Spotlight on Cobb
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Spotlight on Cobb
Air date: 07/16/2012

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Senior Wellness Center
Cobb County recently signed a memorandum of understanding with WellStar for a clinic at the new Senior Wellness Center. The facility will be one of a kind.
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Chattahoochee Technical College
With Atlanta and Georgia being one of the more prominent transportation and logistics hubs in the country, Chattahoochee Technical College is introducing a new program of study, beginning this summer. Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a program geared towards students interested in business and transportation.

In addition, this fall, Chattahoochee Technical College will add two new program of study. Environmental Technology is an associate's degree program, that will emphasize environmental science related fields. This program will be the first one offered in metro Atlanta.

Also, the school will offer a Building and Facilities Maintenance Technology diploma program. It will be the first of its kind in metro Atlanta and will emphasize skills designed for careers in residential maintenance and repair, light commercial structures and fixtures and appliances.
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Cobb University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
Cobb University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service staff is celebrating July as horticulture and urban agriculture month.
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Cobb County Water System
Cobb County Water System has a new program to offer.
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Department of Transportation
TV23 recently had the pleasure of talking with Cobb County's Department of Transportation Director Faye DiMassimo about the exciting Peach Roads initiative.
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Cobb Bar Association
Cobb Bar Association's July 3rd Reading Declaration of Independence.
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