BOCC Monthly Meeting, 10/21/2015
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting, 10/21/2015
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:32
Time: 00:00:32 - 00:04:15
Item B
Presentation of excess fee check by Tax Collector.
Time: 00:04:15 - 00:09:42
Item C1
EMERGENCY SERVICES: Presentation of Years of Service Award for 25 years of service to Stanley Webb III, Firefighter Paramedic
Time: 00:09:42 - 00:13:58
Item C2
EMPLOYEE SERVICES: One Grand Prize Drawing by Commissioner Murphy out of all employees who participated in the 2015 Health & Wellness Fair.
Time: 00:13:58 - 00:16:07
Time: 00:16:07 - 00:28:54
Approval of the minutes for the September 16, 2015 meeting.
Time: 00:28:54 - 00:31:10
Approval to accept the donation of Block 4, Lot 1, Rainbow Beach, Big Torch Key for conservation.
Time: 00:31:10 - 00:31:23
Approval of contracts to purchase property for conservation
a. Block 7, Lots 29 and 30, Harris Ocean Park Estates, Key Largo
b. Tracts WP and WQ, Pine Key Acres, Big Pine Key
c. Lot 36, Perez, Sugarloaf Key
Time: 00:31:23 - 00:31:58
Approval of Addendum VIII to the employment agreement with Mark J. Rosch and approval of one full-time equivalent (FTE) to establish the position of Senior Property Acquisition Specialist,
Time: 00:31:58 - 00:32:45
Approval to advertise the position of Executive Director and approval of a selection process.
Time: 00:32:45 - 00:47:41
Approval of a resolution concerning the transfer of funds
Time: 00:47:41 - 00:48:10
Time: 00:48:10 - 00:49:27
Approval of an agreement with Physio-Control, Inc., commencing on November 1, 2015 running through October 31, 2016, with automatic renewals thereafter until terminated, for the for sole-source preventative maintenance and inspection of existing medical LifePak equipment, and any additional medical LifePak equipment purchased from Physio, and approval for the Fire Chief to sign all documents as needed to complete the transaction.
Time: 00:49:27 - 00:49:42
Approval of Resolution correcting Resolution 202-2015, in order to correct a scrivener's error in the Final Millage Rate for Lower and Middle Keys Fire and Ambulance District I for Fiscal Year 2016.
Time: 00:49:42 - 00:50:01
Item D4
Approval of the 2015 Blue Options Benefit Booklet for Covered Plan Participants of Monroe County BOCC Group Health Plan (a.k.a. Plan Document).
Time: 00:50:01 - 00:53:05
Item D10
Approval of Jacobs Project Management Co.'s Task Order #12/14-47 for the Services Authorized: EYW Master Plan Update PSO #47 in the amount of $855,598 to be funded by FAA (90%), FDOT - grant pending (5%), and Airport Operating funds (5%).
Time: 00:53:05 - 00:57:48
Item D39
Approval of a 2nd Amendment to the contract with T.Y. Lin International for professional services related to the relocation of Atlantic Boulevard at Higgs Beach Park. This project is funded by the one-cent infrastructure tax.
Time: 00:57:48 - 00:58:31
Item U - Sounding Board
Request to speak to the County Commissioners in regards to Duck Key Property Owner's Association concerns regarding decreasing water quality and accessibility in the renowned free flowing waterways that intersect the five islands that compromise Duck Key - Sherry Popham.
Time: 00:58:31 - 01:18:14
Items D61-D64
61. Approval of Fiscal Year 2016 contracts with Monroe Council of the Arts Corporation d/b/a Florida Keys Council of the Arts and the Historic Florida Keys Foundation, Inc. for BOCC direct line-item funding.

62.Approval of Fiscal Year 2016 contracts with non-profit organizations funded by the Board of County Commissioners through recommendations of the Human Services Advisory Board (HSAB).

63. Approval of a Resolution ratifying submission of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Residential Substance Abuse Treatment application for funding due to a submission deadline of October 9, 2015 and authorizing the Mayor to execute acceptance of award and related documents.

