Iowa City in Focus: March, 2012
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City Channel 4's original program, Iowa City In Focus, brings the people, places, and projects of Iowa City into clear view. In this month's episode, City Manager Tom Markus talks with Officer Jorey Bailey about the Iowa City Police Department Substation. This month's program also features Iowa City's Comprehensive Plan update as well as the online resources available through the Iowa City Public Library.

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Host Mary Bryant gives an overview of this month's show.
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:01:04
Spotlight Interview - Crime Prevention Officer Jorey Bailey -- Part 1
Tom Markus talks to Jorey Bailey about how the Iowa City Police Substation serves our community.
Time: 00:01:04 - 00:04:43
Iowa City Liibrary Reference Resources
Maeve Clark discusses some of the changes in reference resources, and how to access them. You can learn more by visiting
Time: 00:04:43 - 00:07:51
Spotlight Interview -- Part 2
Tom continues his discussion with Officer Jorey Bailey.
Time: 00:07:51 - 00:11:45
Good Ideas Program
Associate Planner Sarah Walz talks about the City's "Good Ideas" program, which seeks citizen input on the development and policies of Iowa City.
Time: 00:11:45 - 00:14:24
Closing credits.
Time: 00:14:24 - 00:14:47