BOCC Monthly Meeting 7/18/12, Part #1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 7/18/12, Part #1
Call to Order
Time: 00:00:11 - 00:00:39
Presentation of Professionalism Award to Suzanne Hutton
Time: 00:00:39 - 00:03:57
Richard Collins' 72nd Birthday Wishes
Time: 00:03:57 - 00:05:45
Time: 00:05:45 - 00:09:05
Time: 00:09:05 - 00:14:15
Item M-7, County Administrator
Presentation & Overview For The Proposed Fiscal Year 2013 Budget.
Time: 00:14:38 - 00:20:30
1.Approval Of The Minutes For The June 20, 2012 Meeting.

2.Approval Of A Resolution Authorizing The Purchase Of 21 Parcels In Crains Subdivision For Conservation And Authorizing The Subsequent Conveyance Of The Property To The City Of Marathon Subject To A Conservation Easement.

3.Approval Of Contracts To Purchase Property For Conservation.

a.Big Pine Key Acreage (RE #00109710-000600)

b.Tract GV, Pine Key Acres, Big Pine Key.

c.Tract HB, Pine Key Acres, Big Pine Key.

d.Tract TS, Pine Key Acres, Big Pine Key.

e.Block 2, Lots 7 And 8, Kyle-Dyer Subdivision No. 1, Big Pine Key.

f.Block 55, Lot 11, Port Pine Heights Second Addition, Big Pine Key.

g. Block 17, Lot 4, Eden Pines Colony, Big Pine Key.

4.Commissioner Murphy - Approval To Appoint Susan Matthews To The Land Authority Advisory Committee.
Time: 00:20:30 - 00:31:59
Item L-5, County Clerk
Approval To Remove Surplus Equipment From Inventory Via Disposal Or Advertise For Bid.
Time: 00:33:02 - 00:53:34
Item O-1, Public Hearing
Public Hearing Conducted Pursuant To § 477.403, Florida Statutes, To Resolve Impasse With IAFF Local 3909 (Fire Fighters Union).
Time: 00:54:42 - 02:49:27