BOCC Monthly Meeting 5/19/10, Part #1
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BOCC Monthly Meeting 5/19/10, Part #1
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:01:21
Item A
Time: 00:01:21 - 00:09:19
Item B
Time: 00:09:19 - 00:20:28
Item C
Time: 00:20:28 - 00:32:26
Item C-24
Approval of a resolution supporting the South Florida and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in preparing a joint, regional application to U.S. HUD for funding under the federal Sustainable Communities Initiative for the seven county region of Southeast Florida, including Monroe County. The South Florida Regional Planning Commission has asked each of the seven counties, as well as other potential regional partners, for a resolution of support to formalize its interest in participating in the initiative and to accompany the application.
Time: 00:32:26 - 00:34:22
Item C-35
Approval of waiver of purchasing policies and procedures in award of Key West International Airport Security Systems Improvements.
Time: 00:34:22 - 00:35:46
Commissioner DiGennaro
Oil Spill
Time: 00:35:46 - 00:41:51
Item F
Time: 00:41:51 - 00:48:56
Item G
Time: 00:48:56 - 00:50:22
Item E-6
Growth Management
Time: 00:50:22 - 01:03:00
Item I-2
Discussion of Resolution No. 060-2010 prohibiting the parking, standing or stopping of vehicles along the County right of way on both the north and the south side of Sunrise Drive, North Sunrise Drive and Ocean View Drive in Tavernier, from Tarpon Street to the Atlantic Ocean.
Time: 01:03:00 - 01:12:58
Item J-6
Approval of a resolution of the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners establishing the monetary value of a single Rate of Growth Ordinance/Non-Residential Rate of Growth Ordinance (ROGO/NROGO) allocation system competition point for purposes of payment by applicants in the ROGO/NROGO system with a maximum of 2 points available per application.
Time: 01:12:58 - 01:15:27
Item J-7
Approval of First Amendment to the agreement with Reid Ewing for consulting services in connection with hurricane modeling, increasing original contract by $15,000.00.
Time: 01:15:27 - 01:19:28
Item O-9
Approval of a resolution by the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Florida, supporting the Keep America Beautiful organization in the Florida Keys and encouraging the creation of a Keep the Florida Keys Beautiful affiliate committee.
Time: 01:19:28 - 01:30:31
Item O-12
Discussion and direction to staff regarding correction of impediment to access for disabled persons to Higgs Beach Dog Park.
Time: 01:30:31 - 01:32:13
Item I-1
Presentation by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on HORIZON 2060, the update of the Florida Transportation Plan (FTP).
Time: 01:32:25 - 01:49:27
Item Q
Time: 01:49:27 - 01:54:08
Item O-14
2010 Summer Recreation Program
Time: 01:54:08 - 02:02:42
Item R
County Attorney
Time: 02:02:46 - 02:03:03
Item R-2
Approval of resolution limiting the amount of time staff can expend on projects initiated by special interest (individual or group) without seeking approval from BOCC to further expend resources of the County
Time: 02:03:03 - 02:28:40
Item K-1
Discussion and direction of Last Stand's request to have the Tier Designation Review Committee (TDRC) review additional parcels which currently have approved tiers, over and above the tierless properties in Monroe County required to be reviewed.
Time: 02:28:40 - 02:54:32