Monroe County Commission Meeting, 4/20/11, Part 2
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Monroe County Commission Meeting, 4/20/11, Part 2
Item H-1 - Closed Session
An Attorney-Client Closed Session of the Board of County Commissioners in the matter of State of Florida, Department of Community Affairs vs. Monroe County and Leo F. Winterling and James A. Winterling, DOAH Case No. 10-0547DRI, APP-09-008.
Time: 00:00:05 - 00:01:05
Item C-8 - Bulk Approvals (Vote From Discussion Before Lunch)
Approval of a resolution requesting Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) allocate future Enhancement Project funding to plan, design and construct repairs to the Old Seven Mile Bridge and develop a bicycle/pedestrian facility; participate in a multi-agency partnership to restore the bridge and develop a world-class recreational, historic, and cultural facility for visitors and residents of the Florida Keys; and make the Old Seven Mile Bridge the countyâ?Ts highest priority for future enhancement funding opportunities.
Time: 00:01:16 - 00:02:01
Item J-1 - Division of Growth Management
Discussion and direction to staff as a result of FEMAâ?Ts March 29, 2011 recommendation to Monroe County to rescind the variance granted September 15, 2010, under Monroe County Code Section 122-5 granted to Rory and Debra Brown, in Resolution 449-2010, to convert the use of their below base flood elevation enclosure from recreation room, storage area, laundry and convenience bath to one bedroom, storage area, laundry and convenience bath for property located 23048 Sailfish Lane, Cudjoe Key, RE# 00188650.000000.
Time: 00:02:05 - 00:14:37
Item M-1 - Monroe County Health Department
Approval of Amendment to the core contract by the Monroe County Health Department which are required by the State of Florida, Department of Health.
Time: 00:14:37 - 00:15:58
Item I-6 & N4
I-6: Summary of recently released Census information for the total population and total housing units in Monroe County.
N-4: Discussion and possible staff direction regarding results of the 2010 Census in Monroe County.
Time: 00:15:58 - 00:57:33
Item R-1 - Public Hearings
A Public hearing to consider approval of a resolution for a Budget Amendment of Fiscal Year 2011 Local Housing Assistance Fund 153.
Time: 00:57:33 - 00:58:00
Item R-2 - Public Hearings
A public hearing to consider a resolution by the BOCC to amend Resolution #448-2010, the Planning & Environmental Resources Fee Schedule to:

Clarify that affordable housing project development fee exemptions are not applicable to any variance application.

Establish a Conditional Use, Minor/Major, Major Deviation application fee of $3,500, a Front Yard Setback Waiver, Planning Commission application fee of $1,608, a Tier Map amendment-Other Than IS/URM Platted Lot application fee of $4,131 and a Tier Map Amendment-IS/URM Platted Lot Only application fee of $1,600.

Eliminate the Conditional Use, Revised Plan Review application fee of $638.00 and the Technology fee of $20.

Require applicants to deposit a fee of $5,000 into an escrow account to cover the cost of experts hired by the Growth Management Division to review transportation and other related studies submitted by the applicant as part of the development review process.

Require a deposit for half of hearing officer costs in appeals.
Time: 00:58:00 - 01:03:04
Item P-1, County Administrator
Time: 01:03:54 - 01:06:33
Item Q-1 - County Attorney
Time: 01:06:33 - 01:20:07
Item Q-3 - County Attorney
Discussion and direction re pending state legislation.
Time: 01:20:07 - 01:22:35
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Time: 01:22:35 - 00:00:00