BOCC Monthly Meeting, 6/11/14, Part #1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting, 6/11/14, Part #1
Call To Order
Time: 00:00:08 - 00:00:44
Additions, Corrections, and Deletions
Time: 00:00:44 - 00:03:29
Presentation of Awards
Item B-1:
Mayor's Proclamation Declaring The Month Of July To Be Parks And Recreation Month.

Item K-3:
Approval Of A Resolution In Recognition Of The Monroe County Tourist Development Council For Dedicated Service To Monroe County And The Florida Keys.

Item K-4:
Approval Of A Resolution To Recognize The Heroism And Bravery Of Two Young Men In The Water Rescue Of The Occupants Of A Small Plane, Bayside Marathon.
Time: 00:03:43 - 00:19:27
Bulk Approvals - Commissioner Neugent
Time: 00:20:16 - 00:25:10
Item F: Land Authority Governing Board
1.Approval Of The Minutes For The May 21, 2014 Meeting.

2.Approval Of Contracts To Purchase Property For Conservation.

a.Block 16, Lot 7, Palm Villa, Big Pine Key

b.Block 16, Lot 9, Palm Villa, Big Pine Key.

3.Approval Of Addendum VII To The Employment Agreement With Mark J. Rosch As Executive Director Extending The Agreement Term For Four Years.
Time: 00:26:08 - 00:28:49
Item G: Fire and Ambulance District 1 Board of Governors

2.Approval Of A Resolution To Establish A Financial Bonus Process For In-House EMS Billing And Collections Contract Employees In Accordance With State Statute 215.425 And Employment Contracts.
Time: 00:28:49 - 00:31:57
Item M-2: County Administrator
Approval Of Proposal From Oceanside Investors, LLC And Pritam Singh For The Purchase Of The Hickory House For A Purchase Price In The Amount Of Two Million Dollars And 00/100 Cents ($2,000,000.00) With A Down Payment Of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars And 00/100 Cents ($200.000).
Time: 00:32:59 - 00:50:17
Item K-5: Commissioners Items
COMMISSIONER NEUGENT - A Discussion With The Board Of Commissioners On The Benefits Of Partnering With The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority And Key Largo Wastewater District To Make Available Treated Wastewater, Which Is Presently Being Disposed Of Through Injection Wells, For Irrigation. Millions Of Gallons Of Treated Wastewater Which Could Be Used To Irrigate Parks, Roadways, County And Municipal Landscaping, Etc. Is Going Unused. Having Discussed This With FKAA And KLWWD They Enthusiastically Support The Idea Of Partnering On Utilization Of Treated Water For Irrigation.
Time: 00:50:58 - 01:13:07
Item I-1: Sounding Board
Request To Do A Presentation To The Board Of County Commissioners In Regards To Monroe County Boat Ramps, Specifically The Closure Of The Upper Keys Card Sound Ramps - John Whalton.
Time: 01:13:07 - 01:29:18
Item N-5: County Attorney
Discussion And Direction Regarding The County's Request For Qualification For Misdemeanor Probation Services.
Time: 01:30:02 - 02:16:14
Item M-4: County Administrator
Approval To Advertise Request For Proposals For Processing Of The County's Yard Waste.
Time: 02:16:33 - 02:28:29
Item E-1: Staff Reports
Time: 02:28:39 - 02:37:12
Announcement Of One Vacant Position On The Tourist Development Council District IV Advisory Committee "At Large" Appointment. Position Is Being Advertised Due To The End Of Term For Ms. Wendy Gentes.
Time: 02:37:12 - 02:38:01
Item E: Staff Reports
Public Works & Engineering
Time: 02:38:01 - 02:42:26
Item K-8: Commissioner Items
Consideration of a motion to reconsider the vote approving agenda item I-4 on May 21, 2014 BOCC providing direction regarding a request by the Marine Mammal Conservancy, Inc. (MMC) for a reduction in the outstanding code fines and costs imposed in code cases CE06030008, CE09030107, and CE11060014.
Time: 02:42:55 - 02:50:49