BOCC Monthly Meeting 10/21/09, Part #1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 10/21/09, Part #1
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:42
Item A
Time: 00:00:42 - 00:07:12
Item B
Time: 00:07:28 - 00:20:12
Item C
Time: 00:20:08 - 00:28:48
Item D-2
Approval of an Agreement with Upper Keys Business Group, Inc. covering Key Largo Independence Celebration, in an amount not to exceed $34,000, DAC V, FY 2010 Event Resources
Time: 00:28:49 - 00:35:46
Item F
Time: 00:35:51 - 00:37:51
Item C-4
Approval for Republic Parking to continue to provide parking lot management at the Key West International Airport on a month to month basis, pending advertising a Request for Proposals, and a new contract.
Time: 00:37:50 - 00:38:43
Item C-14
Approval of award of bid to Class Act Cleaning Services, LLC, in the amount of $17,536.63 per month, as the most responsive low bidder, for janitorial services at the Key West International Airport. And approval for Class Act to commence services on October 1, 2009, on a month to month basis, at the rate of $17,536.63 per month, pending a contract for services.
Time: 00:38:44 - 00:42:40
Item C-27
Approval of a First Amendment to Contract with Architects Design Group, Inc. (ADG) for professional services at the proposed Marathon Operations Center in Marathon
Time: 00:42:41 - 00:44:32
Item C-28
Approval to execute the Local Governmental Agreement between the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and Monroe County to provide $250,000 for stormwater management projects
Time: 00:44:32 - 00:47:06
Item G
Time: 00:47:06 - 00:51:48
Item C-29
Approval to renew the lease agreement with the Big Pine Athletic Association to lease Parcels IJ and II, Pine Key Acres, Big Pine Key, Florida (a/k/a Watson Field) for an amount of rent totaling $1.00 per year.
Time: 00:51:48 - 00:53:38
Item C-30
Approval to amend the Lease Agreement with Tropical Watersports, LLC for a watersports equipment rental concession on Clarence S. Higgs Memorial Beach.
Time: 00:53:38 - 00:54:43
Item C-31
Approval to close the western portion of Richard Road, Big Pine Key.
Time: 00:54:43 - 01:12:38
Item L
Presentation by the Tax Collector of the Tax Collector's excess fees check to the Board of County Commissioners
Time: 01:12:38 - 01:14:00
Item O-4
Approval of ILA with the City of Marathon to assist the City of Marathon with training of City code inspectors, and to allow the city to utilize the services of the County's Contractors Examining Board to provide contractor licensing and disciplinary functions. This ILA terminates the prior agreement and updates it.
Time: 01:14:00 - 01:33:54
Item O-1
A short presentation from Rafael De La Portilla from the United States Census Bureau discussing the importance of the 2010 Census and how the Board of County Commissioners can support the effort to count all the residents of Monroe County.
Time: 01:55:46 - 02:07:39
Item K-4
Presentation of New Viper E911 Telecommunications System
Time: 02:07:39 - 02:11:06
Item C-30
Approval to amend the Lease Agreement with Tropical Watersports, LLC for a watersports equipment rental concession on Clarence S. Higgs Memorial Beach
Time: 02:11:06 - 02:11:43
Item C-32
Approval to waive irregularities and execute a Contract with Charley Toppino and Sons, Inc. for the Palm Dr. (Baypoint) Bridge Repair project located in Saddlebunch Key
Time: 02:11:43 - 02:13:30
Item C-33
Rescind approval to use $1,800,000 of District 3 Transportation Impact fees as matching funds for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Card Sound Road/CR905 Intersection Conversion Project and request that FDOT delete this project from the Work Program: Grant approval to re-allocate the funds to various projects described in the Draft Key Largo Community Master Plan.
Time: 02:13:30 - 02:14:28
Item C-35
Approval for the BOCC to enter into an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with the Monroe County School Board (MCSB), to provide payment for the cost of Enhanced Hurricane Protection Area Upgrade cost for Marathon High School to enable the use of the school facility as a hurricane shelter and Refuge of Last Resort
Time: 02:14:28 - 02:15:24
Item C-40, 41
Approval of fiscal year 2010 contracts with non-profit organizations funded through recommendations of the Human Services Advisory Board (HSAB), the Substance Abuse Policy Advisory Board (SAPAB), and the County Commission.
Approval of contracts with non-profit service organizations funded by the County Commission for fiscal year 2010. These organizations do not apply to the Human Services Advisory Board; they are funded directly by the Board of County Commissioners as budget line items.
Time: 02:15:24 - 02:16:46
Item C-46
Approval of Agreement for Consulting Services between John Morrill and Monroe County to provide grant-writing services.
Time: 02:16:50 - 02:21:18
Item C-49
Approval to negotiate contracts with six firms: ADA Engineering, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting, Bermello Ajamil & Partners, EAC Consulting, Metric Engineers and T.Y. Lin International for on call engineering services
Time: 02:21:18 - 02:25:03
Item D-34
Approval of one "At Large" appointment to the Tourist Development Council District I Advisory Committee.
Time: 02:25:03 - 02:25:29
Item D-35
Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District IV Advisory Committee for an "At Large" appointment
Time: 02:25:28 - 02:25:39
Item E-3
Time: 02:25:39 - 02:27:24