BOCC Monthly Meeting 11/16/11, Part #2
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BOCC Monthly Meeting 11/16/11, Part #2
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Time: 00:00:00 - 00:01:28
Item N-1, Commissioner Neugent
Discussion and direction of commitment to staff on Monroe County recycling program.
Time: 00:01:29 - 00:43:30
Item I-1, I-2, & I-3. Land Authority Governing Board
Time: 00:43:30 - 00:47:30
Item P-1, County Administrator
Report -
Insurance Updates
Time: 00:47:35 - 01:08:38
Item P-2, County Administrator
Discussion and approval of the Board of County Commissioners monthly meeting dates for 2012.
Time: 01:08:38 - 01:11:13
Item P-3, County Administrator
Discussion and approval of the 2012 appointments of Commissioners to various duties.
Time: 01:11:13 - 01:20:14
Item R-1, Public Hearings
A public hearing to consider a request for Administrative Relief for Steve Nannini on Lot 7, Block 5, Gulfstream Shores, Key Largo, Real Estate Number 00565390.000000.
Time: 01:20:53 - 01:51:13
Item R-2, Public Hearings
Public hearing to consider the abandonment of a 12.77 SF portion of right-of-way along King Street that was not included in a recent road abandonment of a portion of the western half of King Street (Resolution No. 146-2011) that is adjacent to Block 6 and Blue Runner Street in Anglers Park Subdivision, Key Largo.
Time: 01:52:19 - 01:53:17
Item R-3, Public Hearings
A public hearing to consider approval of a resolution renouncing and disclaiming any right of the County and the public in and to the entire rights-of-way of Towhee Lane, Pelican Lane, Heron Drive, Flamingo Drive and Limpkan Lane as shown on Page 2 of the plat map of Boca Chica Ocean Shores, Geiger Key, Monroe County, Florida as recorded in Plat Book 5, Page 49 of the Public Records of Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 01:53:17 - 01:54:43
Item R-4, Public Hearings
A public hearing to consider an ordinance by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners adopting an amendment to the Monroe County Year 2010 Comprehensive Plan pursuant to F.S. Sec. 163.3177(3)(b); amending Table 4.1 Five-Year Schedule of Capital Improvements.
Time: 01:54:43 - 01:58:19
Item R-5, Public Hearings
A public hearing to consider a Development Agreement between Northstar Resort Enterprises Corp. and Monroe County for property located at 99060 Overseas Highway (US 1), Key Largo, Real Estate #00088020.000000.
Time: 01:58:23 - 02:00:10
Happy Birthday Christine Hurley, Director of Growth Management
Time: 02:00:10 - 02:01:25
Item L-1, Growth Management
Discussion of amendment to Lease with Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Keys for property on First Avenue in Key Largo, amending the site plan and number of units.
Time: 02:01:40 - 02:03:11
Item P-5, County Administrator
Consideration by the Board to re-appoint John Repetto to the 2012-2013 Value Adjustment Board as the Board's citizen member appointment.
Time: 02:03:11 - 02:03:44
Item P-7, County Administrator
Announcement of one vacant position on the Historic Preservation Commission.
Time: 02:03:44 - 02:04:48
Item Q-1, County Attorney
Time: 02:04:48 - 02:06:57