BOCC Monthly Meeting 4/17/13, Part #1
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BOCC Monthly Meeting 4/17/13, Part #1
Time: 00:00:34 - 00:00:39
Time: 00:00:39 - 00:03:55
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Time: 00:11:03 - 00:17:12
Item M-1
Request support of the Board of Commissioners with the Florida National Marine Sanctuary for a project to restore channel and bank habitats in the Florida Keys as proposed by Bone fish and Tarpon Trust in partnership with CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc.
Time: 00:17:12 - 00:19:26
Time: 00:19:26 - 00:21:39
Item C-2
Approval of a memorandum of agreement between the American Humane Association and Monroe County Board of County Commissioners to provide animal sheltering assistance, to help with care for animal victims of disasters both natural and manmade, and to provide preparedness training to first responders and animal care agencies, at no cost to the county; and authorization for the County Administrator to execute any other required documentation in relation to the application process.
Time: 00:21:39 - 00:23:22
Item C-4
Approval to extend the existing contract with Keys Security Inc. on a month to month basis, with the same rate of $16.00 per hour, and approval to advertise for sealed bids for security patrols and services to the Duck Key Security District.
Time: 00:23:22 - 00:24:36
Item C-5
Approval of a resolution to amend the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual to allow staff to establish Emergency Disaster positions on a year to year basis without the prior approval of the BOCC.
Time: 00:24:36 - 00:33:58
Item E-7
Time: 00:33:58 - 00:55:11
Item C-2 (continued)
Time: 00:55:11 - 00:58:04
Item I-1
Report of 12 month savings on health plan expenses and potential future costs resulting from Health Care Reform.
Time: 00:58:04 - 01:43:55
Item L-1
Discussion and approval to provide $87,500 for the one year period beginning July 1, 2013 to assist with funding the Temporary Ferry Service between Marathon and Pigeon Key. This amount represents 37.8% of the total annual cost of the ferry service.
Time: 01:43:55 - 01:46:32
Item C-22
Approval by resolution of Amendment One to the Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to increase the total contract amount by $125,000 to fund operation of the Pigeon Key Ferry through June 2014.
Time: 01:46:32 - 01:52:06
Item C-9
Approval to accept proposal from Marsh USA for Property Insurance package through Lexington Insurance Company and Landmark American Insurance Company at an annual premium of $827,493.
Time: 01:52:06 - 01:53:55
Item C-25
Approval of supplemental agreement #1 to the Local Agency Program (LAP) Agreement with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to fund design, construction and construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services for the All American Road Wayfinding Sign Project. The supplemental agreement extends the project deadline until June 30, 2014 and adds $80,000 additional funds for CEI services.
Time: 01:53:55 - 01:56:46
Item E-6
Time: 01:56:46 - 01:58:53
Item I-3
Discussion and direction to staff regarding the need to issue a Request for Proposal or a Request for Qualifications to hire an independent consulting firm to conduct a Job Classification & Compensation Study.
Time: 01:58:53 - 02:02:38
Item O-1
Time: 02:02:38 - 02:09:42
Item P-1
Time: 02:09:42 - 02:23:43
Item O-4
Approval to obtain appraisals of Tracts 1 and 2, Highland Shores Subdivision and adjoining Parcels A and B (formerly Rowell's Marina) to determine the feasibility and value of the property.
Time: 02:23:43 - 02:34:23
Item K-1
Approval of FY 2013 recommendations of the Monroe County Shared Asset Forfeiture Fund Advisory.
Time: 02:34:23 - 02:38:47