BOCC Monthly Meeting, 5/20/2015 Part 1
Full Agenda: [none]
BOCC Monthly Meeting, 5/20/2015 Part 1
Time: 00:00:06 - 00:01:28
Item B1
Presentation of Years of Service Award for 10 years of service to Monroe County to Antonio Hernandez, Maintenance Worker 1, Unincorporated Parks & Beaches, Public Works/Engineering Division.
Time: 00:01:28 - 00:03:49
Item B2
Mayor's Proclamation recognizing the month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.
Time: 00:03:49 - 00:06:45
Item B3
Presentation of Employee of the Year Award to Montillo Desquotte, Foreman, Roads & Bridges, Public Works/Engineering Division.
Time: 00:06:45 - 00:09:16
Time: 00:09:16 - 00:16:18
Item N2
Monroe County's State Representative Holly Raschein on the outcomes from the Florida 2015 legislative session.
Time: 00:16:18 - 00:29:10
Time: 00:29:10 - 00:35:39
Time: 00:35:39 - 00:46:03
Item R1
Request to speak to the Board of County Commissioners in regards to Enos Mitchell - Hibiscus Park, Map Amendment Applications - Andrew M. Tobin, Esq.
Time: 00:46:03 - 01:03:53
Item N11
Discussion and direction on operation and disposal rate in the Amended and Restated Haul Out, Operation and Maintenance Agreement with Waste Management Inc. of Florida (WM).
Time: 01:03:53 - 01:13:58
Item C5
Approval of renewal and seventh addendum to contract with Humane Animal Care Coalition, Inc. (HACC) to operate the Key Largo Animal Shelter and provide animal control services from Mile Marker 70 through Mile Marker 112 including Ocean Reef and the Village of Islamorada.
Time: 01:13:58 - 01:28:09
Item O13
Discussion and direction regarding disputes and claims between Construct Group Corp., and Monroe County arising from the CR 905 Bike Lanes Project.
Time: 01:28:09 - 01:41:11
Item C13
Ratification of submission of the revised Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance funding distribution letter with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for fiscal year 2014-2015 (Oct. 1,2014 through Sept. 30, 2015), whereby Monroe County agrees to the distribution of $84,521 in program funds in the County.
Time: 01:41:11 - 01:44:15
Item O11
Approval to intervene in the case of Laudicina et al. v. Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and Dep't of Environmental Protection, Florida DOAH Case No. 15-1233.
Time: 01:44:15 - 02:28:33
Item N9
Approval to advertise a Request for Proposals for removing an existing ineffective weed barrier system and installing a new air curtain system at the mouth of Canal #266 located between Baileys Lane and Witters Lane in Doctor's Arm Big Pine Key; demolishing portions of an ineffective weed barrier and installing a new air curtain system at the mouth of Canal #287 located between Atlantis Drive and Hollerich Drive in Big Pine Key; and providing a 2-year period of operations and maintenance of both systems.
Time: 02:28:33 - 02:30:24
Item H1 & H2
H1 - Presentation and discussion of the Workforce Housing Stakeholder Assessment Report prepared by the FCRC Consensus Center, FSU.

H2 - Discussion and adoption of a Resolution assigning additional duties to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee based on recommendations in the Workforce Housing Stakeholder Assessment Report according to Section 7-201(c) of the Monroe County Code.
Time: 02:30:24 - 04:20:46
Item H3
Approval to advertise a Public Hearing to consider an amendment to Section 2-700 of the Monroe County Code (MCC) relating to expanding the members appointed by the BOCC to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.
Time: 04:20:46 - 04:38:53