64. Ratification of the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funding distribution letter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for fiscal year 2015-2016 (Oct. 1, 2015 through Sept. 30, 2016) and Approval of a Resolution ratifying submission of the FDLE JAG applications for funding due to submission deadlines and further authorizing the Mayor to execute acceptance of award related documents.
Time: 01:18:14 - 01:18:55
Item D67
Approval of the County Administrator and Assistant County Administrator's appointment of James "Alan" MacEachern to the position of Department Head, Information Technology.
Time: 01:18:55 - 01:23:08
Item D69
Requesting approval to enter into Agreement for Sale and Purchase with seller Reliance Holdings, LLC. to purchase three parcels in Cutthroat Harbor for the proposed Summerland Fire Station location.
Time: 01:23:08 - 01:23:39
Item E2
Approval of an Agreement with Historic Florida Keys Foundation, Inc. covering the Oldest House Replace/Repair Foundation & Supports in an amount not to exceed $45,000, DAC I, FY 2016 Capital Resources.
Time: 01:23:39 - 01:27:03
Item J8
Update from the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) and submission of a resolution adopted by the AHAC providing recommendations to the BOCC on the three assignments to be completed by October 2015, as assigned to the AHAC pursuant to Resolution 189-2015.
Time: 01:27:03 - 01:46:25
Item I - Engineering
Presentation of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Tentative Five Year Work Program for fiscaL years 2016-2017 through 2020-2021.
Time: 01:46:25 - 02:22:19
Public Works Staff Report
Time: 02:22:44 - 03:27:49
Item T1
A Public Hearing to consider an ordinance rewriting Monroe County Code (MCC) Section 2-347(i) to reconcile the section with County Purchasing Policy Chapter 3, Part 5, incorporate certain statutory requirements, and provide clarifying terms and procedures for good faith bid security deposit procedure, forfeiture, and return in the competitive solicitation process for procurement of construction projects and water system or sewer improvements.
Time: 03:27:49 - 03:29:16
Item T2
A public hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance amending Sections 2-79 and 2-81 of the Monroe County Code, regarding membership and meetings of the Monroe County Personnel Policies and Procedures Review Board.
Time: 03:29:16 - 03:29:45
Item T3
A public hearing for an ordinance requiring the posting of Human Trafficking Public Awareness Signs at specified locations.
Time: 03:29:45 - 03:32:13
Item T4
A public hearing to consider an ordinance amending Monroe County Code, Chapter 6, Sections 6-32:Working through a stop work order; 6-198: Definitions; 6-237(1)(a): Applications; Examinations; Issuance of contractor's certificate; 6-240(b): Fees; 6-242: Request for renewal or reinstatement; 6-263: Created; and 6-201(e)(2): Penalties.
Time: 03:32:13 - 03:33:04
Item T5
A public hearing to approve an ordinance of the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners amending Section 2-58 of the Monroe County Code (MCC) providing for the powers and duties of the County Administrator including authorizing the County Administrator to execute agreements under certain conditions.
Time: 03:33:04 - 03:33:34
Item T6
A public hearing to adopt an ordinance amending the Monroe County Code to reflect changes in nomenclature as a result of the Table of Organization that was approved by the Board on July 15, 2015 and to provide definitions.
Time: 03:33:34 - 03:34:04
Item T7
A Public Hearing to consider modifications to Monroe County Code of Ordinances Section 19-1 Abandonment of Right-of- Way.
Time: 03:34:04 - 03:34:24
Item T8
A Public hearing for a proposed abandonment of a portion of the right-of-way of 2nd Street that is adjacent to Lot 16, Block 30 and Lot 9, Block 29 both of Sand's Subdivision, Big Pine Key.
Time: 03:34:24 - 03:36:37
Staff Report
Sustainability Coordinator
Time: 03:36:37 - 03:39:25
Item K1
Discussion of 2014 Florida Keys Areas of Critical State Concern (ACSC) Annual Report by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to the Administration Commission, including the proposed "Vacant Lot Retirement and Hotel Unit Allocation Rule".
Time: 03:39:25 - 03:45:56
Item Q1
County Administrator Report
Time: 03:45:56 - 03:54:21
Item Q2
Approval of draft legislation designed to establish specific appropriations to the Florida Keys for water quality and land acquisition needs, to be introduced by Representative Holly Raschein for the 2016 State Legislative Session.
Time: 03:54:21 - 03:58:51
Item Q5
Approval of Amendment No. 5 to the contract with AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment and Infrastructure, Inc. for the Engineering Design, Permitting, Field Assessments, Project Management and Engineering Support Services for the Canal Demonstration Projects to extend the scope of services at Canal #290 in the Avenues in Big Pine Key for additional Construction Administration and Construction Engineering Inspection Services.
Time: 03:58:51 - 04:38:16
Item T9
A public hearing to consider approval of a resolution transmitting to the State Land Planning Agency an Ordinance by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners amending the Livable Communikeys Program Master Plan for Future Development of Big Pine Key and No Name Key by amending the Tier Designation for property owned by Longstock II, LLC, having Real Estate Numbers 00300090- 000000; 00300180-000000; 00300590-000000 and 00300670-000000 from Tier I to Tier III on Figure 2.1 (Tier Map For Big Pine Key And No Name Key).
Time: 04:38:16 - 05:25:28
Item Q6
Authorize entering into Amendment No. 5 with Erin L. Deady, P.A. for the development of the GreekKeys! Climate and Sustainability Plan to add additional modeling tasks and extend the contract at no cost.
Time: 05:25:28 - 05:28:31
Item R1
County Attorney Report
Time: 05:28:31 - 05:30:07
Item R2
Request to hold an Attorney-Client Closed Session in the matters of Monroe County BOCC v. Construct Group Corp. and Berkley Regional Ins. Co., Case No. CA-K-15-844 and Construct Group Corp. v. Monroe County BOCC, Case No. CA-P-15-563 at the regularly scheduled BOCC meeting on November 17, 2015 in Key West, FL at 1:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as may be heard.
Time: 05:30:07 - 05:31:07
Item R17
Approval of a settlement agreement with Petitioners Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners Association, Inc., and Sugarloaf Shores Property Owners Association, Inc., in the case of Laudicina et al. v. Monroe County, et al., DOAH Case No. 15-1233.
Time: 05:31:07 - 05:35:10
Item R14
Approval to advertise a public hearing for an ordinance pertaining to human trafficking by requiring that all adult entertainment workers obtain a worker identification card after providing age verification through the Tax Collector.
Time: 05:35:10 - 05:38:36
Item R16
Approval of corrections due to two scrivener's errors in the Interlocal Agreement ("ILA") between Monroe County and the City of Marathon transferring 32 Low and 4 Very Low Affordable Housing ROGO Allocations from Monroe County to the City of Marathon, previously approved at the September 16, 2015 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners ("BOCC")
Time: 05:38:36 - 05:39:26