BOCC Monthly Meeting 11/16/11, Part #1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 11/16/11, Part #1
Item A, Presentation to Mayor Carruthers
Time: 00:00:51 - 00:03:07
Item C-1, Commission Organization
Selection of the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem of the Commission.
Time: 00:03:07 - 00:06:09
Mayor Rice -
Statements of The New Mayor
Time: 00:06:10 - 00:09:29
Item B, Comments from Commissioners
Time: 00:09:34 - 00:10:57
Item C-2, Commission Organization
Approval of a Resolution electing the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem for the Board of County Commissioners.
Time: 00:10:57 - 00:11:13
Item C-3, Commission Organization
Approval of a Resolution authorizing the Mayor and Clerk of the Board to sign all warrants, legal documents and any other necessary papers and documents; and stating that the presently authorized signatures validating County checks are hereby continued for sixty days from this date in order to meet payroll and other necessary obligations.
Time: 00:11:13 - 00:11:41
Time: 00:11:41 - 00:15:03
E.1-6 Presentation of Awards
1. Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring November 13-19, 2011 as Take Stock in Children week in Monroe County.

2.Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring November 2011 as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in Monroe County.

3.Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring Sunday, December 11, 2011 as Children's Memorial Day in Monroe County.

4.Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring January 2012 as Flagler Centennial Celebration Month in Monroe County.

5.Presentation of Mayor's Proclamation declaring Frieda Feldman as Poet Laureate of Key Largo.

6.Honorary Conch Certificate Presentation, Roman Gastesi Jr., County Administrator
Time: 00:15:56 - 00:32:37
Item F, Bulk Approvals
Time: 00:33:07 - 00:38:36
Item P-15, County Administrator
Update on the 3rd Annual Florida Keys Day to be held February 29, 2012 in Tallahassee, FL - Holly Raschein, Senior Legislative Assistant to State Representative Ron Saunders.
Time: 00:39:34 - 00:43:25
Item P-17, County Administrator
Update on the white fly situation - Kim Gabel, Horticulture Agent, Monroe County Extension Services.
Time: 00:44:00 - 01:06:33
Item F-2, Bulk Approvals
Approval to advertise for and hire a database administrator to perform complex maintenance tasks on all County database application servers including installation, upgrades, backup and restores, performance tuning and monitoring, etc.
Time: 01:06:58 - 01:14:15
Item F-3, Bulk Approvals
Approval to purchase three HDX 7000 Polycom video conferencing cameras, Multipoint software, 25 desktop licenses, 42" NEC LCD Flat Panel Displays and mobile carts from BT Conferencing Video, Inc. as shown on quote #106762.01 with pricing from FL State Contract #880-000-09-1, to implement video conferencing in Key West, Marathon and Key Largo.
Time: 01:14:15 - 01:15:35
Item F-4, Bulk Approvals
Approval of Amendment 001 to the Community Living Program (CLP) Contract CLP-MCSS-II between the Alliance for Aging, Inc. (Area Agency on Aging for Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties) and the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (Social Services/In-Home Services) for fiscal period 1/1/11 to 12/31/11.
Time: 01:15:35 - 01:16:51
Item F-9, Bulk Approvals
Approval of Artist Loan Agreement with The Sculpture Foundation for the sculpture "New Friends" at the Key West International Airport.
Time: 01:16:55 - 01:19:21
Item F-14, Bulk Approvals
Approval to advertise for a Senior Project Manager position with Project Management.
Time: 01:19:21 - 01:21:42
Item F-19, Bulk Approvals
Approval of a contract for the loan of a sculpture by Mr. Dennis Beebe and display of said sculpture at Higgs Beach for a period of one year.
Time: 01:21:42 - 01:26:39
Item F-32-35, Bulk Approvals - Rice Recuse
Time: 01:26:39 - 01:27:39
Item F-37, Bulk Items
Approval of a Resolution establishing an Employee Suggestion Program for employees to contribute suggestions that will enhance the effectiveness of the County in terms of cost savings and improved services.
Time: 01:27:58 - 01:35:32
Item F-38, Bulk Items
Approval of changes to the Monroe County Personnel Policies and Procedure Manual as recommended by the Policies and Procedures Committee.
Time: 01:36:49 - 01:46:59
Item F-40, Bulk Items
Engineering Contract - No Name Key
Time: 01:46:59 - 01:50:02
Item K.1-3, Bulk Approvals - Continued
Time: 01:50:15 - 01:51:13
Item K-8, Bulk Approvals
Approval to advertise a public hearing to consider adoption of an Ordinance amending the Monroe County Code related to the definition of unsafe physical criteria of structures, buildings sites or use according to the Building Code; notification to occur prior to enforcement; and eliminating the four (4) year bar of prosecution for unsafe structures, buildings or sites, as newly defined.
Time: 01:51:18 - 01:57:23
Item L-2, Growth Management
2. Discussion of FEMA response letter related to County proposed amendment of flood plain ordinance in light of recent state legislation (House Bill 407) that pre-empts a provision of the County Code that requires a homeowner to submit to an inspection when applying for a permit on a portion of the property unrelated to the downstairs enclosures (that may be illegal based on flood plain requirements) and replacing it with a Certificate of Compliance Program.
Time: 01:57:51 - 02:03:27
Item L-3, Growth Management
Discussion of the status of the Development Agreement between the County and Key Largo Ocean Resort Co-Op, Inc. (KLOR) and the status of the Major Conditional Use Amendment
Time: 02:03:27 - 02:06:28
Item L-4, Growth Management
Discussion of and direction regarding October 31, 2011 - 2011 Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern Annual Report.
Time: 02:06:28 - 02:39:39
Item L-5, Growth Management
Discussion of potential options to revise the protest procedure in LDR Section 102-158(d)(6) and direction on how to proceed to update the protest procedure, if deemed necessary.
Time: 02:39:39 - 03:12:21