BOCC Monthly Meeting 3/19/14, Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 3/19/14, Part #2
Announcement of Closed Session
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:01:17
Item L-2
An Attorney-Client Closed Session in the matter of Enos Mitchell and Ora Lee Mitchell vs. Monroe County, Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Case No. CA-P-12-486.
Time: 00:01:17 - 00:01:52
Item I-2
Adoption of a resolution changing the Permitting Fee Schedule to charge projects under $5,000.00 a flat fee and projects over $5,000.00 a based on job valuation, and direct expenses (Building, Planning, Environmental, and Fire) attributed to delivering permits.
Time: 00:01:52 - 00:30:56
Item I-3
Approval of Second Amendment to the contract with Maximus Consulting Services, Inc. allowing its assistance to implement the new Fee Schedule for the Building Department.
Time: 00:30:56 - 00:31:43
Item I-1
Presentation by Coastal Systems International, Inc. (CSI) on the January 2014 Draft Monroe County Mooring Field Feasibility Study (Study) for potential mooring field development at anchorages at Jewfish Creek, Buttonwood Sound, and Boca Chica Basin, and direction from the Board on the selection of a future mooring field site or sites, and direction to staff on the development of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) or Request for Proposals (RFP) for mooring field design/permit/build based on the recommendations of the Study.
Time: 00:31:43 - 01:16:27
Item R-1
A public hearing to consider an ordinance amending Monroe County Code Chapter 118 Environmental Protection, creating Section 118-13 providing for coordination with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) for development permit applications for parcels located in Critical Habitat or designated potentially suitable habitat of species not included in the Permit Referral Process (PRP).
Time: 01:16:27 - 01:17:29
Item H-3
Approval to file an action in circuit court seeking an injunction, foreclosure and money judgment to compel property owner Zamindari Investments, Inc., (David E. Dewitt Director), and the tenant Marathon Aqua Ranch & Scientific Studies, (Charles Paul Barra Owner), to comply with various county ordinances, cease prohibited unlawful activities, secure necessary approval, correct the code violations of Code Enforcement Cases(s) CE09040149 and CE10070149 and pay the fines and costs.
Time: 01:17:29 - 01:42:34
Item C-11
Approval to (1) award contract for ADA Segments 1 & 2 Combined to D. L. Porter Constructors, Inc. in the amount of $689,070.00, which represents the stated total Base Proposal minus the Alternates, (2) to waive bid irregularity in the bid which included the alternate prices in the total base proposal and (3) approval of contract in the amount of $689,070.00. If the contract cannot be executed at that price, approval to award bid to the second highest bidder, Pedro Falcon Electrical Contractors, Inc., any contract with Pedro Falcon will be brought back to the BOCC for approval. This contract will be funded by a CDBG Grant, overseen by the DEO and by 304 funds.
Time: 01:42:34 - 01:43:56
Item C-16
Approval of month to month Homeless Safe Zone Interlocal Agreement with the City of Key West.
Time: 01:43:56 - 02:02:41
Item C-30
Approval to utilize Florida Sheriffs Association Bid 11-10-1202 to purchase two (2) 2014 Ford F-550 standard cab AEV Type I ambulances for a total cost not to exceed $329,984.00; and authorizing waiver of purchasing policy for equipment options; and approval for the Fire Chief to execute all necessary documentation.
Time: 02:02:46 - 02:03:47
Item D-2
Approval of one At Large appointment to the Tourist Development Council District V Advisory Committee.
Time: 02:03:47 - 02:04:33
Item E-4
Time: 02:04:33 - 02:05:29
Item E-5
Time: 02:05:29 - 02:07:52
Item E-6
Time: 02:07:52 - 02:10:24
Item E-7
Time: 02:10:24 - 02:19:11
Item N-7
COMMISSIONER NEUGENT- Discussion with the Board of County Commissioner in identifying all who can and should be responsible for taking action to prevent future events e.g. MV Tilly from taking place.
Time: 02:19:11 - 02:43:56
Item N-7
COMMISSIONER NEUGENT- Discussion with the Board of County Commissioner in identifying all who can and should be responsible for taking action to prevent future events e.g. MV Tilly from taking place.
Time: 02:19:11 - 02:44:01
Item O-6
Clerk's analysis of payment to Pumpout USA, Inc. pursuant to Amendment 2 to the Agreement for Keys-Wide Mobile Vessel Pumpout Service between Monroe County and Pumpout USA, Inc.
Time: 02:44:01 - 02:46:58
Item P-1
Time: 02:46:58 - 02:48:35
Item P-8
Approval to issue a Request for Proposals for Sale of Hickory House Property.
Time: 02:48:35 - 02:56:21
Item Q-1
Time: 02:56:21 - 02:56:39
Time: 02:56:39 - 02:56:43