BOCC Monthly Meeting 6/15/10, Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 6/15/10, Part #2
Annoucement of Closed Sessions
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:01:18
Item J-4
Update, discussion and direction to staff on how to proceed with implementation of the Fish and Wildlife Biological Opinion dated April 30, 2010 as amended December 14, 2010 and authorization for Mayor Heather Carruthers to sign attached letter responding to FEMA's April 14, 2011 letter.
Time: 00:01:18 - 00:04:42
Item F-1
Discussion of proposed Residential Solid Waste Rates for Fiscal Year 2011/12. The proposed rate would increase from $396/residence to $432/residence (this rate increase includes $9 which would raise $300,000 per year, for two years, toward a Solid Waste Master Plan). There would also be an increase in Tipping Fees from $120/ton to $130/ton and the Commercial Disposal rate; the proposed increases would be effective 10/1/2011.
Time: 00:04:42 - 00:54:34
Item Q-1
A public hearing for an ordinance amending Section 23-76 of the County Code to clarify the business tax prerequisites for mobile traveling junk dealers.
Time: 00:54:34 - 00:56:56
Item Q-2
A public hearing to consider a resolution by the BOCC to approve a fee for development order extensions applied for under HB7207.
Time: 00:56:56 - 00:57:20
Item O-3
Update on the Legislation session by the County's Washington lobbyist, Carl Chidlow of Cardenas Partners, LLC.
Time: 00:57:20 - 01:16:36
Item I-8
Approval of a resolution setting July 20, 2011, 3:00 p.m. at the Harvey Government Center, Key West for a public hearing for a proposed abandonment of the entire rights of way of Towhee Lane, Pelican Lane, Heron Drive, Flamingo Drive, and Limpkan Lane, as shown on Page 2 of the plat map of Boca Chica Ocean Shores, Geiger Key, Monroe County, Florida s recorded in Plat Book 5, Page 49 of the Public Records of Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 01:48:52 - 02:07:24
Item J-1
A report to the Board regarding expenditure of Boating Improvement Funds (BIF), derelict vessel removal procedures, and channel marker maintenance.
Time: 02:07:24 - 02:24:56
Item J-2
Discussion of operation of a wholesale commercial fishing business and building permits for Carlos Seafood, 6001 Peninsular Ave., Stock Island as required by the Board of County Commissioners.
Time: 02:24:56 - 02:38:21
Item J-3
Discussion and direction related to amendment of the County's flood plain ordinance in light of House Bill 407.
Time: 02:38:21 - 03:07:46
Item J-5
Disccusion of special building permits Key Largo
Time: 03:07:46 - 03:10:47
Item M-1
COMMISSIONER RICE - Approval to waive purchasing policies and procedures and negotiate with a contractor to design and install a security camera system on the bridges in Duck Key.
Time: 03:10:47 - 03:14:10
Item M-2
COMMISSIONER RICE - Approval to authorize purchase and installation of a bus shelter on the US 1 right of way at Duck Key.
Time: 03:14:10 - 03:34:03
Item O-1
Time: 03:34:03 - 03:34:21
Item O-5
Ratification of grant submission to FY 2011 Transportation, Community, and System Preservation Program of FHWA for a feasibility study to explore the viability of obtaining tolling authority on US 1, forecast potential revenues and operational costs, and evaluate the possibility of utilizing a portion of the revenues for wastewater/re-use/stormwater projects.
Time: 03:34:21 - 03:59:05
Item P-1
Time: 03:59:05 - 04:02:51
Time: 04:02:51 - 04:03:00