BOCC Monthly Meeting, 8/19/2009 Part #1
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BOCC Monthly Meeting, 8/19/2009 Part #1
Time: 00:00:05 - 00:00:17
Tribute to Charles L. Ingraham
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Time: 00:30:18 - 00:35:40
Item K-1
Discussion with staff and Board of County Commission regarding the use of the "Old Stiglitz House" on South Street near Watson Park on Big Pine Key for the Boys and Girls Club after school and summer programs.
Time: 00:35:40 - 00:45:14
Item C-7
Approval to advertise a Request for Proposals for Parking Lot Management for the Key West International Airport.
Time: 00:45:14 - 00:47:00
Item C-11
Approval to apply for a Small Community Air Service Development Program grant to obtain one or more low cost air carriers for the Key West International Airport.
Time: 00:47:00 - 00:51:19
Item C-17
Approval of rates charged by Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo for electric, lights and air conditioning during Hurricane Ike activation of pet friendly shelter facility. The rates billed were $27.00 per hour for electric/lights, and $80.00 per hour for Air Conditioning during September 7-8, 2008.
Time: 00:51:19 - 00:55:33
Item C-25
Approval to add a Recycling Coordinator position under Solid Waste Management, effective 10-1-09.
Time: 00:55:33 - 01:03:22
Item D-6
Approval of an Agreement with Key West Business Guild, Inc. for Visitor Information Services which promote gay and lesbian tourism for Key West.
Time: 01:03:22 - 01:06:51
Item D-8, D-9
D-8; Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District I Advisory Committee for an "At Large" appointment.

D-9; Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District II Advisory Committee for an "At Large" appointment.
Time: 01:06:51 - 01:07:27
Time: 01:07:27 - 01:12:08
Item G-13
Approval of a sublease from Overseas Redevelopment Company, LLC to Flagler Village Ltd. Partnership, for that portion of the lease that is post-development.
Time: 01:12:08 - 01:18:07
Item G-7
The Green Initiative Task Force (GITF) requests approval to apply for a grant from the Federal Government that requires no matching funds. Known as the Solar American Cities-Technical Outreach, it offers $10.5M total funding and is designated for energy efficiency and renewable energy information dissemination, outreach, training and technical analysis. In order to apply the GITF will need assistance of County staff to assist in writing the grant.
Time: 01:18:07 - 01:30:47
Item G-9
Approval of the currently utilized "H" mitigation credit/debit process for public and private development located on Big Pine Key and No Name Key with direction to Growth Management to pursue Regulatory Conservation as a mitigation strategy using a mitigation ordinance as a secondary approach.
Time: 01:30:47 - 01:31:08
Item G-10
Discussion and approval for the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) to meet four times per year.
Time: 01:31:08 - 01:39:13
Time: 01:39:24 - 01:50:56
Item K-4
Discussion on moving forward on legislation and providing direction to the County Attorney to negotiate a contract with Grey Robinson Law Firm for purposes of lobbying the Florida State Legislation to support a Bill entitled Area of Critical State Concern Wastewater and Stormwater Assistance Program.
Time: 01:50:56 - 02:00:31
Item K-6
Recommendation of support to provide additional land on Scout Key to be placed under conservation easement to satisfy the requirement for off-site mitigation for Camp Sawyer
Time: 02:00:31 - 02:00:46
Item K-10
Approval of ILA with the City of Marathon to assist the City of Marathon with training of City code inspectors, and to allow the city to utilize the services of the County's Contractors Examining Board to provide contractor licensing and disciplinary functions. This ILA terminates the prior agreement and updates it.
Time: 02:00:46 - 02:16:11
Item M-2
Approval or rejection of the proposal to lease the property formerly known as the Hickory House parcel and fixtures for the sum of one dollar a year for thirty years with ideas for improvements.
Time: 02:16:11 - 02:22:28
Item N-5
Approval of Resolution to extend the default date for the SHIP mortgage issued to Woods Corner to December 31, 2009.
Time: 02:22:28 - 02:25:08
Item N-8
Request approval to advertise a public hearing for an Ordinance prohibiting lobbying of County officials and employees from the time a solicitation is advertised until the award of contract, and adding to the bases for debarment the violation of the lobbying prohibition.
Time: 02:25:08 - 02:37:32