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Spotlight on Cobb
Air date: 07/11/2011

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Water System Tips for Pool Owners
If you water your lawn or have a pool, your water bill may be higher than normal. Kathy Nguyen, with Cobb Water, has some tips on reducing your bill.
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LEED Certification for New Superior Court Building
The new superior court building has earned a distinction most buildings its size cannot achieve. We spoke with Virgil Moon, support services agency director, to tell us more..

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Summer Reading Program
Readers of all ages are traveling the globe this summer as Cobb public library staff present the travel-themed Summer Reading Program. The library system has more than 700 programs and activities scheduled this summer to celebrate reading and encourage the development of lifelong literacy skills. For more we spoke to program coordinator Patty Latch.
The 2011 Summer Reading Program ends July 31, with an end of summer reading celebration scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 13. Participation in the program is free and open to the public. For more information, visit
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Check It Out Reading Challenge
In other library news, the Georgia Public Library Service is also having a summer reading contest. Students in grades K-12 who successfully read at least five books will receive a Check-it-Out reading bookmark, as well as a free youth ticket to an Atlanta Hawks game. For more information or to register, visit
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Cobb achieves "Tripple AAA" ratings
For the 15th consecutive year, Cobb has achieved "Triple AAA" ratings for its general obligation bonds from the nation's three major rating agencies. Cobb is among the top 1 percent of counties nationwide with only about 20 counties achieving this feat. We spoke with Jim Peherson to explain more.
To view the county's budget and other information related to the county's rating, visit
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Region III Distinguished Service Award
Cobb Fire and Emergency Services' Medical Operations team was recently honored with the Region III distinguished service award. The award is given to an individual or organization in Georgia for an outstanding contribution to the development or enhancement of pre-hospital emergency medical care. Here's more on this story..
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