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Spotlight on Cobb
Air date: 05/23/2011

Spotlight on Cobb is a news program updating you on events happening in Cobb County Government and your community. Previous programs are available on demand at:
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KCB Adopt A Gateway Program
Last month we told you about Keep Cobb Beautiful's gateway program and how you or your company could help. This week we bring you an update on the Wade Green Rd. gateway's Gwen Baldwin reporting.
If you or your company is interested in adopting a Cobb County Gateway, please contact KCB at 770-528-1135.
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Business to Business Expo
The Cobb Chamber of Commerce recently held an Business to Business Expo at the Cobb Galleria Center. The Keep It In Cobb organization was among the participates at the Expo. Here is Commissioner JoAnn Birrell with more.
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Life University hosts the Rugby Super League US Championship Game
Life University Rugby recently hosted the Rugby Super League US Championship game. Unfortunately, Life Rugby lost to San Francisco Golden Gate in a nail biting game. Here is Life's Director of Athletics John Barrett with more.
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Cobb Water Summer Tips
TV23 recently got to catch up with Cobb Water Kathy Nguyen about things to look out for this summer. Here is Kathy with more.
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Cobb Seniors Bi-Annual Information Fair
Cobb Senior Services recently held its bi-annual Information Fair at the Cobb County Civic Center. We spoke with Cobb Senior's, Kathy Lathem, to tell us more about this event.
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Cobb County Senior Games
In other Cobb Senior news, the senior games recently wrapped up with apple pilling, hog calling and corn shucking...we spoke with the games organizer to tell us how it all got started..
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Stream Bank Restoration at Shaw Park
Cobb County has experienced exponential growth within the last 20 years, and that growth has placed a strain on the natural waterways flowing throughout the County. These conditions have created a need for stream banks to be stabilized and restored. One of the restoration projects was recently completed at Shaw Park in East Cobb County.
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James T. Anderson Boys and Girls Club receives funds for improvements
Cobb County has received millions of dollars from the Community Development Block Grant fund to assist with the development or redevelopment of community based projects and programs. The James T. Anderson Boys and Girls Club recently received funds for some much needed improvements. We spoke with representatives from the Boys and Girls club to tell us more..
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