BOCC Monthly Meeting, 11/18/14, Part 1
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BOCC Monthly Meeting, 11/18/14, Part 1
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:52
Presentation To Mayor Murphy
Time: 00:00:52 - 00:04:11
Item C
Time: 00:04:11 - 00:08:38
Time: 00:08:38 - 00:13:28
Time: 00:13:28 - 00:34:20
Time: 00:34:20 - 00:41:59
Time: 00:41:59 - 00:43:37
Time: 00:43:37 - 00:44:01
Item F-8
Approval Of A Five-Year Lease Agreement With Tesla Motors, Inc. For 5 Parking Spaces And An Adjacent Parcel For Construction Of A Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging Station.
Time: 00:44:01 - 00:52:15
Item F-10
Approval Of A Resolution To Amend The Personnel Policies And Procedures Manual.
Time: 00:52:15 - 01:04:45
Item F-11
Approval Of EnvisionRx Options Cost Saving Recommendations For The 2015 Plan Year. Recommendation #1: Letter Of Medical Necessity Required On All Compound Medications Costing The Plan $200 Or More; Recommendation #2: Excluding Some Medications From The Member's Out Of Pocket (OOP) Thresholds For 2015.
Time: 01:04:45 - 01:06:55
Item F-30
Approval Of Resolution Establishing The Revised Rules For Use Of The Skate Parks At Key Largo Community Park And Big Pine Key Park.
Time: 01:06:55 - 01:10:49
Item F-39
Approval Of A Resolution Ratifying Submission Of The Florida Department Of Law Enforcement Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Application For Funding Due To A Submission Deadline Of October 27, 2014 And Authorizing The County Administrator To Execute Application, Acceptance Of Award And Related Documents.
Time: 01:10:49 - 01:11:51
Item F-40
Approval Of Agreements With Guidance Care Center For The Baker Act Transportation Services And Community Transportation For The Disadvantaged For FY 15.
Time: 01:11:51 - 01:12:17
Item E-5
Time: 01:12:17 - 01:14:01
Item K-4
Approval Of A Resolution Setting The Time And Place Of December 10, 2014, 3:00 P.M. At The Marathon Government Center For A Public Hearing To Consider A Request For The Abandonment Of A Portion Of The Right-Of-Way Of Peninsular Avenue On Stock Island That Is Located Between Block 46 And 60 (East Of The Center Of Lot 32 In Block 46) In Maloney Subdivision, As Recorded In Plat Book 1, Page 55 Of The Public Records Of Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 01:14:01 - 01:16:48
Item K-5
Approval Of A Resolution Reserving Forty-Two (42) Affordable Housing Allocations (Very Low, Low And Median Income Categories) For A Proposed Project At 2 North Blackwater Lane, Key Largo (Approximate Mile Marker 105), Having Real Estate Number 00084260.000100.
Time: 01:16:48 - 01:24:22
Item Q-6
Approval To Advertise A Request For Proposals For Removing Organic Muck Material From Canal #266 Located Between Baileys Lane And Witters Lane In Doctor's Arm Big Pine Key, And Canal #290 Located Between Avenues I And Avenue J In Big Pine Key, Utilizing Vacuum Dredging. These Organic Removal Projects Are Part Of An Overall Water Quality Demonstration Improvement Project, And Are The Two Top Ranked Canal Demonstration Projects In The "Organic Removal" Category Pursuant To The Canal Management Master Plan.
Time: 01:24:22 - 01:31:35
Item Q-5
Approval To Advertise A Request For Proposals For Canal Backfilling Of A Water Quality Improvement Project At Canal #29, Sexton Cove, Key Largo, The Top Ranked Canal Demonstration Project For The "Backfilling" Category Pursuant To The Canal Management Master Plan. V
Time: 01:31:35 - 01:32:32
Item Q-7
Approval To Enter Into An Agreement With Alejandro And Betsy Fernandez For $10,000 For A Temporary Grant Of Easement And Right Of Entr6y For Use Of Their Property Located At 11 Pigeon Drive In Key Largo During Construction Of The Canal Backfilling Water Quality Improvement Demonstration Project At Canal #29, Sexton Cove, Key Largo.
Time: 01:32:32 - 01:43:38
Item E-6
Time: 01:43:38 - 01:49:01
Item P-1
Time: 01:49:01 - 01:50:05
Item Q-1
Time: 01:50:05 - 01:51:40
Item Q-2
Discussion And Approval Of The Board Of County Commissioners Monthly Meeting Dates For 2015.
Time: 01:51:40 - 02:09:00
Item R-4
Approval Of And Authorization For The County Attorney To Execute The Conflict Waiver Letter Dated October 31, 2014 Authorizing The Law Firm Of Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson (NGN) To Represent Both The County And The Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (KLWTD) To Draft An Interlocal Agreement (ILA) Regarding Wastewater Funding And Prosecuting An Action To Validate That ILA On Behalf Of Both Entities (County And KLWTD).
Time: 02:09:00 - 02:16:34
Item R-7
Request To Hold An Attorney-Client Closed Session In The Matter Of Robert Denenberg V. Marine Mammal Conservancy, Inc, Richard Gudoian, Jr., Monroe County, Et Al., Case No. 14-CA-000364A-001PK At 1:30 P.M. On December 10, 2014 In Marathon, FL.
Time: 02:16:34 - 02:18:26
Items R-11 & R-12
R-11: Approval Of Limited Waiver Of Conflict Of Interest Between Monroe County And The Law Firm Of Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A.

R-12: Approval Of Agreement Between Monroe County And The Law Firm Of Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A. To Represent The County In Legal Matters Related To The Canal Restoration Project And Other Matters As Assigned By The County Attorney.
Time: 02:18:26 - 02:28:54