BOCC Monthly Meeting 7/18/12, Part #3
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting 7/18/12, Part #3
Discussion Of Attached Owner/Builder Memo And Florida Statute §489.103(7) Specifying What An Owner/Builder Can Do.
Time: 00:00:08 - 00:21:09
Item B-10, B11, & B-19
Held To Abstain
Time: 00:21:56 - 00:23:12
Approval To Advertise A Public Hearing For A Budget Amendment For General Fund 001, One Cent Infrastructure Sales Tax Fund 304, And Cudjoe Regional WW Fund 312.
Time: 00:23:12 - 00:23:42
Item D-3, Staff Reports
Emergency Services
Time: 00:23:42 - 00:35:39
Presentation And Update By The City Of Key West On The Lower Keys Shuttle Bus Service.
Time: 00:35:45 - 00:46:56
Item P-1, Public Hearing
A Public Hearing To Consider An Ordinance Establishing Monroe County Code Section 19-8, Restriction On Use Of County Roads, Providing A Procedure To Limit Access To Public Roads.
Time: 00:46:56 - 00:47:36
Item P-2, Public Hearing
A Public Hearing To Consider Approval Of A Resolution Renouncing And Disclaiming Any Right Of The County And The Public In And To That Portion Of MacDonald Avenue, Lying South Of Lots 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15, Block 31 And North Of Lots 8, 9, & 10, Block 35, And Northerly Of Maloney Avenue (As Existing And Constructed), "Maloney's Subdivision Of Stock Island", A Subdivision Of Government Lots 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6, Section 35, Government Lot 2, Section 36, Government Lot 3, Section 26, And Government Lot 2, Section 34, All In Township 67 South, Range 25 East On Stock Island According To The Plat Thereof, As Recorded In Plat Book 1 At Page 55 Of The Public Records Of Monroe County, Florida.
Time: 00:47:36 - 00:50:20
Item P-3, Public Hearing
A Public Hearing To Consider Approval Of An Ordinance Amending Section 21-46 To Amend Definitions Relating To Specialty Haulers, Amending 21-72 To Revise Requirements And Regulations Relating To Specialty Haulers And Creating Sec. 21-77 To Provide Penalties For Violations Of The Ordinance.
Time: 00:50:20 - 00:52:43
Item P-4, Public Hearings
A public hearing for the adoption of an ordinance extending the infrastructure sales tax beyond its current 31 December 2018 expiration date, scheduling a a referendum as required by statute, and establishing the uses for the revenue stream created. (Final of three (3) public hearings.)

Time: 00:52:43 - 01:23:25
Item D-6, Staff Reports
Growth Management
Time: 01:24:10 - 01:26:32
Item M-1, County Administrator Report
Time: 01:27:15 - 01:27:38
Item M-4, County Administrator
Discussion And Approval Of An Appointment To The Monroe County Value Adjustment Board Replacing Commissioner Murphy Who Resigned.
Time: 01:27:38 - 01:29:56
Item N-1, County Attorney Report
Time: 01:29:56 - 01:32:04
Item N-6, County Attorney
Discussion And Direction To Staff Regarding The Marathon Airport Management Services RFP Finalist/Awardee Selection Procedures.
Time: 01:32:04 - 02:32:23
Item N-9, County Attorney
Approval Of A Letter Of Understanding With Krupnick Campbell Malone Et.Al. For Legal Representation On A Contingent Fee Basis In Potential Claims Arising From The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.
Time: 02:32:49 - 02:37:06
Item Q-1 & Q-2, Public Hearings
Q-1. A Public Hearing To Adopt The Final Assessment Resolution (FAR) Describing The Method Of Assessment For Properties In The Centralized Cudjoe Regional Inner Islands Wastewater Service Area.

Q-2. A Public Hearing To Adopt The Final Assessment Resolution (FAR) Describing The Method Of Assessment For Properties In The Centralized Cudjoe Regional Outer Islands Wastewater Service Area.
Time: 02:37:40 - 04:13:31
Item Q-3, Public Hearings
A Public Hearing To Adopt An Amendment To Ordinance 18-26 Amending Section 18-26 Of The Monroe County Code To Establish A Children's Park Area On Higg's Beach And To Provide For Regulation Of The Children's Park Area.
Time: 04:13:38 - 04:32:45