BOCC Monthly Meeting, 11/17/10, Part 2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting, 11/17/10, Part 2
Item Q1 - County Administrator Report
Time: 00:01:16 - 00:02:47
Item H6 - Growth Management Staff Report
Time: 00:02:47 - 00:40:12
Closed Session
Closed Session of the Board of County Commissioners to discuss collective bargaining with the firefighters, IAFF Local 3909.
Time: 00:40:44 - 00:41:30
Item S-1, Public Hearing
A public hearing for an ordinance creating Monroe County Code Chapter 2, Article III, Division 7 providing for quasi-judicial proceedings and ex-parte communications and, as allowed pursuant to F.S. 286.0115, officially adopting by resolution or ordinance the statutory requirements set forth in paragraphs 1 through 4 of subsection (c) of Sec. 286.0115, Florida Statutes.
Time: 00:41:37 - 00:47:15
Item S-2, Public Hearing
A public hearing to consider a resolution by the Monroe County Board of County commissioners amending the Planning and Environmental Resources Department fee schedule to clarify that certain affordable housing project fee exemptions are not applicable to development pursuant to Section 130-161.1 of the Land Development Code and that all affordable housing development is subject to advertising and notice fees.
Time: 00:47:15 - 00:54:57
Item S-3, Public Hearing
A public hearing to consider an ordinance by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners adopting an amendment to the Monroe County Year 2010 Comprehensive Plan pursuant to F.S. Sec. 163.3177(3)(b); amending Table 4.1 Five Year Schedule of Capital Improvements.
Time: 00:54:57 - 01:00:09
Item L-3, Division of Growth Management
Discussion and direction for establishing a new county process for road closures.
Time: 01:00:09 - 01:03:12
Item Q-2, County Administrator
Discussion and approval of the Board of County Commissioners monthly meeting dates for 2011.
Time: 01:03:12 - 01:04:49
Item Q-3, County Administrator
Discussion and approval of the Monroe County 2011 Legislative Agenda.
Time: 01:04:49 - 01:05:55
Item R-1, County Attorney Report
Time: 01:06:07 - 01:10:04
Item R-2, County Attorney
Request Approval to advertise a public hearing for an ordinance amending Monroe County Code Article III, Division 4, providing for registration of lobbyists, providing definitions, providing for contact logs to be maintained, providing elimination of an exemption for employees and officers in 1990 from the prohibition against lobbying the county for two years after leaving their position.
Time: 01:10:04 - 01:28:31
Item O-2, Commissioner Item
Approval for the Student Peace Alliance to place a coral rock foundation and bronze plaque at the park located at the Nelson Government Center. The plaque will read "Community Peace Park - We Are All the Keys to Peace."
Time: 01:28:36 - 01:31:23
Item R-3, County Attorney
Request Approval to advertise a public hearing for an ordinance creating Monroe County Code Section 2-60, providing for providing for non-interference in administrative, procurement and hiring practices; providing for board of county commissioners to set policies and procedures in areas where changes are deemed to be needed.
Time: 01:31:23 - 01:43:14
Item R-4, County Attorney
Approval to advertise a public hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance amending Sections 26-1, 26-96 and 26-98 of the Monroe County Code to expand the prohibition against diving or snorkeling in any manmade water body or marina, or within 300 ft. of an improved residential or commercial shoreline, to include the 3 days prior to the start of mini-season and continuing through mini-season and for the first 5 days of commercial lobster season.
Time: 01:43:14 - 01:53:58
Item R-5, County Attorney
Approval of resolution adopting amendments to the Personnel policies and Procedures, clarifying that County Attorney's office is subject to the policies and procedures governing salary increases; clarifying that all contractors and officials are expected to abide by policies, especially those related to harassment and discrimination, although remedial action may not be taken under the personnel procedures but through other avenues available; clarifying the policies and procedures regarding complaints about harassment, including that complaints may be made to commissioners if there is a concern that reporting pursuant to the chain of command will not be handled properly; requiring auto allowances to be provided solely through following state statute; clarifying the policy regarding employees accepting gifts; clarifying policy regarding certification incentive increases; requiring transmission of monthly reports to BOCC re salary increases awarded.
Time: 01:53:58 - 02:21:36
Item R-7, County Attorney
Approval of a resolution formally approving a variance to flood plain ordinance regulation for property located at 23048 Sailfish Lane, Cudjoe Key, FL, applied for by Rory and Debra Brown and heard by the BOCC on September 15, 2010, subject to a restrictive covenant terminating the variance when Darren Brown no longer lives in the house.
Time: 02:21:36 - 02:25:07
Item R-9, County Attorney
Discussion and direction regarding whether to seek an opinion from the Florida Attorney General regarding the use of tourist development taxes for the proposed Truman Waterfront project.
Time: 02:25:07 - 02:41:35
Item R-11, County Attorney
Approval of amendment number 2 to ground lease overseas redevelopment company. Extending the substantial completion date to June 10, 2011 as required to obtain the funding needed to complete this affordable housing project.
Time: 02:41:35 - 02:57:02