BOCC Monthly Meeting 8/17/11, Part #2
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 8/17/11, Part #2
Item R-1
Approval to advertise a public hearing to be held in Marathon following the regular BOCC meeting on 21 September 2011 for the adoption of an ordinance extending the infrastructure sales tax beyond its current 31 December 2018 expiration, scheduling a referendum as required by statute, and establishing the uses for the revenue stream created.
Time: 00:00:01 - 00:22:43
Item H-1
Discussion of Continuance.
Time: 00:22:43 - 00:23:18
Announcement of Closed Session
Time: 00:23:18 - 00:25:13
Item J-2
Discussion of the status of Monroe County's involvement in the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Pilot Program, including the results of the June 7, 8, and 9 stakeholder workshops and potential development of a draft ordinance for anchoring and mooring.
Time: 00:25:13 - 00:46:23
Item Q-1
Public Hearing regarding the issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN) to National Health Transport, Inc. for the operation of an ALS transport ambulance service for the period August 17, 2011 through August 16, 2013.
Time: 00:46:23 - 01:27:30
Item Q-2
A public hearing to consider an Ordinance amending Monroe County Code Section 2-428 concerning Planning Commission Compensation.
Time: 01:27:30 - 01:28:04
Item Q-3
A public hearing to consider an Ordinance by the BOCC amending Monroe County Code Section 102-20, Planning Commission, meetings hearings and procedure, to modify the requirement of bi-monthly planning commission regular meetings to monthly planning commission regular meetings and to modify the types of applications that may be heard at a special meeting.
Time: 01:28:04 - 01:29:22
Item Q-4
A public hearing to consider an Ordinance amending Sections 102-19, 102-20, and 102-158 of the Monroe County Land Development Code, requiring a vote of at least four members of the BOCC for certain Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Map, Land Development Code and Land Use District (zoning) Map amendments, requiring the Planning Commission to take action on certain items by a vote of three members, clarifying existing language within those sections and removing obsolete language.
Time: 01:29:22 - 02:49:46
Item J-3
Discussion and staff direction regarding the development of military compatibility criteria, required by Sections 163.3177 and 163.3175, Florida Statutes and a letter received from the Florida Department of Community Affairs requesting the County to amend the Monroe County 2010 Comprehensive Plan to address land use compatibility with Naval Air Station Key West.
Time: 02:49:46 - 03:43:36
Item J-5
Discussion of redistricting of the five county commission districts with recommended alternative configuration for each district and direction to staff for advertisement according to chapter 124.02 Florida statutes to be adopted by resolution.
Time: 03:43:36 - 03:58:50
Item O-1
County Administrator Report
Time: 03:58:50 - 03:59:15
Item O-2
Discussion of recent requests for maintenance dredging work and reimbursement for dredging costs by both public and private entities, long-term navigational access issues due to sedimentation in canals and approach channels, and provisions that may be required to address future maintenance dredging needs Keys-wide.
Time: 03:59:15 - 04:17:12
Item P-1
County Attorney Report
Time: 04:17:12 - 04:19:46
Item P-3
Approval of a resolution amending the Administrative Procedures of the Board of County Commissioners to provide clarification of Sounding Board rules.
Time: 04:19:46 - 04:20:19
Item P-4
Approval to schedule an Attorney-Client Closed Session of the Board of County Commissioners in the matter of Monroe County v. Donald and Diana Brady, Code Enforcement Case No. CE10110094.
Time: 04:20:19 - 04:22:06
Item P-5
Approval to make formal offer of settlement in the matter of Monroe County and Roman Gastesi, Jr. v. Stand Up for Animals, Inc., Case No. CAK-10-1050 and approval for the County Attorney to execute the settlement agreement if accepted by SUFA.
Time: 04:22:06 - 04:23:09
Time: 04:23:09 - 04:23:18