Monroe County Commission Meeting, 1/19/11, Part 1
Full Agenda: [none]
Monroe County Commission Meeting, 1/19/11, Part 1
Moment of Silence for Tuscon and Phil Shannon
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:52
Presentation of Awards
Time: 00:02:20 - 00:14:43
Additions, Corrections, Deletions
Time: 00:14:43 - 00:18:32
Pat Dequattro Report on Deepwater Horizon
Time: 00:18:32 - 00:29:06
Bulk Approvals - Commissioner Wigington
Time: 00:29:18 - 00:35:29
Land Authority Governing Board
Time: 00:35:29 - 00:36:33
Tim Koenig - Project Update: Flagler Village Affordable Housing Project
Time: 00:39:25 - 00:45:41
Fire & Ambulance District 1 Board of Governors
Time: 00:45:41 - 00:47:48
Item C-29, Bulk Approvals
Approval of an Agreement for Consulting Services with Edward Dugger & Associates, P.A., for an Acoustic Study in the Courtrooms at the Freeman Justice Center.
Time: 00:49:35 - 00:50:51
Item J-4, Bulk Approvals
Approval of a resolution authorizing the Growth Management Division Director to extend the period of expiration for ROGO/NROGO allocations for a period of up to six months to allow building permit revisions for onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems consistent with Senate Bill 550 (Chapter 2010-205 F.S.) or for sewer availability if service connections would be made available to the subject property and authorizing the issuance of building permits where central sewer service will be available within six months.
Time: 00:50:51 - 00:59:50
Item C32, J-5, & L-1, Bulk Approvals (All heard together)
Approval of Amendment 1 with Government Services Group, Inc. (GSG) for the Development and Administration of Non Ad-valorem Assessment Program.

Approval to ratify comments sent on proposed rules 28-20.130 and 28-20.140, Florida Administrative code being promulgated by the Department of Community Affairs related to the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern, by the administrator on January 10, 2011 or approval to revise and transmit revised comments under Mayor signature. Rules are expected to be adopted by the Governor and Cabinet May 17, 2011 and become effective July 1, 2011

Discussion and direction for funding plans and assessment planning for wastewater treatment services for the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Plant area. (10:00 AM Time approixmate)
Time: 00:59:50 - 02:18:41
Item Q-2, Bulk Approvals
Request by property owner, Shawn Renz, to reduce a one time fine of $3900 ordered by the Code Compliance Special Magistrate in Code Case #CE10040092 for irreparable & irreversible first time violations of the County's vacation rental ordinances to $975 (25% of one time fine). (10:30 AM Time approximate)

Time: 02:19:06 - 02:34:18
Item I-1, Project Management
Approval of the Higgs Beach Park Master Plan, including any changes as directed by the BOCC, and approval to proceed to Phase II of the Plan. A presentation will be held by William P. Horn Architect, P.A., Architect of Record for the Master Plan Redevelopment of Higgs Beach Park.
Time: 02:34:18 - 03:44:24
Item C-13, Bulk Approvals
Approval for staff to apply for DAC1/TDC capital project funding for Phase I Playground and Equipment on the beachside of Higgs Beach and approval to advertise the project contingent upon DAC1/TDC approval.

Time: 03:44:24 - 03:45:13