Spotlight on Cobb
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Spotlight on Cobb
Air date: 05/22/2012

Spotlight on Cobb is a news program updating you on events happening in Cobb County Government and your community. Previous programs are available on demand at:
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Full Spotlight on Cobb for 05/20/2012.
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Drought in Cobb
Did you know that we are still in a drought? Well, TV23 caught up with the Water System's Kathy Nguyen, and she had this to say.
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Chamber's Annual Business Expo
The Cobb Chamber of Commerce recently held a Business to Business Expo at the Cobb Galleria. The Keep It In Cobb organization was among the participants. Here is Commissioner JoAnn Birrell with more.
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Strand's First Phone-A-Thon
The Strand Theatre is in its third year of operation and in an effort to help pay down some of its capital debt, the Strand hosted its first ever phone-a-thon.our cameras were there.

By the close of the phone-a-thon the Friends of the Strand had far exceeded the goal of $50,000. To learn more about the Strand and its shows, log on to
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WellStar's Acworth Health Park Opening
A new healthcare option arrives in north Cobb this summer. WellStar's Acworth Health Park opens in July with a new model on how people receive medical care.
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DOT Hosts CCT Groundbreaking
Recently, DOT hosted a groundbreaking for the Cobb Community Transit Mobility Center. The new facility, once finished, will provide residents with a one-stop shop for transportation needs. Here's more on this story.
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Cobb PD McCollum Training Exercise
Cobb County Police Department recently staged a training exercise at McCollum airfield. TV23's Chris Stone has more.
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