M. Tobin on Lot 7, Block 8, Largo Beach, Key Largo, Real Estate Number 00477860.000000.
Time: 01:05:22 - 01:07:04
Items S-6 - S-15
Items S-6 through S-15
Time: 01:07:04 - 01:09:19
Item S-16
A public hearing to consider an ordinance, at the request of Planning and Environmental Resources Staff, to amend the Monroe County Code Section 9.5-122.4(d) and Section 9.5-124.8(a)(3) to allow credit for habitat mitigation on lots dedicated for positive point values on No Name and Big Pine Keys, and to adopt a new Section 9.5-350 establishing mitigation requirements for habitat conservation on No Name and Big Pine Keys. (Staff is requesting that this item be withdrawn from the Agenda)
Time: 01:09:19 - 01:11:58
Item S-17
A public hearing to consider an ordinance by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners amending the Land Development Regulations by adding Section 9.5-266.1 "Affordable Housing Incentive Program," providing a program dealing with mobile homes.
Time: 01:11:58 - 01:14:01
Item S-18
A public hearing to consider an ordinance by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners amending the Land Development Regulations Section 9.5-266(b)(5)c.3 to increase the deed-restriction period for inclusionary housing to 99 years; and Section 9.5-266(b)(5)c.7 to eliminate the average size requirement, while maintaining the minimum size requirement for inclusionary housing units.
Time: 01:14:01 - 01:14:58
Item H-3
Discussion and approval to use $1,800,000 of District 3 Transportation Impact Fees as matching funds for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Card Sound Road/CR905 Intersection Conversion Construction Project.
Time: 01:14:58 - 01:28:54
Item O-7
Approval of a resolution requesting the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) revise the five-year program as it pertains to milling and resurfacing of US Highway 1 from Mile Marker 93 to 106 reducing the proposed north bound shoulder total width to no more than four (4) feet or matching that of the south bound proposal.
Time: 01:28:54 - 03:00:17
Item T-1
A Public Hearing to consider approval of a resolution for a Budget Amendment for Fiscal Year 2008 Marathon MSTU Fund 166, One Cent Infrastructure Sales Tax Fund 304, 2003 Revenue Bonds Fund 307 and Duck Key Wastewater Fund 311.
Time: 03:00:47 - 03:02:16
Item E-9
Time: 03:02:16 - 03:54:41
Item Q-4
Approval of request for Proposals to perform audit of County's Property, Casualty and Health & Welfare Benefits Insurance Programs.
Time: 03:54:41 - 03:58:34
Item H-2
Approval to send letter to State of Florida confirming that EOC will be dedicated to emergency management for 15 years.
Time: 03:58:34 - 04:00:51
Item I-1
Discussion and approval to pursue, in coordination with OMB and County Attorney's Office, Energy Savings Performance Contracting for certain County facilities, including issuance of RFQ if deemed appropriate.
Time: 04:00:51 - 04:12:10
Item M-12
Acceptance of two (2) market rate ROGO allocations and eight (8) transient residential allocations from Ocean Key Associates.
Time: 04:12:10 - 04:12:28
Item M-17
Approval of Agreement for Expert Witness and Consulting Services with FEMA Law Associates, PLLC.
Time: 04:12:28 - 04:13:36
Item M-18
Approval of a resolution proposed by the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee members, in their individual capacity, for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners, reinstating the position of Affordable Housing Coordinator in the 2008-09 Monroe County Budget under the Division of Growth Management to be staffed by the person who formerly held that position.
Time: 04:13:36 - 04:19:38
Item O-2
Approval of the appointment of Donna Windle to the newly formed Board Green Building Code Task Force.
Time: 04:19:38 - 04:20:59
Item O-3
Approval of the reappointment of Donna Windle to the Monroe County Planning Commission.
Time: 04:20:59 - 04:23:45
Item M-3
Approval of a resolution by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners deferring the removal of Australian Pines located at "Pines Park" situated to the south of Key West International Airport.
Time: 04:23:45 - 04:24:36
Item M-7
Approval to rescind Grant of Easement previously approved and approval of revised version of Grant of Easement to Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc., d/b/a AT&T Florida on the Islander Village workforce housing development property for communications purposes
Time: 04:24:36 - 04:26:26
Item M-15
Approval of a resolution by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners supporting the action of the Mayor in transmitting the Monroe County Area of Critical State Concern De-designation report as required by Florida Statutes to the Department of Community Affairs.
Time: 04:26:26 - 04:28:29
Item O-13
Discussion: In light of the facts that find Monroe County in a not ready to proceed position for wastewater infrastructure implementation (with the potential appropriation of 50 million dollars from the State in the Lower Keys Area) I would propose we delay/ postpone the following projects: Rockland Key/ Public Works and the Stock Island Fire Station projects. This would give Monroe County approximately 9 million dollars to compensate for the recently recognized shortfall of 3.4 million dollars for the Duck Key Project while allowing us to move forward on the Cudjoe Key (expanded) Regional Wastewater System project.
Time: 04:28:29 - 04:30:32
Item P-6
Selection of a citizen member to serve on the Value Adjustment Board. There are four applicants, who qualify, for this appointment: Robert Holtry, Pauline Klein, John Repetto and Curtis Barlow
Time: 04:30:32 - 04:33:54
Item P-7
Selection of three Commissioners to serve on the 2008 Value Adjustment Board (2 appointments with 1 alternate).
Time: 04:33:54 - 04:35:27
Item Q-1
Report (Monthly Activity Report included)
Time: 04:35:27 - 04:35:54
Item Q-2
Approval of moving the regular scheduled September 17, 2008 BOCC Meeting location from the Marathon Government Center to Key West, Harvey Government Center and to reschedule the second Special Budget Meeting from September 17, 2008 to Monday, September 15, 2008, 5:00 P.M. at the Marathon Government Center.
Time: 04:35:54 - 04:38:06
Item Q-3
Approval of Second Amendment to Professional Services Agreement between Robert Reyes of Floridian Partners, LLC and Monroe County for continuing Strategic Governmental Consulting Services extending the original Agreement with the same terms and conditions for an additional one-year term retroactive to July 18, 2008.
Time: 04:38:06 - 04:40:57
Item Q-5
Approval of resolution repealing the approval of resolution 415-2005 regarding compensation for public response work.
Time: 04:40:57 - 04:54:37
Item R-7
Authorization to institute collection proceedings and/or enter settlement negotiations with John Pozzi and John Pozzi, Jr. in Code Enforcement Case CE05020257
Time: 04:54:37 - 04:59:19
Item O-17
Discussion regarding future plans for previous Key West County Court facilities building(s) once the Freeman Justice Center is opened.
Time: 04:59:19 - 04:59:42
Item O-18
Approval of a Resolution censuring a County Commissioner and directing staff to draft a proposed policy for future infractions of County policy by a County Commissioner.
Time: 04:59:42 - 05:01:39
Time: 05:01:39 - 05:01:53