BOCC Monthly Meeting 8/21/13, Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 8/21/13, Part #2
Item I-6
Approval To Advertise A Public Hearing To Consider Adoption Of Monroe County Ordinance Amending Section 17-2 And Section 17-6, Of The Monroe County Code To Clarify Prohibitions Regarding The Parking And Storage Of Vehicles; Watercraft; And/Or Wrecked, Inoperative Or Partially Dismantled Vehicles And Watercraft On County Roads, Rights-Of-Ways, On Private Property And In Residential Districts Throughout Monroe County.
Time: 00:00:01 - 00:11:25
Item I-7
Approval Of Staff Recommendations For The 2013 Transportation Alternative Program Funding Cycle.
Time: 00:11:25 - 00:15:00
Item J-1
Update To The BOCC Regarding A New Sign Program On The Florida Keys Scenic Highway That Is Being Implemented By The State Of Florida To Generate Revenue For The Operation And Management Of State-Managed Trails And Greenways. No BOCC Action Required.
Time: 00:15:00 - 00:19:59
Item N-1
Time: 00:19:59 - 00:23:54
Item G-2
Presentation From MBI/K2M Architecture, Inc. To Discuss The Findings Of The Draft Development Of Monroe County Space Planning/Facilities Assessment Report, And Discuss The Development Options And Phases.
Time: 00:23:54 - 00:55:03
Item P-1
A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance Amending The Land Use District (Zoning) Map From Recreation Vehicle (RV) To Suburban Commercial (SC), For Property Described As A Parcel Of Land In Section 14, Township 62 South, Range 38 East, Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida Having Real Estate Number 00088840-000000.
Time: 00:55:03 - 00:55:55
Item P-2
A Public Hearing To Consider A Resolution Transmitting To The State Land Planning Agency An Ordinance By The Monroe County Board Of County Commissioners Amending The Future Land Use Map Of The Monroe County Year 2010 Comprehensive Plan From Mixed Use/Commercial (MC), Residential Low (RL), And Residential Conservation (RC), To Industrial (I), Residential Conservation (RC), And Conservation (C), For Property Located At 101075 And 101101 Overseas Highway, MM 101, Key Largo, Described As Parcels Of Land Within Section 27, Township 61 South, Range 39 East, On Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida, Having Real Estate Numbers 00087100.000500 And 00087190.000000.
Time: 00:55:55 - 01:01:07
Items P-3 & B-13
P-3: A Continuation Of Public Hearing From July 17, 2013 To Consider An Ordinance Establishing Monroe County Code Section 130-102, Horses And Other Livestock, Establishing Regulations Related To The Keeping Of Horses And Other Livestock In Monroe County.

B-13: Approval To Advertise A Public Hearing To Consider Approval Of An Ordinance Amending Section 4-76 Of The Monroe County Code Providing Regulations Relating To The Keeping Of Horses And Other Livestock In Monroe County.
Time: 01:01:07 - 01:35:46
Item P-4
A Public Hearing To Consider Adoption Of An Ordinance Amending Section 18-27 Of The Monroe County Code Adding The Murray E. Nelson Government Center Park And Establish Rules And Regulations Regarding The Operation Of The Park And The Conduct Of Those Visiting The Park.
Time: 01:35:46 - 02:48:11
Item P-5
A Public Hearing To Consider Adoption Of An Ordinance Amending Section 21-72 To Authorize County Administrator Designee To Suspend Or Revoke Specialty Hauler License And Amending Section 21-77 To Also Allow Enforcement Of Violations Relating To Specialty Haulers By The County Code Compliance.
Time: 02:48:11 - 02:49:13
Item J-3
Discussion on the Naval Air Station Key West Airfield Operations Final Environmental Impact Statement published in the Federal Register on August 2, 2013, regarding NAS Key West airfield operations and the Navy's selection of Alternative 2 as the preferred alternative and direction to the County Administrator to discuss the unresolved County concerns which were outlined in the County's comment letter to the NASKW Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
Time: 02:49:13 - 03:29:11
Item N-5
Discussion And Direction On The Property Formerly Know As Rowell's Marina And To Give The Administrator The Authority To Negotiate A Purchase Price.
Time: 03:29:11 - 03:54:36
Item N-6
Discussion And Direction On The Solid Waste Management Program And Related Contracts.
Time: 03:54:36 - 04:16:06
Item O-1
Time: 04:16:06 - 04:16:51
Item O-2
Request By Property Owner, Mr. Thaddeus R Bowling, Jr., For Mitigation Of Fines In Code Enforcement Case CE05020367. The Total Amount Of Accrued Fines In This Case Is $871,950.00.
Time: 04:16:51 - 04:39:08
Item O-3
Approval To Initiate Collection Proceedings, (Complaint For Foreclosure And Money Judgment) In Circuit Court For Liens Filed On Behalf Of The County In Code Enforcement Case(S) CE08070120 And CE11020015.
Time: 04:39:08 - 04:40:55
Item O-4
Approval To File An Action For Injunctive Relief Against Juan Carlos Castaneda To Prohibit Him From Operating An Illegal Vacation (Less Than 28 Day) Rental At 108 Old Fashioned Rd., Tavernier. The Property Is Located In An (IS) Improved Subdivision Land Use District Where Rentals Of Less Than 28 Days Are Prohibited Per Monroe County Code Sec. 130-83.(B) And 134-1.(K)(L).
Time: 04:40:55 - 04:41:56
Item O-7
Request To Hold An Attorney-Client Closed Session In The Matter Of Monroe County Vs. Patricia Lloyd, Case No. CA-K-12-1176 At The 9/17/13 BOCC Meeting In Marathon, FL At 1:30 P.M. Or As Soon Thereafter As May Be Heard.
Time: 04:41:56 - 04:43:13
Time: 04:43:13 - 04:43:20