Monroe County Commission Meeting, 4/20/11, Part 1
Full Agenda: [none]
Monroe County Commission Meeting, 4/20/11, Part 1
Call to Order & Moment of Silence
Damage & Loss of Life in Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:23
Time: 00:00:23 - 00:00:42
Additions, Corrections, & Deletions
Time: 00:00:48 - 00:06:43
Presentation of Awards
Time: 00:06:43 - 00:23:02
Bulk Approvals - Commissioner Neugent
Time: 00:23:36 - 00:27:26
Land Authority Governing Board
Time: 00:27:47 - 00:34:54
Item C-18 - Bulk Approvals
Approval of a Memorandum of Agreement between Monroe County, Florida and Professional Firefighters of Monroe County, International Association of Firefighters, Local 3909, clarifying paragraph 8.4 of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) currently in force, relating to the level pay plan method, and approval for Fire Chief to execute agreement.
Time: 00:35:33 - 00:37:38
Item C-23 - Bulk Approvals
Approval to accept proposal from March USA for Pollution Liability Insurance package through Ironshore Insurance Company.
Time: 00:37:38 - 00:41:24
Item D4 & D5 - Tourist Development Council
D4: Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District II Advisory Committee for an "At Large" appointment.
D5: Announcement of one vacant position on the Tourist Development Council District III Advisory Committee for an "At Large" appointment.
Time: 00:41:24 - 00:41:46
Item E-1 - Staff Reports
Time: 00:41:46 - 00:43:06
Item E-6 - Staff Reports
Growth Management
Time: 00:43:06 - 01:07:14
Item Q-6 - County Attorney
Discussion and direction regarding the Draft Request for Proposal for sale, lease or lease with option to purchase the Hickory House property.
Time: 01:07:14 - 01:24:01
Item G-1, G-1a. & G-1b. - Public Works
G1: Update on contract negotiations for Big Pine Key and/or Marathon Animal Control, Shelters and Operations.
G-1a: Approval to award a bid and enter into contract with Safe harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys also knows as SHARK to operate the Marathon Animal Shelter and provide animal control services from MM 16.7 to MM 70
G-1b: Approval of a 4rth amendment to the agreement with the FKSPCA to temporarily operate Big Pine & Marathon animal shelters and provide animal control services to MM70 for 1 additioonal month to May 31, 2011.
Time: 01:24:49 - 02:09:10
Item C-8 - Bulk Approvals - Discussion (Vote After Lunch)
(Time approximate of 11:00 A.M. & revised wording and backup) - Approval of a resolution requesting Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) revisit the three design alternatives and cost estimates previously presented for the Old Seven Mile Bridge and participate in a multi-agency partnership effort facilitated by Monroe County to save the Old Seven Mile Bridge.
Time: 02:12:46 - 02:37:25
Item N-1 - Mayor Carruthers
Approval of a resolution urging the Florida legislature to impose reasonable limits on the fees that can be charged for electronic tolling of rental cars, further urging the Florida Department of Transportation to negotiate more consumer-friendly agreements related to electronic tolling of rental cars to ensure that tourists pay reasonable fees for electronic tolling.
Time: 02:37:59 - 02:39:04
Re-open Agenda For Item M-1
Time: 02:39:24 - 02:39:39
Item N-3 - Commissioners' Items
Approval of a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Florida, supporting cohesive planning with the City of Key West for redevelopment of Indigenous Park and Higgs Beach.
Time: 02:39:39 - 02:46:10
Item N-6 - Commissioners' Items
Resolution reccomending to Governor Scott the appointment of Karl Borglum, as Monroe County Property Appraiser.
Time: 02:46:45 - 02:47:05